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Diego, Ollie and Chase with all of their foster friends! ? To be considered to adopt please PM me.

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What an awful 10ish days of the flu! Finally starting to feel human again 🤧

A couple of redheads getting some fresh air 🐱🐱

My house panther (look at that tail!) I can not believe how sick I’ve been for days now 😷😷

Twinkle and Cider keeping me company while I’m sick 😷

My very own Captain America 🦸🏻‍♂️😸

Enjoying the last bit of sun for the day before the humans make us go inside ☀️☀️☀️

Twinkles been feeling a little off the past few days.. I have a feeling she’s about to have some new teeth soon! In the mean time, lots of cuddles ♥️

#tbt to a baby Diego ♥️

Twinkle is spending her day on the catio ☀️ She says we are being way too loud with our reorganizing 🤷🏻‍♀️

My favourite thing about Cider 😄

There is always a fight over this top spot! Lately when I open the door Cider comes running so he can claim it first 👀

The rugrats have been spending so much time on the #catio lately that it’s like I don’t even have cats!!

I was scratching his chin and he decided to use my hand as a head rest 🙃

Nothing makes me happier than Chase coming towards me instead of running away!! ☀️😄

There’s always a weird one 🙃

Everyone is taking full advantage of the catio today ☀️

Night shift neighbourhood watch 👀 (swipe for a surprise)

Instagram friends! See Rivers chest? It always looks.. oily. I brush daily and I even washed it once! He was recently professionally groomed. No matter what, that one spot always looks the same! Any ideas? Guesses? Not that he cares, I’m just curious 😂