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Diego, Ollie and Chase with all of their foster friends! ? To be considered to adopt please PM me.

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As if his face wasn’t cute enough, look at those thumbs 😍😭

Happy Caturday 😋🐱 River is feeling so good lately on his inhaler, and he’s even figured out that he gets treats after 😄

Twinkle selfie 💁🏻‍♀️📸

This picture makes me happy. This is how Flint greeted us as we just got home. The sweetest weirdo 😂♥️

Holly & Ivy love to nap on the couch whenever they can ♥️🐱

It doesn’t matter if they don’t quite fit.. they must cuddle ♥️

These guys are so busy it’s hard to photograph them!! Here’s a semi clear photo of baby Mittens ♥️🐱

My wild child 🕺🏻

Finally found something that keeps them busy!! 🎉

Chase loves his brother so much. Ollie tolerates Chase very well ♥️

Everyone comes running when they hear the wet food cans. Except Diego, he waits to be served. 👑

I don’t know if they actually sleep. They are either playing (like maniacs) or trying to get your attention (or food) Is there an off button?? 📴🚫

Dot giving Ivy a nice bath on my laundry 🧦 Dot has recently discovered that she likes these guys! She loves to chase them around and be the boss of them anyways 🙃

Jessica Glanzer

11 Days 20 Hours Ago

Laying on an unplugged heating pad. Should I turn it on for them? 😜

Sisters 👯‍♀️♥️

It’s like Figgy knows he can be naughty because he’s so freaking cute 🤔

Jessica Glanzer

15 Days 22 Hours Ago

Even the elephant is staring at me 👀😬

Jessica Glanzer

16 Days 22 Hours Ago

They figured out how to jump over the dutch door, so instead closing the top I put a piece of cardboard on the top. They are confused 😅