Eddie & Maisie

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Pretty blue eyes

So sleepy ❤️

Waiting for the other half to come home

Eddie and Maisie are not as excited about Eurovision as we are!

Eddie’s face when he realises he’s slipped off my husband’s lap right under Maisie bum

Eddie is annoyed, because Maisie is hoarding the box and he wants to play too!!

Friends! Well, I’m pretty sure Eddie was oblivious..

Eddie about to play some Xbox

Both of them keeping me company while I’m off sick 🤒

Ear antennas are always listening!

Crazy eyes!! Also her fur is growing back grey after her spay earlier this year. Makes her all the more special ❤️

Throwback to Eddie stretching it out 4 years ago back when we lived in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 ❤️

Eddie relaxing on my shoes again 😸

Getting floofier every day!

Eddie is 9 today! Throwback to when I put a birthday hat on him for his second birthday 🎁

Having a little snooze. Sleeping all day is so tiring

Already missing the nice warm weather!

Happy Easter!