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Over time, America realized that the killer could kill the dreamer – but he could not kill the dream. The killer could kill the fighter, but he could not kill the fight. We are the heirs of Dr. King’s dream & soldiers in his fight.

I was very glad to join Many Helping Hands 365 volunteers of all ages at the Cambridge MLK Day of Service. When we help our neighbors, we make each other stronger.

I was glad to be home at the annual #mlkboston Memorial Breakfast. We honor Dr. King’s dream & the lesson that he passed down to us: we have the power to change the rules, if we work together. There is so much left to be done in the righteous fight for justice & equality.

(Don’t worry, he came right back!)

Dream big. Fight hard. Get the t-shirt. Link in bio.

Thank you, Claremont! Bruce, Bailey & I had an incredible evening at our second New Hampshire organizing event. We had a great conversation about student loans, immigration reform, families separated at the border, and so much more.

Bailey snoozed all the way home from New Hampshire -- campaigning is tiring work for a dog! Check out his view from Saturday's event in Manchester.

I brought my guys, Bruce and Bailey, to Manchester for our first organizing meeting in New Hampshire. Thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday afternoon with us! This is how we do this -- neighbor to neighbor.

The government should be open. Federal workers are not pawns. They should be doing their jobs and getting paid for their jobs. It’s a leadership problem not just with the Trump administration, but with Mitch McConnell.

Hello, New Hampshire! We had a terrific first organizing event at @mccnh this afternoon. New Hampshire is in this fight to level the playing field for working people.

I met (and hugged) a lot of great people in Iowa who are ready to fight. New Hampshire, I’m looking forward to meeting you this weekend!

Thank you, Iowa, for a terrific three days in Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Storm Lake, Des Moines, and Ankeny! We're building a grassroots movement in Iowa and all across this country to level the playing field for working people. And we’re just getting started.