Elizabeth Warren

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Not long after the 2016 election, I had breakfast with Katie Porter, my former student and research partner who also has spent years standing up to the big banks and powerful interests. She told me she wanted to do more to fight for working people. Today, Katie is the newest Democratic Congresswoman-elect from Orange County, California. Way to go, Katie!

Last week, the people of MA made it clear: Transgender people #wontbeerased & deserve to live free from discrimination. During #transawarenessweek – & every week – I want every trans person to know: You are valued. You are equal. And we are in this fight with you all the way.

Bailey loves his first snow/slush. (He just wonders why the white stuff on the ground keeps hiding his snowballs!)

All three of my big brothers served in the military. I remember my mother running back from the mailbox with a note from David, who trained as an emergency medic at Fort Sam Houston - or John, who did a tour in North Africa with the Air Force. And she held her breath for news from Don Reed, who completed hundreds of combat missions in Vietnam. When you grow up in a family with someone who serves, Veterans Day takes on a special meaning. I understand how much servicemembers and their families contribute to our country and sacrifice to keep us safe. Today I think of my brothers, I think of my mom and dad, and I think of all the families across our country that have given so much. Thank you. #veteransday

Somebody has big Saturday night plans.

Thank you, Massachusetts!

I cast my vote this morning -- and I hope you'll head to the polls and do the same if you haven't already. If America votes, democracy wins. If America votes, we win. Find your polling place at iwillvote.com and head to the polls to make your voice heard.

Happy Election Day! Today, we have a real chance to fight back with our voices and our votes. Bruce and I voted this morning, and the whole family tagged along -- have you voted yet?  Find your polling place by texting WHERE to 24477, or if you've already voted, get your friends and family and neighbors and coworkers to vote, too. When everybody votes, we win.

Tomorrow’s the big day: Election Day! Thank you to @loriforuscongress, @jay4ma2018, Niki Tsongas, and everyone for joining us in Hudson. We’re ready for tomorrow – and we hope you are too! Do you know where you’re voting and when polls open? Text WHERE to 24477 to find your polling place.

Tammy Baldwin is one of the strongest women I've ever known -- and we've got to send her back to Washington to fight for Wisconsin. Tammy has stood up to Wall Street and fought to expand access to health care for millions of people. Now more than ever, we need fighters like Tammy in office. Wisconsin - find your polling place and make sure to cast your vote for Tammy tomorrow by texting WHERE to 24477.

Lowell can’t wait to vote & make their voices heard tomorrow! Thanks to @loriforuscongress & the great crowd who joined us for our canvass kickoff at HQ. Do you know where you’re voting on Tuesday? Text WHERE to 24477 to find your polling place.

We had a great canvass kickoff at Lynn HQ with @sethmoulton and we’re more ready than ever to turn out that vote tomorrow! Do you know where you’ll be voting on Tuesday? Text WHERE to 24477 to find your polling place.