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2019-01-31 08:09:24

Why do the richest top 0.1% of Americans own almost as much wealth as 90% of America? I’ll tell you exactly how that happened. And how my #UltraMillionaireTax would make sure everybody’s kids get a chance to succeed - not just those at the tippy top.


2019-02-09 08:23:26

In just a few minutes, I'm making a big announcement about my 2020 plans. Tune in live from Lawrence, MA!  Link in bio. #Warren2020


2019-01-23 10:07:00

Right here in Puerto Rico, our federal government is taking money off the island in order to send it to Wall Street – and cut services, health care services & schools. I talked about this & more on @AC360 last night. Watch our interview.


2018-07-21 11:13:32

I have July 21st circled on my calendar almost as many times as my wedding anniversary & my grandkids’ birthdays. That’s because today marks the 8th anniversary of @barackobama signing the Dodd-Frank Act – the Wall Street reform legislation that created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). I’ll always look back on that day with a big smile on my face. It was a huge, hard-fought victory for working people all across this country. The CFPB started as an idea that I wrote about as a law professor in a 2007 academic journal about toasters. Yes, toasters. Think about it: we have government safety regulations in place for products we buy every day. No medicine laced with rat poison. No cars without functioning brakes. And no exploding toasters. But in 2007, there was no government agency that would stop the sale of exploding mortgages. Of course, the giant financial institutions were dead set against an agency whose job was to get the tricks and traps out of the fine print of financial products. It was David-versus-Goliath all the way – but in 2010, President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Act into law. And exactly one year later, the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was open for business. Woo-hoo! For seven years, the CFPB has been the cop on the beat, making sure that financial products are safe, that everyone’s playing by the same rules, and that these devastating financial crashes never happen again. And in the 7 years since it’s been created, this little agency has forced big financial institutions to return $12 billion directly to people who were cheated. But from the day it opened its doors, the agency has been under attack. And in the years since then, the banking industry, their lobbyists, and their Republican friends in Congress have tried to kill, delay, and defang the agency – again and again. I’m ready to fight with every bone in my body, and I hope you’ll join me.


2019-01-04 18:05:02

Thank you Council Bluffs for the INCREDIBLE welcome to Iowa tonight. We’re just getting started!


2018-12-04 17:29:36

Happy #NationalCookieDay!


2018-11-05 17:27:20

Tomorrow’s the big day: Election Day! Thank you to @loriforuscongress, @jay4ma2018, Niki Tsongas, and everyone for joining us in Hudson. We’re ready for tomorrow – and we hope you are too! Do you know where you’re voting and when polls open? Text WHERE to 24477 to find your polling place.


2018-11-06 12:24:18

I cast my vote this morning -- and I hope you'll head to the polls and do the same if you haven't already. If America votes, democracy wins. If America votes, we win. Find your polling place at iwillvote.com and head to the polls to make your voice heard.


2018-11-06 09:19:04

Happy Election Day! Today, we have a real chance to fight back with our voices and our votes. Bruce and I voted this morning, and the whole family tagged along -- have you voted yet?  Find your polling place by texting WHERE to 24477, or if you've already voted, get your friends and family and neighbors and coworkers to vote, too. When everybody votes, we win.


2018-09-29 19:30:49

It’s been a long week. Lean on the shoulder of someone you love.


2018-08-23 05:55:22

Our government should work for the people – not just the billionaires and giant corporations who can afford to hire an army of lawyers and lobbyists. That’s why I just introduced the Anti-Corruption and Public Interest Act – the biggest piece of anti-corruption legislation since Watergate.


2018-08-20 08:23:54

Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.