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The reality of any situation is what you make of it in the first place. My job is to distort the typical version reality in picture form one non-photoshopped image at a time. What’s your job as an artist? #welevitate x @forgetmat | #sonyalpha

Took time to explore, touch base and catch up with friends a week ago. @oyuxi suggested that we finally check out @hudsonyards. One of my favorite structures to date, definitely coming back. Who’s coming! #welevitate x @oyuxi

Took it back to the streets, where all the angles you have come from natural light and streets full of cars. #welevitate x @forgetmat

In New York, we go up the stairs 4 at a time. @waffle_kozik for @diesel | @diesel__us #joggerpants

#welevitate x @diesel | @diesel_us. #ad Art direction by @nickparlay | video by @m2collective | talent @wafflenyc .

Back on the gram with the squadd. Proud to share our new @Diesel campaign with you guys - My @Diesel fam brought out @wafflenyc’s @waffle_kozik & @sean.mcfly for their new #joggjean campaign. Video by @m2collective soon to be seen in store. - Thanks for having me @nickparlay | @diesel__us. #ad

Hate is a real thing. So is love. Spread that shit. 🙏🏼🏆 rip @nipseyhussle. Today we lost a good one. #nipseyhussle

You stop playing an unfair game called life the minute you see yourself as a game builder, no longer a game player 🕹🕴🏼 #sonyalpha

All in the details. @alphaindustries campaign out now. Major thanks to the team tagged above for making it happen. - Shot on #sonyalpha A9 and A7riii.

He landed just fine. 🛬 #welevitate x @forgetmat for @johnjohndenim | #sonyalpha

Don’t ever let them tell you when you’re done. You’re barely scratching the surface💥 - #welevitate x @youngheirgordon

AG with the magic touch swoosh ✔️🏀 - #welevitate x @youngheirgordon