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Photos of two of the cutest Siberian Forest Cats in the world that live Danishly "hygge" life: Dexter & Sophie.

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I know I am handsome..!😼

Lazy Monday...!

I own this bed..!

Lazy #caturday with daddies.

Ready for the night..Zzz!

Cuddling with daddy as having a lazy day.

This is how we spend our Easter holiday...by be lazy and chill all day!!😺

Just chilling out after brunch! 😽

Enjoying the sunshine this Caturday!!🌞 Wish you all a lovely Easter

So surprise how quick a week went by..!

Tbt...our little fluffy vampire was at 10 weeks old!!

This is how I feel after a weekend with family wedding...!!

I go vegan today!!🌱

Can’t wait to see daddy again today!!😺😽

I just waiting here for daddy to come home soon..!😿

I can smell the Spring!!🌺

Waiting for my dinner..!😾

You have something for me daddy?