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Tonight was magic! I had a wonderful time dancing Samba at Mangueira! Such a dream to be back! Even had the honor of giving a💋 to the legendary school flag. So much respect ✊ for this samba school and community. Such an incredible energy always! It’s something out of this world to hear Mangueira 2019 enredo music live! We have been dancing to the recording back in LA, but being here and dancing to it with the live bateria... I had goosebumps! 🙏🙌 🎼Mangueira, tira a poeira dos porões Ô, abre alas pros teus heróis de barracões Dos Brasil que se faz um país de Lecis, jamelões São verde- e- rosa as multidões #samba #mangueira @mangueira_oficial

Samba na Mangueira💗 Preparing for Carnaval 2019! Fierce! @mangueira_oficial 👑@evelynbastosoficial #mangueira #samba #rainha

Hoje tem Samba! Excited to be here and to see these beautiful International passistas 💛 #samba #paraisodotuiuti #carnaval2019 @sashyajay @nubiaquele @paraisodotuiutioficial

Our first Samba class of 2019! Living our best life training with Mangueira’s new enredo. 🤩Feeling fantastic dancing with my LA goddesses again! Good vibes. Thank you to everyone for coming through from near and far! It means so much to me to see you all. My last class in LA for a good while will be this Monday 7:30pm @shape90291 come through! Next stop Rio @brasilsambacongress @Wespeakdance #wespeaksamba #mangueira2019 @apaixonadospelamangueira @mangueira_oficial #samba #sambaclass #venice #sambasoul @sambasouldancecompany #sambaschool back in session! Check out that refinished dance floor... so clean, you can see yourself in it! Thank you 🙏😍 @electriclodge

I’m excited to be in LA this weekend! I’m teaching 2 classes Saturday 11am @electriclodge & Monday 7:30pm @shape90291 Both classes are open level and all are welcome. It would be great to see you while I’m in town before I head to Rio. Come through 🙏💛 #samba #sambaclass #losangeles #fbf #sambasoul @sambasouldancecompany #thisiswhywesamba #venice

I can’t wait for the upcoming International Samba Congress @internationalsambacongress in LA this June & the @brasilsambacongress in Rio this February! I love this thriving Samba community! Vamos! #internationalsambacongress #la #brasilsambacongress #rio 💛🙏 Thank you for your sweet post beautiful 😘#repost @charis.shannon ・・・ 💛 This was one of my favourite classes at the #internationalsambacongress ! @gisellasamba has some bomb drills and this combo was so fun . . . 📷Originally posted by @borboletaaz . . . #sambainla #sambaclass #sambalife #sambanopé #downtownlosangeles #sambadancers #africandiaspora #afrolatindance #samba #sambasoul #sambacomunidade

Feeling marvelous with my gorgeous hometown amiga Romonica. So good to share a delicious vegan meal together. Grateful for this beautiful soul and our divine friendship going strong since Gault elementary. How wonderful it is to know a kindred spirit on and off the dance floor 💛😊. Can’t wait to session @romonicasjam @dancerhetoric #santacruz #cafegratitude #amigas

Celebrating 32 years of Samba 🙏 & a wonderful life. Grateful for this beautiful journey the universe has shared with me. So thankful for my family, friends, dance company and students as well as all the incredible, inspiring teachers and mentors I have in my life. It’s been a challenging couple of years, which means major growth, and I’m feeling blessed and joyful today for it all. All is beauty, the ups, the downs, the pain and the happiness. Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes. Wishing everyone happy holidays, peace and blessings. Axé 💛 #sambachallenge @rogebrasil #suinguedesamba #samba

Happy to announce the December Samba Challenge starts this Monday! This challenge is in collaboration with Brazilian artist singer songwriter @rogebrasil & dance artist @gisellasamba To enter just post one daily video of yourself training/performing Samba dance to Suingue de Samba by Roge Brasil Follow and tag artists @RogeBrasil @GisellaSamba on Instagram for a chance to get reposted and win awesome prizes. Everyone is welcome to enter. Once you enter you are in the game and can post as many times as you like, just one time a day. Entries can be made on your timeline or story just be sure to tag us and #sambachallenge The challenge runs from December 17th- December 31st 2018. The two main groove movements to include are Samba and rebola steps, besides that it's all up to you. We want to see you having fun with it and being in the moment with the groove of the song. The goal of the challenge is to bring fun inspiration for everyone to dance more samba on the daily, simply for the joy, good energy and healing that it brings. Now let's Samba! #samba #sambachallenge #suinguedesamba @rogebrasil @gisellasamba Suingue de Samba available on Spotify and YouTube

Bday 💛 Thankful for sweet friends, students and our phenomenal Samba Soul team for sharing a delicious meal to celebrate. It was such a special evening together and a triple bday celebration for us December Samba babies. I was so delighted to get to spend time together with you. Thank you for your love and kindness, it means more than you can imagine. I’m so grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful circle of inspirational women in my life. I can’t wait to see you all in the New Year. Sending blessing of health and happiness to all for 2019 💛 let’s be about this joyful experience of unfolding together to our highest potential. Axé #gratitude

Pode chegar! Good times celebrating with my Floor Fam @thefloorimprovnight thank you for the clip @fitarts 🙏 Thank you amiga 💛 @its_ms_cola for so much fun on the dance floor. #thefloorimprovnight #dance #hips #samba #funk @negodoborel #podechegar @clubbullies @djunieq #bday #sagittarius

Celebrating life tonight 💛💃🏽🌅🎊@thefloorimprovnight come through! #sagittarius #bday #thefloorimprovnight #dance photo by @farahstop

Bom dia! Taki Taki spice! I love the good vibe! I’m teaching 4 more classes in LA before heading home for the holidays. Come and get it! Tonight Tuesday 8pm @electriclodge, Thursday 7:45pm @maestostudio1, Saturday 11am @electriclodge, Tuesday Dec.11th 8pm @electriclodge last class of the year with me in LA. #dance #samba #sambaclass #takitaki

Feliz International Samba Day! #internationalsambaday #diainternacionaldosamba #samba #losangeles #maestostudio #sambasoul @sambasouldancecompany

Eu Amo Samba! Grateful for this inspiring art and community. Had a wonderful time performing and being part of our national Samba Queen #rainhaereidosamba event. Thank you Angelique @borboletaaz @sambaeventaz for the honor to share. So excited to teach class today in LA 11am @electriclodge all are welcome. #samba #dance #art

Samba time! Special class in LA tonight 7:30pm @shape90291 plus I’m teaching in Santa Cruz Tuesday 11/20 7:45pm @santacruzcapoeira Raizes do Brazil Capoeira, Saturday 11/24 back in LA Samba 11am @electriclodge & Samba Fit Turkey Drop Workshop 4pm Sunday 11/25 with Gisella & @brittneycarbone @shape90291 #samba #dance this video is for @internationalsambaday Dec. 2nd #internationalsambaday so excited to see our global Samba community! #losangeles #sambasoul #venice #santamonica filmed @ #studiomaesto #dancechallenge

Samba tonight Monday 11/19 7:30pm @aha pe90291 plus in Santa Cruz Tuesday 11/20 7:45pm @santacruzcapoeira Raizes do Brazil Capoeira Santa Cruz. Such joy! Epic night suingando to the soulful music of Rogé. What an experience! Having the opportunity to perform with an artist that inspires me, that I play his music for training and class all the time... is a dream come true. My heart is full of Samba and good vibes from yesterday. Thank you @rogebrasil & @sergiomielniczenko for creating such a fantastic Brazilian show de coração in Venice. Truly something special and real! Grateful to the Brazilian Samba community for coming through and supporting our fundraiser for Brazil Arts Connection. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you @thechriskeener @wespeakdance for this video. Thank you @vandanahart for your support! So excited for you guys to join me in Rio for Carnaval! #wespeaksamba #samba #sambasoul @sambasouldancecompany #wespeakdance #rogebrasil #brazilartsconnection #vbfc #rio #carnaval2019 #losangeles #venicebeach #santacruz #sambaclass

😜🇧🇷When the Baile Funk plays... Thanks amiga for the clip @farahstop @thefloorimprovnight @kgsuperstar MC 😎thank you awesome DJ @djparispaul #carioca #bass #bumbumtamtam #danceclass #losangeles #thefloorimprovnight #fit by @vidashape #bailefunk