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Caô Cabiecilê! Singing along to the empowering Samba enredo of Salgueiro, honoring Xango, African warrior deity of justice. I got goosebumps when they played this and I got to dance @brasilsambacongress . This enredo serves to uplift the spirit and awaken all with the story of Xango. Mora na pedreira, é a lei da Terra Vem de Aruanda pra vencer a guerra Eis o justiceiro da Nação Nagô Samba corre gira, gira pra Xangô photo by @danceadois @brasilsambacongress #brasilsambacongress #samba #culturabrasileira @salgueirooriginal #salgueiro #figurino @luannasantosbiquinishow #rj

Dancing with these phenomenal dancers in the semifinals at Brasil Samba Congress was such a wild dream! As I danced with these ladies I felt so honored to share the floor with them and motivated to level up. It was hard not to stop and watch them as we danced together. I had never thought about semifinals and though it was a competition my mindset was simple: to enjoy the moment, have fun and to bring my best. Of course watching this video I’m inspired to train harder and build from my shortcomings. This Samba life is a continuous journey of training, pushing past my fears and allowing myself to dream and grow. I’m learning to trust in myself and trust in the process more and to open my mind up to the unimaginable. I still am in shock of all that went down, and just grateful to have been part of such a wonderful life changing event. Being part of the @brasilsambacongress changed my dance and changed my outlook as an artist. Forever grateful 🙏 @brasilsambacongress @mdellawegah my awesome 👏coach 🙏🇧🇷✨Dançar com elas fenomenais nas semifinais @brasilsambacongress foi um sonho tão selvagem! Enquanto eu dançava com essas mulheres, eu me sentia muito honrada em dividir o chão com elas e motivada a subir de nível. Era difícil não parar e observá-los enquanto dançávamos juntos. Eu nunca tinha pensado em semifinais e, embora fosse uma competição, minha mentalidade era simples: curtir o momento, me divertir e dar o meu melhor. É claro que, ao assistir a este vídeo, sinto-me inspirado a treinar mais e construir a partir de minhas deficiências. Essa vida de samba é uma jornada contínua de treinamento, ultrapassando meus medos e me permitindo sonhar e crescer. Estou aprendendo a confiar em mim mesmo e confiar mais no processo e abrir minha mente para o inimaginável. Eu ainda estou em choque com tudo o que aconteceu, e apenas grato por ter sido parte de um evento maravilhoso de mudança de vida. Fazer parte do @brasilsambacongress mudou minha dança e mudou minha visão como artista. Gratidão para sempre 🙏 @brasilsambacongress @mdellawegah meu grande técnico #brasilsambacongress #samba #dance #brasil #art #dancebattle #culture #riodejaneiro #levelup #lifechanger

Samba Battle 3am in Rio...I have truly never pushed myself to dance this hard before. I enjoyed the beauty of the moment, breaking through my own boundaries and dancing with someone I admire so much. Blessed to have had this dance with the talented Thais @this_fer @brasilsambacongress #brasilsambacongress #samba #duelo #dancebattle

Fun training day with the coach técnico Márcio @mdellawegah Gratidão 🙏 #samba #dance @ecarioca_dancasnegras

There are no limits to the magic you are here to express. Show up for your break through to realize the unimaginable is in the here and now. ✨✨💫 Não há limites para a magia que você está aqui para expressar. Apareça para sua ruptura para perceber que o inimaginável está no aqui e agora. Poder da Mulher Solo💫 Thank you to my coach and team gratidão 🙏 ao meu técnico @mdellawegah e a minha equipe ✨ for the support and Faith and for believing in me ✨obrigada pela força e fé, e para acreditar em mim. Grateful for this experience that changed my life. 💫 Gratidão @brasilsambacongress pela essa experiência que mudou a minha vida! #brasilsambacongress #costume #figurino by @luannasantosbiquinishow #photo by @danceadois #dance #samba #breakthrough #dreamit #believeit

On my last day in Rio I got to train with the gorgeous & talented Thai! I’ve been a fan since I first saw her Samba @brasilsambacongress last year. I love her style! Watch out for her... she’s a powerful dancer! @thai.rodrigues28 #samba #poderosa #training #rio #sambaclass #brasilsambacongress

Flip the script, you know you can! The magic lays within the depth of the joy you feel as you let go of your need for control and just allow your soul to lead the way in the present moment. It was hard to say goodbye to family and friends in Rio yesterday... but after 15 hours of travel I’m here LA! Delighted to be back in Sunny Cali today💛 and I’m excited to see you! I’m teaching class tonight LA Thursdays 7:30pm @shape90291 & Saturday’s 11am at Electric Lodge in gorgeous Venice. Get your booty on the floor tonight, make my day! 🥳 #samba # #dance #sambalosangeles #photography by @tylerbakerphotography #brasilsambacongress #rio

Gratidão💗 Being part of this incredible dream team has been such a blessing! #brasilsambacongress #samba #rj #dreamteam

Royalty! Somebody pinch me...that crazy awesome moment one stormy night at Sapucaí, when I had the pleasure of meeting Rainha do Carnaval Clara Paixão 👑 Queen and King Rei Momo Wilson Neto. The Carnaval King and Queen of Rio! Powerful to see them dancing down the avenue in character of Orixás Iansa & Ogum. These two are such humble and talented artists. Such a dream to meet them dancing in the rain! @claracrystpaixao Rainha eu te admiro muito. Arrasou linda! 💛 #carnaval #rio #samba

Sunday Beach vibes with my sweet Samba amiga Debora. So blessed and thankful to have her as my teammate @brasilsambacongress she has been so supportive and inspiring on this journey! She is a Samba powerhouse from 🇦🇷 Argentina, check out her Samba awesomeness @deborabana Soaking up the sun on our last days in Rio for a while. #samba #brasilsambacongress #ipanema

Allow your spirit to dance into alignment with your greatest potential. These are the words I’ve been living by this year and I’m lovin’ it! Grateful for this wonderful time I’ve spent here in Rio these past few months. My soul feels so happy being here and while I’m sad to say good bye for a while to my friends and family here, I’m also super excited to go back to Cali and share all that I have learned and to see and dance with everyone I’ve been missing! I’m teaching this Thursday night 7:30pm @shape90291 and Saturday morning 11am @electric lodge in LA and in Santa Cruz March 19th and 30th. Come Samba! #samba #brasil #losangeles #brasilsambacongress @brasilsambacongress photo by @danceadois costume by @luannasantosbiquinishow

The dance is inside of you, you just have to trust and let it go...These past few months here in Rio have pushed me to let go of my fears and opened me up to inspiration and endless possibilities. The biggest blessing of my time here has been joining the Brasil Samba Congress and being part of such a fantastic community of Samba artists. Being part of the Congress as a participant this year pushed me past my edge physically, emotionally and spiritually. There were days I felt I couldn’t keep up at training, tears 😭 of fear that I wasn’t good enough, and days where my body just would not respond because I had over exhausted myself. I honestly have never danced this hard in my life. I feel I shed several layers of doubt on this journey and I have found my Samba essence and power in a whole new way. The support and energy of this community has been so wonderful. Even as we battled it out in the competition, I just felt grateful to be dancing with all the dancers I admire most. I enjoyed sharing the dance floor with so many talented samba artists and I felt so inspired by everyone’s passion and commitment to this Samba life. As we battled I looked around and took it all in several times, and realized that the prize was sharing the moment of tremendous growth together. I feel so honored to have been part of this year’s event and to have been given the huge gift of the opportunity for growth. From the leaders of the Congress to my incredible team and coach @mdellawegah as well as all the other Congress dancers I have felt so much Love 🥰and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging at BSC. All the love, support and constant coaching has made such a difference in my dancing and I’m forever going to look back on this as a life changing experience of growth and fulfillment. Big love to BSC 💛🙏 #gratidão Photo by @tylerbakerphotography @brasilsambacongress Costume by @luannasantosbiquinishow #samba #brasilsambacongress

Alá das passistas da Mangueira 💯🔥💚💗 @mangueira_oficial #mangueira #carnaval

Arrasaram! Parabéns! Watching Mangueira parade live is one of the best Carnaval dreams come true! 🎉@matheusoliverio @mangueira_oficial #mangueira #samba #carnaval

Parabéns Mangueira! Congrats to Mangueira for winning the Rio Carnaval parade! Footage from the very beginning at sector 1. @mangueira_oficial #mangueira #carnaval

Going bananas! Carnaval Show 💛 Grateful @brasilsambacongress for the wonderful parade and fun Carmen Miranda inspired costume! Rain or shine baby! We gots to keep on moving! Such a crazy adventure in the storm into the parade. We lived to tell the tale. @inocentesdebelfordroxo ❤️ #samba #brasilsambacongress #carnaval #rainorshine #carmenmiranda

Carnaval! Let go of the ordinary and embrace the magic! Carnaval is vibrant energy transformation in motion. So pumped to parade tonight here at the Sambódromo in Rio! It’s pouring rain, thunder and lightening but that won’t stop us. Nothing and nobody stops Carnaval. Rain or shine it’s Samba time. This fun costume for my solo last week @brasilsambacongress was designed to represent colorful Carnaval by designer Luanna @luannasantosbiquinishow 🙏 #photooftheday by @danceadois #brasilsambacongress #samba #rio #carnaval #wespeakdance @wespeakdance

Samba at Salgueiro! Happy to have my beautiful students here with me on our Rio Samba Retreat...LA, SF, & Chicago in the house. #salgueiro #rio #sambaretreat #squadgoals