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Kepinteran banget nih anak

KAMI PARANORMAL DAYAK.SIAP MELAYANI ANDA SESUAI MASALAH 0 ANDA HADAPI SEPERTI: 1.terawangan 2.Pengobatan jarak jauh 3.sulit jodoh 4.Aura Arjuna 5.Aura tujuh bidadari 6.lancar rezeki 7.menghilangkan santet 8.penglarisan 9.tidak dapat keturunan 10.pelet 11.kewibawaan 12.razah diri 13.razahan sukses usaha 14.buang sial 15.pagar diri Ig.@santy_badsa Konsultasi wa.082160655978 (Mahar suka rela/pengobatan sesuai tingkat kesulitan

Chris Horrell

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Outta control @chrishorrell


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2018 taught me a lesson on so many levels. I've grown to understand the dynamics of life cause life changes all the time and people come and go. Most importantly my father passed away which was by far the most intense experience for me this past decade. But as painful as it was- it inspired personal growth. Acceptance is key. I accept I won't always find answers to questions and life doesn't always provide perfect endings. Regardless of that I'm finally at peace with unresolved issues in my life as I created my very own happy ending and even more so, a fresh new start. 2019 is going to be bright and filled with exciting new adventures! It will be a year of practicing self-love and disrupting old patterns; things I already started working on in 2018. Because good intentions may be a great start, I do believe well done is better than well said. And so I am moving forward as a changed person. Guarding my inner peace and using my energy wisely but open to new inspiring experiences. One decision leads to another so as much as I enjoy Instagram (especially the people!) -I'll be spending a little less time here as there is more to life. If you've read this far, thanks for that! What is your goal this year? . . #minimal_lookup #lookingup_architecture #arkiromantix #arquitecturamx #arkiminimal #sky_high_architecture #architecture_view #skyscraping_architecture #architectanddesign #designboom #artofvisuals #weekly_feature #tv_pointofview #visualambassadors #moodygrams #myfeatureshoot #fatalframes #dreamermagazine #depthobsessed #visitdenmark #ig_color #agameoftones #illgrammers #thecreatorclass #whpinspiredby .

Casa Cien | Concepción| arquitectos @pezovonellrichshausen | repost de @chicagoarchitecturebiennial


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‘Qui se souvient de Venise’ Martin Massè How does the form and design of these elements relate to the Venetian context? Can we draw a parallel between the egg and the cupola? The primary goal of this project is to raise awareness. The extension had to be visible and appear in strong contrast to the rest of the city. It is a building that must shock by the originality of its shape compared to the existing one. The form must question the visitor about the future of Venice. #art #architecture #koozarch

Matt Tran

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Bird box is a stupid movie don’t watch it

Felix Sjödahl

2018-11-29 04:58:55

Soaked and stoked in the moody forests of southern Bavaria, Germany.


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Foto ini diabadikan oleh @bimalambarasa

Podium facade detail at Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum in Miami.

Chris Horrell

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Self @chrishorrell

Sotiris Bougas

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•Expect|Nothing• #shadowplay #athens #whpunexpected @instagram


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Cambridge, oh Cambridge... Anyone here remembers that I used to call this city my home? 🏠😉 It always feels good to be back here, even just for a day. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s where I started taking photography more seriously. I used to spent hours cycling or walking around, photographing everything, checking old albums with university photos in search of new inspiration. Great times ❤️ For as long as I live in the UK, I think I’ll be always coming back here at the beginning of the year and reflect on how much I’ve grown through years. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Btw, if you look for some inspiration on Cambridge, check @cambridgelittlegems 😉 #whpinspiredby

Having spent precious time I don't have getting rid of spam and bot followers ( oh how I hate them ) I'm posting a little light as the sun is only putting in brief appearances here ~♡~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #fotocatchersmember #heart_imprint_vip #fiftyshades_of_nature #nature_worldwide_miracles #nature_worldwide_trees #divine_forest #splendid_woodlands #the_gallery_of_magic #the_mirror_of_our_souls #everything_imaginable #everything_edited #gottalove_a_ #tree_brilliance #tree_captures #raw_alltrees #total_trees #igshotz_trees

• •⛰✨🌊• Cut and Carved • Hard to believe that places like this exist in real life. I don’t know how on earth Iceland fit all those crazy waterfalls and mountains all on one tiny island definitely one of my favorite places on earth. Big thanks to @fosshotel For giving us a place to nap and u limited cappuccinos for edit sessions. Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!!

Nice visualization by @anna__potapenko .... #architecture_addicted to be feature

Yoga is more fun in the snow. Grab a pair of these awesome camera & lights yoga pants now and save 10% with code TAKE10 at checkout. ❤️use #coloradotography for Daily Features

Chiara Zonca

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Harsh shadows and warmth

Juan Luis Vásquez

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Look up 🙄