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Blue themed looks! Which do you like best? 💙. _ Sorry for being so absent recently! If you guys watch my stories you’ll know I was waiting for some new lighting to arrive which finally arrived yesterday night! I can finally take pictures without having to wait for the natural light to be perfect (which rarely ever happens) !!! Look forward to some nicely lit pics coming your way soon 💕. _ #makeupartistsworldwide#undiscovered_muas #fiercesociety#makeupmeme#fakeupfix#hypnaughtymakeup#flawlesssdolls#100daysofmakeup #dolltrends#makeuptrends#fakeuproom#anastasiabeverlyhills#yesnyx#morphebabe#makeupvideoss#bebeautymood#1minutemakeup#eyeart#jeffreestarcosmetics#hudabeauty#brian_champagne #cutemakeup #makeup #wakeupandmakeup#wamfam#crazymakeups

What are your thoughts on this? 👀✨.

Spring is coming 🐏✨. _ I’ve missed drawing cute animals on my face soooo, here’s a lil lamb! I’ve been feeling rly unhappy with my content recently and I kinda just need to get back into producing stuff I’m really really happy with, so I’m hoping this is a good start!! 💘. _ PRODUCTS. @amorbeautycosmetics 35Y pro palette. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @nyxcosmetics_uk brow pencil in ‘Ash Brown’. @unicorncosmetics ‘Lemon Meringue’ lashes. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘Icing’ mascara. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Aurora Glow Kit’. @wispy_winks Gold liquid glitter liner (coming soon). @jeffreestarcosmetics liquid lipsticks. @colourpopcosmetics no filter concealer in shade ‘fair00’. @makeuprevolution concealer in shade ‘C1’.

Just a lil collage of some of my fave looks today, BUT that’s not the focus of this post. I’ve seen a few people do this (@faceofemily firstly) and wanted to do something similar!!. I want this post to be a whole bucket of amazing self promotion. So drop a little description of you and your work down below so we can all check each other out! This community can be super competitive, but let’s support each other because there’s enough room for all of us! 💞💞.

The Mona Lisa 🎨. _ Okay this took ... SO LONG 😭. I struggled with painting the face for so long, but it’s so damn hard painting an accurate face that bloody tiny I gave up in the end 😂. The @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Subculture palette’ has the perfect perfect colours for this kinda look, I couldn’t not use it ✨. _ PRODUCTS. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Subculture’ palette and ‘Aurora Glow kit’. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘BROWnies’ eyebrow gel and ‘Icing’ mascara. @colourpopcosmetics ‘no filter concealer’ in shade ‘Fair00’. @makeuprevolution concealer in ‘C2’. @kittylash ‘Winnie’ lashes. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Birthday Suit’, ‘Celebrity Skin’, ‘Leo’, ‘Weirdo’, ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Medusa’ and ‘Drug Lord’ liquid lipsticks.

It’s Donut time! 🍩💕. (took a lil bit of inspo from @cottoncandybones 💘). _ A lil ‘Sweet Tooth’ themed collab with some super talented people!. 1. @glamaliee . 2. @beautybychrisssy . 3. @kaylaksmakeup . 4. @xdragonsbreath 5. @helveticx 6. @toxictinacreations 7. @madelemakeup . 8. @glamwithjen_ . _ PRODUCTS. @makeuprevolution concealer. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @morphebrushes 35B palette. @anastasiabeverlyhills Aurora Glow Kit. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘BROWnies’ eyebrow gel and ‘Icing’ mascara. @colourpopcosmetics no filter concealer in shade ‘Fair00’. @kittylash ‘Tabby’ lashes. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Red rum’, ‘diva’, ‘flame thrower’, ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Equality’, ‘break at Tiffany’s’, ‘Birthday Suit’, ‘Leo’ and ‘Drug Lord’ liquid lipsticks.

This look evolution tho 👀⚡️. _ LET’S JUST START THIS OFF BY SAYING, I don’t think the look on the left is bad. I don’t mind if you prefer the look on the left either! If you do then I’m glad you still like my work! However, I am so proud of myself for the improvements I’ve made in my work. The look on the left was the most arty thing I could think of doing when it came to doing a Pikachu look back in November, and skip forward to know I have the ability to produce much more advanced and cool stuff I really love 💘. ((Sorry this turned into a mini rant haha)).

BMO 🎮✨. _ I realised I haven’t done any Adventure Time looks yet and I totally need to get on that! BMO always makes me think of my boyfriend, when we first met the first selfie he ever sent me was one with him and a lil BMO plushie 😭💘. Lemme more if you wanna see some more Adventure time looks or not! 💞. _ PRODUCTS. @makeuprevolution concealer. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Aurora Glow Kit’. @dumbblondeglitter glitter stars. @kittylash ‘Kitty’ lashes. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘Weirdo’, ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Redrum’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Drug Lord’ liquid lipsticks. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘Icing’ mascara.

Painted 🎨 (repost bc the lighting was so off before and it was bothering me 😅). _ Been wanting to recreate this look by @beautybekky for so long! After I saw my friend @mimis.glam do such a great recreation the other day I decided it was time to try it out, and I’m pretty pleased with the result I think 🥰. _ PRODUCTS. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @morphebrushes 35B palette. @toofaced ‘Chocolate Gold’ palette. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘BROWnies’ eyebrow gel and ‘Icing’ mascara. @unicorncosmetics ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ lashes. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Aurora Glow Kit. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Drug Lord’ liquid lipstick. @collectionlove concealer.

Detective Pikachu 🔍⚡️. _ I can’t get over how cute Pikachu is in the new ‘Detective Pikachu’ movie coming out! @vancityreynolds is one of my favourite people and I can’t wait to see him as an adorable lil Pokemon 😂. _ PRODUCTS. @colourpopcosmetics ‘It’s my pleasure’ palette and No filter concealer in ‘Fair 00’. @morphebrushes 35B palette. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Prism’ palette and ‘Aurora Glow Kit’. @unicorncosmetics ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ lashes. @nyxcosmetics_uk Eyebrow pencil in ‘Ash Brown’. @gerardcosmetics ‘Iced Mocha’ liquid lipstick. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘Icing’ mascara. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Leo’, ‘Flame Thrower’, ‘Weirdo’ and ‘Drug Lord’ liquid lipsticks. @collectionlove concealer. _ #detectivepikachu #makeuplooks #eyeart #anastasiabeverlyhills #abh #bretmansvanity #wakeupandmakeup #underratedmuas #morphebabe #undiscovered_muas #makeupartist #mua #pictorial #hoodedeyes #makeupobsession #colofulmakeupp #glittershadow #muamafia #muasupport #makeupobsession #wingedliner #valentinesmakeup #blueeyeshadow #facecharts #makeuponfleek

Starry Night 🌙✨. _ A very requested suggestion from you guys! Obvs this is inspired by Van Gogh’s painting, ‘The Starry Night’. The lighting today was absolutely terrible so I couldn’t get the quality pic I wanted of this 😭😭. Hope u guys dig it !! ✨. _ PRODUCTS. @morphebrushes 35B palette. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @unicorncosmetics ‘Bubble Pop’ lashes. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Aurora Glow Kit’. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘BROWnies’ eyebrow gel and ‘Icing’ mascara. @colourpopcosmetics ‘BFF’ mascara in ‘Blue ya mind’ and No filter concealer in ‘Fair00’. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Weirdo’, ‘Drug Lord’, ‘Blue Velvet’ liquid lipsticks. @collectionlove concealer.

‘Hello there! It’s me, Isabelle!’ 🍃🐶. _ Been wanting to do a lil Animal Crossing themed look for so long! And of course I had to include my lil queen Isabelle in it 💞. Should I maybe do a lil video game series? Lemme know down below! 🍃🥰. _ PRODUCTS. @beautybaycom EYN 42 Bright mattes palette. @morphebrushes 35B palette. @beautybakeriemakeup ‘BROWnies’ eyebrow gel & ‘Icing’ mascara. @unicorncosmetics ‘Lemon Meringue’ lashes. @anastasiabeverlyhills ‘Aurora Glow Kit’. @colourpopcosmetics ‘no filter concealer’ in shade fair00. @jeffreestarcosmetics ‘Queen Bee’, ‘Equality’, ‘Redrum’, ‘Cherry Wet’, ‘Watermelon Soda’, ‘Drug Lord’ and ‘Weirdo’.