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This could be your Thursday evening! 👌 Every day of the week, @reffen_copenhagenstreetfood serves up grub from all over the world, refreshing drinks, and lots of good ol' Danish hygge. When accompagnied by a kick-ass sunset like this one, what more could you wish for? 😍 - Thanks for letting us share your #copenhagen moment @magical.trips 🙏 #visitdenmark

Welcome to one of our favourite hide outs: Løkken. The rolling landscapes and long wide beaches have made this area in @visitnordjylland a popular holiday spots for us Danes for decades. Have you ever been? 🏖 - Thanks for letting us share your #løkken moment @mille_emilie🙏 #visitdenmark

You can capture a picture like this in many of our old market towns, yet #helsingør is the only town where you'll be able to stroll through its historic city centre and visit the home of Hamlet, Kronborg Castle. Have you ever been? - Thanks for letting us share your #helsingør moment @chez_grundmanns 🙏

We can't blame this guy for taking a moment to gaze out from the coast of "White Sands" (@hvidesandedk) 🌊 This mesmerizing scenery and a fresh North Sea breeze surely would make it hard not to stop for a second and let it all in 👐 - Thanks for letting us share your #hvidesande moment @kilianrue15 🙏

Welcome to Denmark's first rooftop farm! 🌱 ØsterGRO sits on top of a former car auction house in @visitcopenhagen's Climate Resilient Neighbourhood in Østerbro. In the midst of fields of organic vegetables, herbs and edible flowers (plus a hen house and three beehives!), you'll find the rooftop greenhouse, which houses Gro Spiseri. This unique, organic eatery serves the best of the season from local producers... great meals accompanied by just as great views! 👨🌾🌽🍅🐝 - Thank you @matteoacitelli for letting us share your hygge moments from @grospiseri / @oestergro 🙏

My, oh, my, look at that golden hour prettiness in North Jutland❤ These soft dunes on Denmark's west coast go on for miles, and this particular area is known as the "Jammerbugt Alps" (...not to be confused with the actual Alps, just in case you were in doubt! 🏔😉) Along the coast, you'll find some of Northern Europe's finest, sandy beaches and beautiful countryside scenery, which is why many Danes also holiday here 🏖 - Thanks for letting us share your stunning #saltumbeach moment @felixekermann 🙏

Have you ever been to the old market town of Ebeltoft? And if so, what was your favourite part of the experience? For those of you who aren't yet familiar with this charming gem, Ebeltoft is located on Djursland. And since it's just a short car ride from our second city, @visitaarhus, you might want to consider putting a day trip to Ebeltoft on your Aarhus itinerary📝 - Thanks for letting us share your #ebeltoft moment @yngveheide 🙏

Had a busy day at work? How about a relaxing sunset paddle? 😍🌅 - Thanks for letting us share your #copenhagen moment @julie_v_cph 🙏

Great news to all of you North Jutland fans who've been worried about the region's beloved landmark falling off the cliff: Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is finally moving... on rollerskates, apparently! 😅 We can't wait to see what that'll look like, but in the meantime, let's take a minute to admire this stunning photo of the lighthouse as it stands on the edge today 🌊 - Thanks for letting us share your #rubjergknude moment @nordic_anne 🙏

Hi everyone, @cat_yde again. I am ending my takeover with this Stunning view. Did you know that it’s possible to drive on some of the beaches at the west coast in Denmark? North Jutland has many white and beautiful beaches, hidden behind sand dunes. If you would like to see more from Klitmøller and my travels around in Denmark, please check @cat_yde. Thank you all for your positive feedbacks and sweet comments. #visitdenmark #danestakeover #surfmobilen

Hello again from Klitmøller, @cat_yde here // Danish summer nights are a treat and I love our long summer evenings. This shot is taking just after a nice kite session here in Klitmøller. The wind dropped and the sky put on a quite a colourful show. #visitdenmark #danestakeover

Hi everyone, this is @cat_yde again. This is my favourite road in ColdHawaii, because of this stunning view. Left side you can have a look into National Park Thy and on the right side you can see the North Sea. Any plans for road trip this summer? #visitdenmark #danestakeover