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Explore. Create. Inspire. We want to share stories. Stories of people. Of places. And of adventures. #greatnorthcollective

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Sights for sore eyes. // photo by @fabiomluz #greatnorthcollective

Shapes and layers. // photo by @taylormichaelburk #greatnorthcollective

Ruff morning for a paddle. // photo by @mikeseehagel #greatnorthcollective

Misty mornings at Machu Picchu. // photo by @emmett_sparling #greatnorthcollective

Night light. // photo by @eventyr #greatnorthcollective

Fresh start. // photo by @mydetoxtravel #greatnorthcollective

The snow’s gone. Start paddlin’. // photo by @mikeseehagel #greatnorthcollective

When does a stream become a river? // photo by @philippheigel #greatnorthcollective

Explore. Create. Inspire. And Learn. Join us at #experiencearc 2018 in Vancouver. The journey from a cold weekend in Yoho, to shooting international campaigns for The Lincoln Motor Company, GMC, Travel Alberta, Nike, and The Canadian Olympic Team. We’re excited to meet you. And we can’t wait to share. Limited tickets still available @arcthisis. // photo by @mikeseehagel #greatnorthcollective

Winter in Canada. // photo by @davidguenther #greatnorthcollective

How to spend the winter. // photo by @stolvanen #greatnorthcollective

If it’s pretty enough, it’s cozy enough. // photo by @janppeter #greatnorthcollective