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These daisies have opened. I’m afraid I’m going to have to move these. They are so tall they flop over on shorter plants and flowers next to them and I don’t like how they look tied back. Oh, well. The continuing adventures in gardening. 🌼

Pretty pale purple clematis. I love the ruffled edges. It’s growing quite happily here in this spot that only get full sun later in the day.

Beautiful English garden front yard a couple blocks over from us. This house Is the Anna Foster Jones House and was built c.1885. Statement of Significance: Anna Hughes Foster was born in Wales and emigrated first to New York and later to Oregon City. She later married John W. Jones, a carpenter. The Jones' lived in the house during their term of ownership that lasted from 1884 to 1943.

It’s close to their dinner time and our pride is getting restless.

Here’s some of our fabulous volunteers at the Oregon City Farmers Market. Do you stop by and say hello? We’ll be here again week after next to answer any questions you might have about the Villages concept.

I haven’t heard if we are part of the 7th Annual Portland Catio Tour, but the email I received on ticket information has our cat, Lolo featured. 🙀😽😻

The girls, Lolo and Zelda.

Two of four, enjoying the sunshine.

Outside the house, black and white.

My white roses are certainly showing off.

He wanted to come home with me...

Poppies after the rain.

Front yard blooms. I love the colors, but the black and white version was nearly as good.

Someone got a new to him candy apple red fender. I probably won’t see him again for a few days.... 🎶

I planted fuchsia in nearly all my big planters, this year. Last year I tried them in two and was pleasantly surprised at how well they did and that I had flowers from them all summer. Plus the hummingbirds love them. A couple of the plants even managed to survive winter. The second photo shows some white roses that seem to be resting against the planter. This bush is probably in too much shade. There is a matching white rose bush on the other side of the steps that gets fuller and has more blooms. 🥀

I really cut back the coral rose bush on the left and wasn’t sure if I took off too much. It’s got more blooms on it than I can ever remember seeing. Behind it, near the house on an arbor is a climber I planted last year. It’s extremely happy, too. The pink rose on the far right is older than the house. It was part of the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exhibition of 1905. The daisy’s will be making their appearance as the foxgloves fade.

After dinner gardening. The baby avocado plant is emerging. 🥑 Now I’m hoping my kitties ignore this and don’t do any unsupervised pruning.

One of my happy places. 😁