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2009 VS 2019 📷❤️ In quell'anno Fede era solo un ragazzino di 20 anni, mentre Chiara ne aveva 22 👦🏼👧🏼 10 anni dopo eccoli qua! Secondo me son cresciuti sotto molto aspetti, soprattutto caratterialmente! 💑💭 E voi notate qualche differenza? @fedez @chiaraferragni #10yearschallenge#fedez#chiaraferragni#fedezechiara#myloves#theferragnez#theblondesalad#theferragnis

#irinashayk with Lea and her mother Olga went for a walk in the zoo of the Central Park in #ny (With the cold that I can not believe it comes out without gloves) 🧣😱#irinashayk #bradleycooper #love #mommy #cute 💋💋💋🇷🇺💖😍 (16/01/2019)

Need some smoothie bowl inspo? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9?🌌😘 Watcha think? Photos by

Flamingo cupcakes. Yes yes and yes. Came out perfect! ❤ 📷@spicy.cake #flatlaytoday

Only the cutest first birthday cake we ever did make!

And just a spoon of peanut butter 👌 right?! . Such a crazy weather here those days! Snow storms and sun one after the other ❄️ I'm on my way to work thinking about some warn and tropical destinations 🤦 but still, excited about the project we're working on at the moment! . Have a good tuesday 💖


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Steam player 💨 turn the sound off 🙉 via @fyu4a follow @ifyouhigh

Some washingpowder that took weeks to get remotely dry, Im gonna use the rest to wash my clothes • #asmrwashingpowder #asmrcrumble

We've teamed up with @bbvacompass to create an opportunity for you. Like this post and comment below for a chance to win an autographed Clint Capela basketball!

The most beautiful knot ever 😍 Swipe over to see the end result. You are gonna love it! Made with love by @thida.bevington #flatlaytoday

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Can’t find my old #garbagepailkids collection for nuthin 🤦🏽‍♂️ #90s #tbt #lunchtime #unfairtrades 😂😂 Glad I was sent this tho. Contest time —> Come up with the best Garbage Pail Kid name for this version of old me and WIN a free FAMILY MATTERS DAD HAT by @bkvnyc 😏 GO!

Mini toasts ot matcha donut? 🍩 . I'm pretty sure it's ok to choose both... . Especially when finally I'm back to my workout routine 🙌 what's your favourite activity? ❤️ . . - peanut butter &white chocolate - white chocolate + strawberry candies - raspberries & hazelnut chocolate - chocolate & mini macarons - blueberries - mini chocolate donut + blackberry - physalis - the big (ok, normal size) matcha donut

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Happy 30th birthday to my amazing wife, I’m extremely blessed and thankful to share each day with you. Your love makes my life complete and that’s why at 30 I’m lucky enough to be in your life. Im excited to see what God has planned for you because I will be right on your side every step of the way. Love you suga!!!! Enjoy your special day. #dirty30 #aginglikefinewine

Un adelanto: LJ34 por Casas de Mexico @cdmcasasdemexico @javierduenas Fotografía: © #lorenadarquea #lorenadarqueafotografia

Watery January Sun

Adorei! Seus lindos! Muito obrigada pelo carinho! #repost @decornautas with @get_repost ・・・ O tamanho e o tipo do projeto não fazem muita diferença e sempre receberão uma entrega imensa de @deboraaguiararquiteta, dona de uma das mais atuantes pranchetas brasileiras 📋. Ela não para nem por um segundo 🏃 e, apesar da grande demanda que exige a estrutura superdimensionada de seu escritório, sempre tem a palavra e o traço finais 🖋 – sem tempo para posar de loura fatal, mesmo sempre impecavelmente arrumada 💅, arregaça as mangas pra valer e não perde o tom da fala doce que esconde um compasso feroz 🐆. Foi assim que a locomotiva conquistou credibilidade nas mais variadas frentes 🚃, tanto em projetos corporativos, apartamentos-modelo para empreendimentos imobiliários, quanto em casas dos sonhos 🏡. O foco 100% voltado à qualidade de vida por meio de soluções diferenciadas é um dos elementos-chave 🔑. Vem ver no art book Decornautas um pouco mais sobre a profissional, que é também figura das mais badaladas nas mostras de décor por aqui. ✨ Retrato 📸: @raphaelbriest #artbookdecornautas @decornautas (@allexcolontonio & @r_andreh) por @decaoficial, @artefactooficialbrasil e @bontempo_oficial . . . #arquitetura #decoracao #decor #design #designdeinterior #arqlovers #homedecor #arquiteturadeinteriores #architecture #arquiteturadesign #home #homesweethome #homedecoration #homeinterior #designerdeinteriores #interiores #interior2you #interiordesign

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I have delayed making this post but I think now is as good a time as any. My sweet wife Martha lost her battle with pancreatic cancer two weeks ago on December 13. After the initial diagnosis just 6 weeks and 3 days earlier she continually got weaker, especially after her one and only chemo treatment. At the moment of her passing a peace and calm came over me and all present that I believe was quite simply the grace of God. We knew that she was no longer suffering and in the presence of her Lord Jesus Christ! I know many of you prayed for her after I posted that she had cancer. Please know that your prayers continue to be greatly appreciated as we adjust to our “new normal”!

Do you like this facade? . . All credits correspond to photographer,designer,creator What do you think? 🎄 💘 📷 Credit: @_archidesignhome_ Double Tap and tag your Friend.💖 Visit and get a Tshirt with link in Bio #thearchitect #legoarchitecture #architectur #architectuur #architectstudent #architecturalmodel #architectures #architectural_design #architecturevisualization #architecture_masters #architectural_award #architecturedinterieur #architecturephoto