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?Hi! Nothing fancy, just spontaneous iPhone? to show how easy it is being ?vegan, + maybe a few pix of ATX live music & my cute kitties along the way!

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Beige isn’t always bland, and can TOTALLY be beautiful... especially in the eye of a starving beholder 😻😹!!! Using up some leftover odds and ends to clean out the fridge before we start a new week. Air fried @beyondmeat Bratwurst as the star, with some leftover cabbage/carrot/lemon slaw seasoned with my random pantry, frozen corn simmered in @miyokoscreamery butter + garlic, and a potato that I boiled then smashed and roasted with S&P + fresh rosemary from the garden. We’re full... now I nap while Kev finds out who makes it to the Super Bowl 😹 #leftovers #lazyvegan #badlighting

Did I know my spoiled brat cats wouldn’t sit in this? Yes I did. Did I have to buy it anyway? Yes, I absolutely did. Did I know they’d use the box instead?? We all know the answer to that already. Thanks @veggiesaurus_jen for showing me this existed and making me laugh 🤣🤣🤣 #crazycatlady #whatvegansdo

A little #tbt to me living my best life at the last @thewanderingveganatx Market of 2018, with @atxvegans benefiting @centraltexaspigrescue 🐷! Did I shop for myself and ONLY myself? Why yes I did. And I have #noregrets 😻

Here she is!! Made sure these beauties were comfy on top of a bed of suuuuper creamy smashed garlic taters and some oven roasted green beans. #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #veganribs

STAY TUNED, we’re trying something new tonight from the amazing powerhouse duo that is @hippeazveganeats !! 😻 Always excited to try new cruelty free foods, especially when it simultaneously allows me to #supportlocal small family business!! Can’t wait!! #veganuary #veganuary2019 #tryvegan

So I kind of did a “thing” you guys... 🙃!! I took my copycat version of a popular Tex-Mex restaurant’s Frijoles a la Charra and added an entire bag of @gardein beefless crumble, & BEHOLD - I call her “Charro Chili!” Topped with @tofuttibrands sour cream. This will definitely be happening again soon 😻! #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan

Who wants a BURGER?!?! 😻🍔 “But where do you get your #protein Bro??” Hahaha Swipe to see!! What toppings do you like on your burgers??? #veganburger #bigasmyface #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan

I know, I know, two #crazycatlady posts in a row, BUT.... come. on. Lookit my little #derp doin her #blep and tell me I had any other choice...?!?!!

Forget pharmaceuticals, this right here is the REAL MEDICINE 😻! This little stink has been sweet as sugar while I’ve been under the weather. #caturday #napbuddy #snugglebug #furbaby #petsarepeopletoo

Why do *I* like weekends...? My handsome husband makes me brunch 😻!! Usually he shows off his pancake skills, but today he proved his Taco Game is also on point 😏 Organic refried pinto beans, @caciqueinc #soyrizo , @heb “crispy rounds” aka tater tot coins, & diced pickled jalapeños... this is, of course, before we doused them in @yellowbirdsauce and made all ingredients unidentifiable 🙃🤣 #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #vegantacos #veganbrunch #yellowbird #putabirdonit #besthusbandever

#funfactfriday you guys!! 💜 The leading causes of rainforest destruction are livestock & feedcrops. (Source: @cowspiracy ) So when I say every meal makes a difference, it truly does!

Lunch for me & the Hubbs 🥪🥪! People ask why vegans/vegetarians would eat something that looks or tastes like meat... easy! For us personally, we didn’t stop eating animals or using their products because we didn’t like the taste, we just don’t vibe with the idea of someone losing their life for the sake of our tastebuds!! Thanks to companies like @rabbitfoodgrocery and @plantsleadourway bringing us amazing products like this @allvegetarianinc Bac’n, luckily we don’t have to sacrifice any of the flavors that we grew up knowing! #plantsleadourway #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #veganblt #veganbacon

Is there anything more satisfying than a giant bowl of Phó when you’ve got the funk? Pretty hard to beat. Luckily a lot of restaurants now offer a veggie broth option for when you’re not up to making it yourself! 🍜🍜🍜 (Just be sure to confirm because I’ve come across a few places that list a Veggie or Tofu option on the menu but still use the traditional beef broth! 🤪) #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan #tryvegan #veganpho

Flashback to last night: A friend will take you out on your birthday... a BEST FRIEND will ignore your quarantine to bring you #veganpizza and entertain you with boardgames. This pizza from @pizzarev completely hit the spot when I didn’t even think I was hungry. Who can be mad at unlimited toppings???

Nothing like a trip to the stupid doctor the day before your birthday. HUZZAH! To make me feel better, I went to @piejacked to stock up on goodies with which to spoil myself into an oblivion. ✌🏻 #adulting #happybirthdaytome

Sunday Supper is served, Kiddies! Hope you brought your appetites, because it’s HEARTY!!! We love the Celebration Roast from @fieldroast and it’s soooo good with a pile of mushroom gravy and smashed garlic potatoes. Paired it with the delicious maple roasted Brussels and coconut bacon from the @ohsheglows Every Day Cookbook, & they turned out incredible! (Swipe to see my massive sheet pan of Bac’n!! 😻😻😻) 💚 #fieldroast #ohsheglows #sundaysupper #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan

It’s been cold and rainy lately, so I’ve been making a lot of soups... just because it’s all sunshine in the #atx today doesn’t mean my cravings stop! Sopa de Conchitas (inspired by the incredibly sweet 😘 @vegan.family.journey !!) #anythingyoucaneaticaneatvegan DM if you want a basic breakdown of this oh-so-easy and super quick dinner!!! (Also don’t be afraid to use dried chives if you run out of fresh.... trust, it still works 😉) 💚 #veganiseasy

My lil beeeeeeb, basking in the love that is her #caturday 💖 This is what sheer perfection looks like, in case you were wondering.