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2018-12-14 16:03:28

There are so many moments in life where it doesn’t feel like our current reality lines up with the Truth we know and believe. Go back to what He’s said and done before, and if it feels so dark you can’t see God in your own life look to the testimony of others. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. #praisebeforemybreakthrough #prophecyyourpromise #fearcangotohell new full length live video uploaded now on YouTube. #linkinbio


2018-08-23 11:49:39

I couldn’t have imagined what it would be like becoming a parent. There is no way to prepare for the difficulty and happiness you will feel interlaced in every 24hours. I will say one of my favorite memories we have created so far was recording this last month with our baby girl in the studio. Exhausted as we might have been the creativity and love that flowed out of our moments together left their stamp all over the music we created . Happy almost 15 weeks #indigodovetorwalt 🕊


2018-11-15 10:42:44

I know the tension of the now / I don’t always understand I don’t always get to see everything When I’m holding up my hands and counting every breath / Lord all I need to know is You choose me #praisebeforemybreakthrough #november16th #🕊


2018-11-13 18:25:59

Oh what joy 🕊 exhausted at the end of everyday but excited to start the next with you little Dove Photo: @loveinjustin


2018-11-19 12:01:19

Releasing these deeply personal songs this last weekend has had me sitting in an extra tender spot for the last few days. If anything I have learned so far : 1. God’s timing is perfect and so much better than ours. 2. We are not alone in anything , not only do we have Holy Spirit but thousands around the world who are living real life and waiting to see their breakthrough. 3. God can take our couple loaves and fishes and feed the thousands🙌🏼 . Thank you again everyone who has sent in your personal stories and prayers on our different social media or iTunes . We aren’t able to respond to most of you but I want you to know I have screen shot many of your stories and we have been actively praying for you and your families ! I’m thankful to have the ability to share with you all a little bit of the words God has given us to be able to worship in the middle and I cannot wait to see what else he has planned ! Photo: @loveinjustin Family photo just missing #lolatorwalt 😂🐶


2018-11-13 12:18:49

This Friday we release #praisebeforemybreakthrough and 5 new songs 🕊 you can pre save it now to Spotify with the link in my bio !


2018-11-11 09:51:34

We pray for all wildfires to end right now throughout the state of California. We ask for the winds to stop and buckets of rain to pour down over our land in Jesus name . 🙏🏻


2018-11-17 11:58:40

Still trying to get through all the incredible comments and testimonies y’all 😭♥️ so moved by every story . We made an acoustic version of My Hallelujah and it’s available now on YouTube ( the link is on my bio ) thanks to everyone also who is tagging loved ones and friends who need to hear these truths ! #praisebeforemybreakthrough #🕊


2018-11-10 10:13:29

He helps me put language to the song of my ♥️We are thankful to be able to share 5 new songs coming out this Friday ! #praisebeforemybreakthrough 🕊 Thanks @rockylivoni for letting us worship in your beautiful space ♥️ Photo: @cluneyphoto @_markcluney


2018-11-06 10:23:31

If I could go back ten years and tell myself one thing it would be God is good and He keeps His promises 🕊❤️


2017-11-22 18:51:40

Our new Christmas EP playing ( listening so I can remember all my parts for our Christmas shows with johnnyswim !) , a "winter " @bathandbodyworks candle burning and decorating with wayyy too much garland and sparkles! Plus I had to whip up some chocolate cookies 😂🤰🏼👌🏻🎄