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This is the level of commitment we need from our bae 😍💞 Tag your #instagramhusband to let them know you appreciate their hard work 📸👏

Obviously thinking about sticky toffee pudding. 🤩 #tbt

Can’t find my old #garbagepailkids collection for nuthin 🤦🏽‍♂️ #90s #tbt #lunchtime #unfairtrades 😂😂 Glad I was sent this tho. Contest time —> Come up with the best Garbage Pail Kid name for this version of old me and WIN a free FAMILY MATTERS DAD HAT by @bkvnyc 😏 GO!

Way too excited to show you guys the final trailer for #genlock all my real followers/fans know how much I’m an Anime fan and this show fulfilled one of my life-long dreams of voicing a character on an animated show. Jan 26th it’s going to get crazy on @roosterteeth

#nyc episode out now

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Premium 2 Black Active Fuchsia is now available in-store and online | UK7-11 (Inc. half sizes) | £100.00 |

When dinosaurs ruled Windansea 🦖

Roman Königshofer

5 Days 2 Hours Ago

My friend Katharina (@kmeykmeyk) needs your help for her bachelor thesis „Cold fever“. 🙌🏼 As a conservation photographer she's working on a photobook were she wants to explore and document the northern nature and it’s animals and share its beauty with mankind. But this is not about meaningless "banger" shots we are so used to here on Instagram. Next to the beauty this story is also about its vulnerability. Climate change: The biggest challenge of our generation, probably the biggest challenge of all time. Click the link in her bio (@kmeykmeyk) or in my story for more information. Thanks a lot! Swipe left to see her in action shooting with Orcas in northern Norway 🇳🇴 - #orca #whale #gratitude #turningthetide #climatechange #wildlife

It's that time of year when Mother Nature can't figure out what she's up to, so one minute it's tropical, the next there's a foot of snow. Anyway I dodged storms long enough to finally get out and get some new pics. Hope everyone's doing well!


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New year, same old New York

Karın güzel yağdığı yerlerdeydim..

• I hope it's never too late for you to realize how amazing you are before downgrading yourself to fit the standards of others •

Tobias Hägg

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Namibia, Oh Namibia ! Unforgettable memories in the making.

Human Symphony (🔊 sound on). . Soundtrack by @thrupencemusic. Curated by uncle @takubeats . Can you spot the glitch in the matrix?

#justlisted ⚡️ Art Deco Beauty 1/498 Bowen Terrace, New Farm

Lennart Pagel

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work with nature, not against it. *anzeige @falkesport #falkesport

Crazy how the Grand Canyon can just look like a ditch sometimes but it’s really 6,000ft deep

Berlin - Atrium Tower ____________ Project: Renzo Piano - 1997 @rpbw_architects ____________ 📸@arch.gianlucafiore ____________ #architecture #berlin #renzopiano #atriumtower #architettura #architettiitaliani #steps #arkitektur #germany #architecturephotography

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soul food