Gayoncé 😍

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This is a whole mood cause my baby just hit 1k 😍😭🐝💛🖤 Make sure you go support the BeyHive page because they’re extremely amazing 💋 • • #beychella #beyoncealwaysonbeat #choreography #dance #music #lit #beyoncé #yonce #arianagrande #nickiminaj #lemonade #otr #ontherun2 #formation #lgbt #pride #instagay #gay #july #yoncé #beyonce #crazyinlove #fanboy #beyhive #fanpage #beyoncegiselleknowles #bgkc #b7 #explorepage #explore

“Why do you love Beyoncé so much?” “Why do you stan her?” Well, it all started back in 2006 when I heard Irreplaceable literally almost everywhere I went. I was like “Who is this person? I love their voice!” Mind you, I was five years old so I really didn’t know the name of artists, just the name of the songs. In 2008, I fell in love with Single Ladies and knew the choreography down pack. I recorded a video of me dancing to it on my mom’s phone too 😂 Then I remember falling in love with her songs Diva, Video Phone, Why Don’t You Love Me, and Halo. That was a time to be alive. Also when her and Gaga released the best selling all-female collab ‘Telephone’, I loved it. So at this point, I was a fan. Fast forward to 2013-2014 was when she released her visual self-titled album was when I gagged. I was shook, like she just dropped it out of nowhere. I remember when I was watching the Arsenio Hall show and he said “Y’all know that Beyoncé just dropped an album?” and I immediately grabbed my mama’s phone and watched all the trailers for the music videos. It was beautiful and I remember getting the album for Christmas. I listened to it and it drew me closer to Bey. Then I hit a hard place when I went through depression, anxiety and insecurities in 2015. I didn’t know how to to deal with it, so I turned to music. I decided one day to listen to her album ‘4’ and there was one song that touched me, which was ‘Schoolin Life’ where she says ‘Stop living in regret, baby it’s not over yet’ it really touched me. So I started listening her songs and practiced her choreo in her concerts and videos and researched some facts about her. Now when Formation came out, that’s when I became a stan. It made me appreciate my beautiful melanin skin, my natural curls, and it boosted my self esteem. Now whenever I listen to Beyoncé, I feel different emotions and most of all, confident. I would like to thank her for creating such deep material of music that has helped me along with others. I’m BeyHive till I die 🤞🏾. Happy 37th birthday Queen Bey 👑🐝💋 #beyonce #beyday