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Life is always better with a rainbow at your face! #bristolpride #bristolsummer #pride2019

Things I learned about chihuahuas.. 1) they eat less than my cats, 2) they will sleep on you all night but at least they are not heavy 3) they will lick your face 😡😂 4) they are better than a cat alarm for the morning! #dogsofinstagram #dogsitting #chihuahuasofinstagram @thebonitashow_

what I love about cats is how deceivingly lovely they can look when they choose to.... #catstagram #catsofinstagram #whiskers #catface #bigfatcat

little bit of colour on a fence

#clevedonpier following a crazy weekend of too many nights out and a carnival went for a long walk by the sea

Last night we hosted our client summer party at the Avon Gorge Hotel. It was an amazing night catching up with incredible people that make our world a better place to be in and meant having drinks whilst enjoying the most iconic Bristol view. Definitely feel very lucky to be doing the job I do! @irwin_mitchell #bristolsuspensionbridge

What is it about tree covered paths that draws me to explore them? Tracing my steps in the back streets of Clifton #citywalks

Visiting the #oxfordbotanicgarden without my normal phone was very underwhelming as the camera on my old phone couldn’t do justice to all the amazing things we saw. Good thing I will be becoming a regular to make up for it thanks to @triinojakaar and catching up with old friends :-) Next time stopping at St John’s College to check out my dad’s uni :-)

Playing with fire #springsummer2019 I think anyone disliking flames should unfollow me as this summer there’s gonna be a lot more photos where this came from!

change always starts from your hair colour 😎 @hairextensions_byb #backtoblonde

date with my girl :-) #bdaypost

no filters needed when out with gorgeous people :-) pre Bday Sunday tipple with some of my favourite people

it's such a rainy Sunday that me and Dobby had the same thought - blanket and chill! he got there first though and i don't have the heart to steal it away from him! #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram

never been a fun of pink but then there's nature's pink and then topping it up there are these flowers #flowerstagram

anyone that knows me well knows how I feel about motivational speech but also knows I can't resist a unicorn so I am very torn here. I mean sure I would choose to be a unicorn too any day of the week #beaunicorn #modernart

I was asked if I want a black coffee or a white and said I want a Dalmatian;)

making the most of the good weather at t one moment roaming around blooming gardens in Clifton. any ideas what flower that is? #bristolinbloom

hate to say it but we need some rain. The river is slowly turning into one big mud pit. this guy down there doesn t seem to mind though #bristol_walks