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Lizzie’s new doughnut toy. Don’t worry Lily I got one for@you too #ilovethiscat #kitty #mylizzie #alwayshidestoys

Queen Lily 2012 Skyping with Thiana who was in Bonaire scuba diving. Lily was still a kitten so perfect and cute.

Happy New Year - I love my new box

I missed my humans #imissedyoutoo

Queen Lily. Merry Christmas to all.

Be proud I didn’t steal any ornaments today. Human wasn’t happy yesterday

Pooped! Busy day- we decorated the tree it was exhausting trying not to play with the ornaments!

Happy December 1st. Alessandro Gallici - Prosecco and Lizzie.

Lily won’t go near Bruce, but she will sleep on his coat. #markingherterritory

Box Day 2. #ilovethiscat #mylizzie

A box came I decided I should sit in it! #ilovethiscat #mylizzie #bestcat

Watching This Old House. 2 peas in a pod.