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Lizzie here| my mom was away for week I might have missed her. 😻 #ilovemyhuman

Lizzie here| the following has begun!! So thankful my humans are home. #imissedmyhumans

Lizzie here| my humans are home!❤️😻 does my smile give away how happy I am? Now the - I will follow you where ever you go stalking starts! They love me so they won’t mind. They were visiting Lily who I sort of miss 😻 #adoptdontshop #mylizzie #ilovethiscat

Lily here| so the humans are still visiting and I took a chance and got got pretty close to them. I can sense they love me and I have to admit I love them too. The very tall one with the huge feet has fed me a few times I think he loves me. My mom’s birthday was today she is 30! She loves me so much and comes home every day with a smile for me. I love her. ❤️ no doubt about that. 😻

Our Lizzie turns 2! It feels like she has always been a part of our family. #mylizzie #ilovethiscat #adoptdontshop @kittenbnb happy birthday to her siblings too @joel_los_jo @bo_meows #catsofnewyork #tabbycat

Lily here| I have visitors who I’m sure love me and who have taken good care of me over the years but, I’m a Princess and won’t smile at them! I do love sitting in their duffel bag 😻

Happy Gotcha Day to this little peanut! It’s been 8 fantastic years! I think I love you even more each year. ❤️ #kittensofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #happygotchaday #adoptiversary

Lily 😻

Loving her new cat tree #ilovethiscat #mylizzie

She does love it. #ilovethiscat #mylizzie

Early birthday gift for Lizzie #mylizzie #ilovethiscat on sale at Sams Club. We couldn’t help ourselves. I truly do not like these, they are so big but #ilovethiscat

Human is going to the beach. Why can’t I go! #takemewithyou

Lizzie- I always forget I’m a big girl now and can’t fit in the tissue box anymore.

Where are you going?! Can I come?? Just a little #flashbackfriday of Lily from 2012. #fbf #beautifulkitty #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #adoptdontshop #kittensofinstagram #2012