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Spent a day bouldering with a bunch of rad women in Squamish a little while ago. I’m still a newbie and while I love learning new things I hate feeling like I’m bad at something. Thankfully the @hiveclimbing community is nothing but supportive and encouraging, so I’m slowly learning not to be so hard on myself.

You guys!!! I am totally blown away with the response to my post a couple of days ago about @forestandthefemme Holy moly! I had people messaging me asking how they could get involved as well as people donating. They still have a ways to go to meet their fundraising goal (they are trying to raise $10,000) but I am feeling so thankful for the support you have shown them. I have the link to their donation page in my bio, and a donation of any size is so appreciated. In case you missed the other post @forestandthefemme provides access to nature through outdoor recreation programs for highly marginalized women (trans + non-binary inclusive) living in Vancouver’s DTES community. I started volunteering with them earlier this year, and would really love to see them reach their fundraising goal. Feel free to msg me if you have any questions or have other ideas about how you could help them. #womenwhohike #fieldandforest #explorebc #arcteryx #thisisrange #sheexplores #allmyfriendsarewild

Spent this whole boat ride on the verge of throwing up but it was worth it __ #fieldandforest #explorebc

For the month of April I’ll be fundraising for the Vancouver based non-profit @forestandthefemme They provide access to nature through outdoor recreation programs for highly marginalized women (trans + non-binary inclusive) living in Vancouver’s DTES community. The link in my bio goes directly to their donation page, it would mean so much to me if you could contribute to their cause. After discovering the amazing work they do a few years ago, I started volunteering with them at the beginning of 2019. I’m not sure I can really sum up just how important their work is. Many of the women who partake in their programs have never had the opportunity to explore in nature or have not since childhood. As a woman whose identity feels so profoundly intertwined with the outdoors I would love to see them be able to continue to provide that access for others. #sheexplores #explorebc #thisisrange #arcteryx #womenwhohike #allmyfriendsarewild

Missing long days spent hopping in and out of sun warmed lakes. I have a love/hate relationship with water because I’m kind of afraid of fish (which I know is dumb, but fear works in mysterious ways) but I looove the feeling of floating and swimming 〰️

Pretty sure if I lived at the @tin_poppy and could use this outdoor wood-fired sauna everyday I wouldn’t mind if it snowed all year __ @shuswap.tourism #exploreshuswap #explorebc

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Welcome to the Lavender house at the @tin_poppy ✨ Pretty much the dreamiest place I could have ever imagined staying for a few snowy days last week when we were visiting the Shuswap area. This beauty is solar powered + located on 160 acre property with a handful of other cabins, each unique in its own way. Will be sharing a million more photos from here because I probably took 8 million. __ @shuswap.tourism #exploreshuswap #explorebc

Perhaps because I grew up in Vancouver (and we never got much snow) I still associate it with so much wonder and excitement. Getting to wander the Shuswap area (by foot, ski, and snowshoe!) for a few days was so lovely. These photos are from a quiet morning walking the Foreshore Raven trail on Shuswap Lake. __ @shuswap.tourism #exploreshuswap #explorebc

Some fave photos of my fave farmers 💓🌱 @vvictorygardens

Some of the many cuties you may meet if you stay at the @blueewecottage on Salt Spring Island 💛

From a short getaway to photograph the @blueewecottage on Salt Spring Island. It was such a treat to spend a few days here this past summer ✨ Thanks @tpotratz 💛