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Our creamy, nourishing and unscented coconut & calendula face and body soap bars from @nurturing_soul are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin and babies 💚 They are available on our online store together with our other soaps and shampoo bars!

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Been too busy to film this week so here’s one from the archives: a trial with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. I’m not usually a big fan of watercolor pencils but these are so RICH. Watch til I add the water, it’ll blow your mind. ⠀ ⠀⠀ Use #colorcompanion for feature at @colorcompanion .⠀⠀ song by me and #garageband ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ #luminouscolor #colortheology #josielewis #abstractart #makersgonnamake #geometry #abmlifeiscolorful #watercolorpainting #rainbow #pretty #watercolorart #watercolour #watercolorist #colorcolourlovers ⠀⠀ #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #watercolorpencils #illustration #derwent #inktense

Down under 🇦🇺

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🌟🌟🌟 done for my shoot today .. lets get practice

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Transformation of one vessel into another. Enjoy✌🏾

Great to see @richardorlinski at the #hublotgenevadays. New #classicfusionorlinski Tourbillon Sapphire on his wrist! #richardorlinski #hublotlovesart #orlinski

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Teeny elements, delicate color transitions. Gradients alllllllll day. My heaven. What do you love creating? ⠀ ⠀ If you have a second, check out my favorite color on the IG at @colorcompanion and tag your work #colorcompanion for feature ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #josielewis#fineart #collageart #collageartwork #artonpaper #pattern #gradient #gradientnation #hexagon #collageartist #dsart #colorful #colorcompanion ⠀ ⠀

I'm such a mf lizard. Smh

As the world's largest, landlocked country — expanding across a terrain of over 2.7 million square kilometers — we couldn't think of a more suitable place to explore for a road trip. @jackharding grabbed this dusky, sunset shot of his trip late last year- journeying through some of the country's layered sandstone canyons and their snaking, dusty roadways. Where are you planning your next road trip? (📷: @jackharding 📍: Kazakhstan)

It’s Day 17! Time to wash your hair. Well, you probably have done that at some point this month already... But today you’ll figure out how to do it without plastic. . When we first went plastic-free in 2011, shampoo presented one of our biggest challenges. I had trouble tracking down a good shampoo bar free of palm oil and other dubious ingredients. Today, you can find them all over the place. A couple of stores near me sell them, you can buy them on Etsy, in health food stores, at farmers’ markets... I find they work best on my hair if I follow with a rinse of diluted vinegar (I use my homemade scrap vinegar for this). . My daughters love shampoo bars but I prefer to clean my hair with baking soda followed by a vinegar rinse. I put about a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup, fill it with 1/4 cup or so of water, pour that over my wet hair, scrub and then comb it through with my fingers and rinse very thoroughly with water. . For the vinegar rinse, I combine about a tablespoon of scrap vinegar (store-bought will work of course) and 1/4 cup of water. I pour that on, work it through and rinse. . When you first start out on the zero-waste path, you’ll run into many dilemmas, like shampoo. If you need support—or just want to meet lovely people—look for a zero-waste community in your city or start your own. New blog post “Join—or Start—a Zero-Waste Community.” (See how I worked that in? 😉) Link in profile. . #nopoo #nopoomethod #shampoobar #zerowastejourney #zerowasteliving #zerowaste #plasticfree #plasticfreeliving #planetorplastic #breakfreefromplastic #beatplasticpollution #plasticfreeforthesea #plasticpollution #lessplastic #lesswaste #intentionalliving #waronwaste

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Do you feel like your skin needs a bit if a detox? Want to draw out impurities and toxins in the skin, purifying and decongesting the pores? Why not try out our range of clay based products to make detoxing easy and most of all fun? Available in following three combinations. GREEN CLAY + KELP FACE MASK The cleansing and regenerative Green Clay face mask is great for oily, acne and blemish prone skin. Green Clay is highly absorbent, antiseptic and antimicrobial; it works by binding to and removing toxins, heavy metals and impurities from the pores. It is packed with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and bentonite. The antioxidant rich Sea Kelp has been added to give your skin powerful nutrient boost. Kelp or 'Seaweed' contains loads of vitamin A and vitamin E and is also a brilliant anti-inflammatory, so great for soothing breakouts. ROSE CLAY + HONEY FACE MASK The purifying and replenishing Pink Clay facemask is great for normal, mature and sensitive skin. Kaolin Clay works to draw out impurities and toxins in the skin, purifying and decongesting the pores. Whilst Pink Clay helps with skin rejuvenation and works to improve elasticity, it is high in iron oxide and silica, which helps to regenerate connective skin tissues. KAOLIN + FLOWERS FACE MASK The pure and simple Kaolin Clay mask is formulated for those with extremely sensitive skin. It is made up of Kaolin clay with a small amnount of Benonite clay and pure Calendula, Chomomile and Lavender petals. The flower petals are dried and then ground into a fine powder so you can get the full benefit of using them on your skin. All available at Link in bio Eco Beau x . . . . #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteuk #zerowastejourney #zerowastemovement #plasticfree #ecolife #ecoliving #ecolifestyle #ecoconcious #lowimpact #sustainablelife #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #sustainablehome #passonplastic #plasticfreeliving #naturalskincareproducts #plasticfreebeauty #zerowastebeauty #palmoilfree #palmoilfreebeauty #plasticfreebathroom #zerowastebathroom #plasticfreeskincare #zerowasteskincare

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#azerowastelife - Be of service and spread the word. • Over the past 12 months I’ve had some great fun filming with various Australian TV channels, educating people about the zero waste lifestyle. I got to film with @abctv showing them my home and it was one of my favourite segments to date. • I am happy to be of service and share my zero waste living tips. The segment will air TONIGHT (Monday 14th January) on the 7:30 Report! It’ll also be on ABC iview the next day.

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Grey suit < @orazio_luciano > & Green tie < @spaccaneapolis >. Ph📸: @littlefatyaa . #nicolaradano #spaccaneapolis #orazioluciano #inmyorazio

React ✔️8️⃣7️⃣ #reactelement87 #kicks

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Official bad hair day.

Do you compost at home? See below for 4 benefits! ~ Lowers your waste by putting foodscraps and other compostables to use ~ Creates high quality chemical free compost for your garden ~ Reduces the burden on landfills where often compostable waste will have a hard time decomposing due to the anaerobic environment ~ Compost can even clean up contaminated soil! ~ 📸 pinterest

So looking forward to friday already! Anyone else? 😅 Let me know what you think of this look!

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Introducing the new @zerowastepathshop Lavender Shampoo bar! This shampoo bar is perfect for any lavender lover. It's great for thin or oily hair, as it keeps the hair moisturised without leaving oily residues. In addition to this, the lavender essential oil will create a lovely relaxing atmosphere in the shower! Natural shampoo bars are a great way to clean your hair without stripping their natural oils, respecting marine life, and avoiding plastic packaging. Using natural shampoo bars will leave your hair soft, healthy and light, all thanks to the simple pure ingredients used in these shampoo bars! This shampoo bar is 100% vegan-friendly, natural, handmade, zero waste and palm-oil-free! Get yours now at Link in bio Eco Beau x . . . . #zerowastehome #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteuk #zerowastejourney #zerowastemovement #plasticfree #plasticwaste #plasticpollution #plasticfreeuk #ditchplastic #ecolife #ecoliving #ecolifestyle #ecoconcious #lowimpact #sustainablelife #sustainableliving #sustainablelifestyle #sustainablehome #passonplastic #plasticfreeliving #endplasticpollution #plasticfreebathroom #plasticfreeshampoo #zerowastehaircare #zerowastebathroom #shampoobar


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🗣 Whose streets? Our streets.

First seed pack of the year. I thought for sure it would be a pack of loofah sponge seeds, but I chickened out, for fear that my growing season’s too short. Who wants to convince me otherwise? I’m in zone 5b. ••• Also, could you share your favorite nonGMO + organic seed suppliers and catalogs? I get asked for recs a lot and know a bunch of folks who would be happy to hear what you have to say. I’ll start: Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Street, High Mowing Organic.