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Bommm diaaaa sô ! #sarrada no ar


Nati Da Cunha

1 Day 24 Hours Ago

🎧 Também teve showzinho na Record Tv/ Redemais . #show #djnatidacunha #dj #music #funk #eletronic


6 Days 21 Hours Ago

Can you guys comment below how many spins you think I did in this video? 🙏 Thank you for your support & love ❤️🔥🔥💯💯👟 @theellenshow #dance #dancer #dancers #spins #glide #lit #instagood #doingepicstuff #toespins #glides #instalove

Quick trip to NYC for the most fun Pop-Up experience! Made my own song and got #lostinmusic with @sony ...(clearly I thought I was Mariah Carey 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣) check out my stories for more! Weekly Exclusive performances also found on Sony’s you tube channel! #sony #sponsored P.S. This is open to the public (link in story)

Trying to serve face with a cold that hit me outta nowhere and no makeup lol. How do u get rid of a cold in an hour? 😩

Um namoro baseado nessa brincadeira kkkk 🌶♥️


2 Days 24 Hours Ago

Pessoas fortes não são aquelas que mostram sua força aos outros, mas aquelas que lutam batalhas internas que ninguém sabe 🧨🖤

HEYY YALL! 🙋🏽‍♀️ EPS 7&8 are now up on our YouTube channel 🤩🤩 We are nearing the end 😩 Stay up to date by subscribing 🎥😘 #ppwtdoco ⚡️ #tpds #rfdancecrew #crownsup 👑👑👑


4 Days 23 Hours Ago

While there are much bigger problems happening in the world, suffering from acne for me was debilitating. It’s something that I’ve dealt with since I was a young teen and has caused me to feel anxious, helpless and insecure. As humans, I don’t think we share our insecurities enough because we live in a time where being “perfect” is the standard. We curate our life online and pick the pretty moments to post. I’d like to show a younger generation that not everything is perfect. Being insecure about my acne gave me thick skin but I wouldn’t ever wish that feeling upon anyone so after trying countless options, I found something that has been helpful in maintaining clear skin for me. It’s been a long journey but I’m excited for where my skin is now. I didn’t think I’d see the day where I would feel confident posting a makeup free picture. My goal is to open up a dialogue around skin positivity. ❤️

Shantel Jackson

1 Day 21 Hours Ago

St Louis this weather is too disrespectful! #tropicalpersonproblems

Trinity Inay

1 Day 1 Hour Ago

It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin', "Wow" _______________________________________________________ Dancing w/ my girls @hailee_payne and @nonnyokoye || 🔥: @davidmooretv @joshkillacky (collab) || 🎶🎙: “Wow.” by @postmalone || 🎥: @alexditommaso || 📍: @mdcdance || #dancer #postmalone #wow #collab #backinla #joshkillacky #davidmoore #dance #trinityinay #signaturemove #millenniumdancecomplex

hope everyone had a nice weekend👼🏻 leggings from @fashionnova

Dytto 💕

4 Days 5 Hours Ago

turn to see the full photo, then go click the link in my bio for a new video about what i’ve been up to💗


Dance Goals

1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Comment “fire” in your language ❤️ @bdash_2 Song🎶: Admissions - by @nbdy_

🍁 @prettylittlething 🍁

Bright af in @fashionnova

Missing this beautiful park lately. Will never forget my first time here. There’s truly nothing like it. Maybe I’ll make my second visit soon, who knows. Always on my mind, Yosemite.. and for good reason

Melbourne, The City

25 Days 20 Hours Ago

Powerup. @swannsnaps

Naked Planet

2 Days 6 Hours Ago

The heights of Zhangjiajie 🇨🇳 Photo by @harimaolee

John Pawson

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