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Alex Martin

18 Days 4 Hours Ago

The scale of nature blows my mind #mountains

A beautiful clear night under the stars at Moraine Lake a few nights ago. Watching the Milky Way rise over the Valley of Ten Peaks was pretty amazing, and no crowds to deal with was a huge bonus too!

📷 @topskydrum

Nothing left. #milkyway #mountains

Shibuya in the rain (📸: @_31milligray_ )


14 Hours Ago

Final model, a proposal for a large vertical university campus located in Mexico City, by M.Arch 1 student Sadvi Jayanth (@sadvi_jayanth) in John Enright’s (@john_enright) 2GB studio.


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

#countervoid】#宮島達男 ・ 夏はまだかな。写真関係ないけど。 ・ #旅人の交換日記

Matt Scutt

3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Bean there, done that. Early morning at Anish Kapoor’s ‘Cloud Gate’ in Millennium Park, Chicago. At 20 metres wide, it is an amazing feat of sculpture: the outer sheep is comprised of 168 steel plates (weighing over a 100 tonne), welded together, polished and buffed into a mirror-like finish. It’s an incredible piece of art to see in person - particularly from underneath.

The Lake House is a stunning concept from the team at @wafai___ 🖤🖤🖤 . ▪️ ▪️▪️ ▪️▪️▪️ #architecture #homedesign #lifestyle #style #buildingdesign #landscapedesign #conceptdesign #interiors #decorating #interiordesign #building #quality

I’m finally starting to get into some of my Iceland images. Now out of all the places that are often photographed in Iceland, Estrahorn, was right at the top of my list. After a lunch time snack at Höfn, we got all the @dreamphotographyworkshops team into the vans and made a beeline down the road. Quickly checking the weather and seeing that there would be 0 wind. @dkphotographyau put the foot down and we got here in record time. And then things heated up and the light show went from a 5 straight to a 10.

It’s been quite the wild ride over the past month of production, but I’m so thankful for the team and new friendships that have come out of this. 🥂

Jamal Burger

20 Days 2 Hours Ago

To date, we’ve received over 3000 pairs, and we’ve carefully donated over 1600 pairs of sneakers, as a kid I’d do anything for. We’ve established real friendships and family ties, and seen kids realize that it’s ok to be the only positive person in their circle. I don’t share this to brag, I share this because everything starts somewhere. We often get swayed by the idea of results, and forget to fully apply ourselves to the task at hand. If you swipe through, you can see where it all started. 9 pairs, and a hope others would jump on board. 2 weeks ago we pulled off our biggest initiative to date. We all have dreams and we all want to see them come to light. Sometimes it’s not about the dream, it’s about getting started. Whatever it is you want in life, no matter how far out it may seem, just ask yourself, “what can I do right now?” Do that everyday and eventually you’ll get there. Thank you D’Youville for the friendships and bonds we’ve made. Thank you for the artwork. To anyone who wants to do anything, get started, stay focused and follow through. It’ll happen. Be patient with the things outside of your control, but stay relentless in the pursuit of what you believe in most.

Hiro Goto

1 Day 4 Hours Ago

Beautiful Japan . . .

Sorry just reposting this one from Sunday. It got deleted somehow. ▫️ This image is taken from my new video that has just gone out tonight and is a collaboration with my fellow Photo Nerd, Paul G Johnson. Woodland photography puts me right outside my comfort zone. I'm not sure why. Its possibly because I enjoy the chaos and unpredictability of life. In the woods things are often more predictable and getting a good photo is about composing an image that calms the chaos. When the light is this good though things become much easier. ▫️ The editing video from the latest vlog will be out in the Raw Room tomorrow and you'll be able download the Raw files to have a go yourself. ▫️ The Raw Room is a new online platform for all photographers looking to get the absolute most out of their photography. It includes the full Landscape Photography Masterclass and lots lots more. Hit the bio link to check it out. ▫️ #landscapephotography #peakdistrict #naturephotography #ig_masterpiece #outdoorphotography #wood #woodlandphotography #trees #ordnancesurvey #sunsetphotography #starburst #sunstar

Fifty years ago tomorrow—July 16th, 1969—the crew of Apollo 11 set out on a historic journey to the Moon, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin becoming the first humans to walk on its surface four days later. In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, we’re sharing images of 3D-printed models from Moon Village, a project we’re working on with the @EuropeanSpaceAgency @mitmedialab and @mitaeroastro. Bringing together experts from government, academic institutions, and private industry, the visionary project covers everything that would be needed to support human life on the Moon—from a master plan for the settlement, to the actual habitat modules for its first residents. #architecture #design #spaceexploration #archmodelmonday #moonlanding

Tradição e história! 🐂 🎉 A Festa do Carro de Boi, que está em sua 14ª edição, relembra os pioneiros que chegaram e construíram a cidade, com muita luta e com a ajuda dos carros de boi. 📷 Destaque de Fazenda Roncetti.

Had the opportunity to go white water canoeing for the first time yesterday on the Ottawa River with Paul Mason. It was impressive watching him effortlessly make his way through massive rapids in that canoe like it was nothing. He was practically born in a canoe and learned valuable skills from his father, the legendary wilderness artist, Bill Mason. If you haven’t heard of him you should check out the videos “song of the paddle” & “whitewalker”, they will make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and get out on the water! I finally got the fix I was looking for after watching them. Stoked to be back in the Ottawa Valley for the second time on a trip #sponsored by @ottawatourism. #myottawa