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It's always a pleasure to meet the young and passionate who do their best to make a difference in the world. Thanks for coming to visit our office @ditasoedarjo - we wish you and #dignityacademy continued success.

Masalahnya bisa jadi diceritain panjangggg banget.. . Seakan2 dunia begitu sempit, seakan akan tiada peluang lagi . Seakan akan sudah buntu semua jalan keluar . Pernah ngalami gitu..? Panjang lebar cerita keluh kesah, panjang lebar cerita ini itu.. kayaknya sudah ditumpahin semua crita dari a sampe a lagi.. . Lalu bertanyalah kita kepada orang baik, orang sholeh, orang yang akidahnya sangat baik, tauhid nya kuat, ilmu agamanya luas, bijaksana, maka jawaban dari semua masalah tsb katakanlah ( kl dianggap masalah, kegundahan atau apapun itu yang membuat hati tak nyaman, atau anggaplah masalah ) ya seperti yg ada di pic ini..Sederhana tapi penuh makna.. . Hasan al basri rahimahullah juga sama, ada yang reZekinya susah, belum punya keturunan, macam2 la manusia konsul ke beliau, dan jawabannya sederhana “Perbanyak istigfar” . Islam itu mudah.. Allah mudahkan semua, seringkali urusan manusia jadi sulit akibat manusia tambahkan banyak bumbu2 yang ga penting dalam uruaan atau masalah tsb, padahal serahkan saja kpd yg punya Masalah, perbaiki dan benahi ibadah kepada Allah, nanti Allah urus itu semua urusan dan masalah tadi. . Sederhana ya.. meski di nyatanya ga sesederhana itu, itu sebabnya dekatlah dng Allah, dekatlah dng sunnah Rasulullah ﷺ , dekatlah dengan hamba2 Allah yang dekat pada Allah dan sunnah Rasulullah ﷺ , maka nanti bisa jd byk masalah, urusan mjd sederhana banget solusinya, solusi itu bernama Iman, Akidah dan Tauhid.. . Pupuklah itu dengan ilmu agama yang syar’i, trus tumbuh kembangkan pohon tersebut hingga buahnya menjulang ke langit dan akarnya menghujam bumi, spt Allah perumpamakan di Qs Ibrahim 24-27 . Ayat yang Indah banget jika kita baca dan maknai.. ayat yang mencritakan tentang Iman dan Tauhid. . Semoga Allah perbaiki segala urusan kita dan trutama Allah perbaiki hubungan dan ibadah kita kepadaNya

Nico | @hansegang

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Werbung | Teamed up with @GetYourGuide to go on a 2hour walk along the Speicherstadt and Hafencity to learn more about their history. After living in Hamburg for six years I am still amazed with the architecture of the warehouse district, but I have to admit I didn’t know a lot about its long past - until now. I can recommend this tour for visitors or even Hamburgers, who have family and friends visiting. #getyourguide #Übertriebenguterurlaub #hamburg

Our Editor in Chief @thecindygram declares, “Sophisticated design and a softer modernism can live together—happily—in Nantucket. Just look at this super-chic retreat from our pals at @workshopapd who composed a series of clad pavilions arranged perfectly for indoor/outdoor living. From a dreamy infinity pool to the 14-foot-long kitchen island, this haven is definitely a looker!” And a big thanks to our friends at @theNKBA for partnering with us to create this special Best of Outdoor Living magazine! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: @donnadotanphoto –– A @sandow publication

Ingreso | Anexo VM por AE Arquitectos @ae.arquitectos @andrescobar_ | Diseño Interior por @mumocasa @karlaunmillon Fotografía: © #lorenadarquea #lorenadarqueafotografia

Up for an open bathtub in the bedroom? Beautiful design by CG artist and Interior Designer Stephen Tsimbalyuk #mordern #bedroom #designersdome #decor #bedroomdecor #interiordesigner #instahome #instadecor

Günaydın,güzel bir haftaya başlıyoruz ☺️ . Bugünkü pratik bilgiler köşemizde çok önemli ve keyifli bir konudan bahsedeceğim🤗 “Objektiflerin Açıları ve Etkileri” 1-Normal açılı objektifler Adından da anlaşıldığı üzere herhangi bir perspektif bozulması olmadan insan gözünün gördüğü açılardır. 35mm ile 50mm arasındaki değerler ile yaptığımız çekimler normal açıya girmektedir. 2-Geniş açı objektifler 35 mm nin altındaki açılar ile çekilen fotoğraflar geniş açı sınıfına girmektedir. Geniş açılarda ciddi bir perspektif bozulmaları olmaktadır. -öndeki nesneler olduğundan büyük arkadaki nesleler ise olduğundan küçük görünür. -Nesneler arası uzaklık ise olduğundan uzak görünür. -Net alan derinliği çok fazla olur.(Arka alan net olur) -Yanlarda fıçı bükülmesi dediğimiz bükülmeler oluşur. 3-Dar açı (Tele) objektifler Geniş açı objektiflerin tam tersi etkiler verir. -öndeki objeler olduğundan küçük arkadakiler büyük görünür. -Nesneler arası mesafe olduğundan yakın gözükür. -Zoom yaptıkça arkadaki objeler öndeki objelere 2x yaklaşacağından aradaki mesafe olduğundan daha yakın gözükür ve aynı zamanda üst üste binerler biz buna perspektif yığılması deriz. -Net alan derinliği çok az olur (yani arka flu olur.) portreciler, kuşçular bu özelliği çok fazla kullanırlar:) Çok fazla teknik terimler kullanmamaya çalışıyorum umarım net bir şekilde anlatabilmişimdir.🤗 . Bugünki bilgilerimiz bu kadar. Konu ile ilgili örnek fotoğrafları daha iyi anlayabilmeniz adına story bölümünde paylaşacağım *Günün sorusu:Bu fotoğraf hangi açılı objektifle ve pozlama değerlerinde çekilmiştir?

Have you ever visited the royal palace at the Damsquare before? I recently had the oppurtunity to explore the @paleisamsterdam for it’s new exhibition ‘The universe of Amsterdam, treasures from the golden age of cartography’. It shows some of the worlds largest and earliest maps and it’s extra special, because of projections on these maps you can see how they were meant to be. It’s truly a stellar exhibition on an equally stellar location. Definitely worth checking out. You can visit the exhibition untill the 22nd of september 🙌🏼 | @uitinams @iamsterdam


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Thank you Kirsty and the incredibly professional “front row” team for inviting me onto last nights programme.Im always impressed by this incredible British institution.

Calm evening in Senja🌄🐟

Rainy day site visit to #highgategullyhouse - a project we undertook to rebuild the back verandah of an historic timber Queenslander ⚫️🔴 @stuart_vokesandpeters @_erobinson @divbuild

Volubilis Visitor Center in Meknes, Morocco by Kilo Architects | From the architects: “Set within the most visited archaeological site in the Kingdom of Morocco, this project seeks to enhance the historical and symbolic significance of this unique UNESCO World Heritage site. The site is an exceptionally well-preserved example of an ancient Roman colonial town and one of several antique sites in Morocco. Due to the lack of urban development in the immediate surroundings, the site today is a vivid representation of what the Romans saw in their time. In order to highlight the dramatic visual impact of the antique ruins upon entry to the site, the volume of the museum is embedded into the hillside so that visitors do not initially perceive its presence.” See more images on our Journal.

Beautiful Alta and the high Wasatch Mountains in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon. The snow is melting, but some of it will stick around most of summer on the shady north slopes. Usually the heat does a number on the snow by now, but the hefty snowpack has lingered longer. Notice as we fly between Alta and Solitude/Brighton, Twin Lakes appear...full to the brim. It is an excellent water year so far!#phantom4 #drone #utahgram #neverstopexploring #utahdotcom #werutah #experienceutah #beutahful #visitutah #wowutah #utahisrad #utahillustrated #igsouthwest #westbysouthwest #visitutah #exploreutah #pictureline #skyhighlife_drones #droneaddicts #dronephotography #dronevideo #droneshots #dji #rebelblake #shotoftheday #amazingnature #amazingnaturepics #amazing_pictures #amazing_shots #skyhilife

Hey :) I'm in Tokyo. First impressions: this city is incredible. It's one of the biggest cities in the world with the streets often filled with people yet there still room for silence and peace amount it all. ⠀ ⠀

Let the voice of your heart speak the wisdom which sets you free ~ ——————————————————————————— #marlonholdenfineart #wilderness_culture #nikonnofilter #landscapephotographer #mountainlakes #mountains #oregon #usinterior #cascadiaexplored ——————————————————————————— Camera Settings: f14 | ISO: 200 | Shutter: 1/100———————————————————————————

Had the opportunity to go white water canoeing for the first time yesterday on the Ottawa River with Paul Mason. It was impressive watching him effortlessly make his way through massive rapids in that canoe like it was nothing. He was practically born in a canoe and learned valuable skills from his father, the legendary wilderness artist, Bill Mason. If you haven’t heard of him you should check out the videos “song of the paddle” & “whitewalker”, they will make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and get out on the water! I finally got the fix I was looking for after watching them. Stoked to be back in the Ottawa Valley for the second time on a trip #sponsored by @ottawatourism. #myottawa

⁣Capetown weather is crazy. One minute it's beautiful and the next minute the fog rolls in and it's pouring rain.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Regardless, this week film with @dannmace for the Not Normal show is in the books and Drops on Wednesday. Just wait until you see the crazys we did this week.⠀ ⠀ Now on to: Mumbai India 😉

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Bright colors in a cloudy day. #samsungdeutschland #galaxytabs4 #samsungsnapshooter


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Taking Vidcon very seriously, so serious that I haven't been shooting/editing that much due to the seriousness of the situation. Content coming next week 📸🙏

hand poses in Kyiv #ukraine