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Breed: NOT a Whippet. Hobby: Strutting the streets of Adelaide. Aspiration: Obtain keys to the city

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Ladies, Gents...12 months ago today, I had a dream. I dreamt that one day, I would launch my very own couture fashion label. Well friends...I’m thrilled to announce that this dream will soon become a reality. Designed exclusively for Italian Greyhounds, ‘Miggy By Margaret’ will begin trading in early April. It truly is an exciting time to be alive.

I was in the fashion department today. I don’t typically work down there as customers can find my tiny little figure intimidating.

Further to yesterday’s studies in perspective, today’s photo features a single vanishing point. It’s quite thought provoking.

Indulged myself today with a little creative photography. I love experimenting with depth and perspective, and this edgy urban stair provided the perfect backdrop.

Nailed it. Jerry has no idea. I even suggested Janet may have reported herself in some sort of cry for attention. Absolute genius.

Jerry rang today. He knows that someone reported Janet. I’ve spent the last hour working on my facial expression for when he comes home. I’m trying to achieve the perfect combination of shock and dismay.

Today Lynne packed us a ham sandwich for lunch. It was a touch bland, but a definite improvement on last week’s chutney abomination.

Hello everybody. Thanks for all your concern regarding the bee sting. I stayed in bed yesterday monitoring my vital signs in case I should develop a rare delayed onset of anaphylaxis. It’s been 48 hours now so I’m probably in the clear. Keep me in your thoughts though.

Got stung by a bee at work today. I rang Neill and he came in on his day off to administer first aid. Made the whole ordeal worthwhile.

Every year, on International Women’s Day, I get my girls together to listen to Beyoncé on the radio and reflect on all the great things I have achieved this year.

Just got back from the airport. Janet has been deported for working on a holiday visa. I didn’t realise it would happen so quickly. We are both in a state of shock.

Janet received a call from Australian Customs and Immigration today. She seemed pretty upset. I do hope it’s nothing too serious...

I’m a little disappointed with Neill’s wife Lynne. She packed a cheese and chutney sandwich for us to share today...a pretty unremarkable combination if you ask me. I ate it, but I didn’t enjoy it.

Just doing a bit of research for a friend on the difference between travel and working visas. I think I’ve found what she’s been looking for. It’s amazing what one can discover on the World Wide Web.

Held an impromptu autograph signing today at my local coffee shop. A line formed almost immediately.

Remember Jerry’s sister Janet? We never really hit it off. She arrived from South Africa on holidays and won’t leave. Now she’s going to work for Jerry as his assistant. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that as I suspect she’ll try and turn him against me.

This is my work colleague Casana. She is a model too. During our breaks we often just sit together and practise our poses.

Just having an afternoon tea break and reviewing next week’s rosters.