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Breed: NOT a Whippet. Hobby: Strutting the streets of Adelaide. Aspiration: Obtain keys to the city

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My application to sponsor Janet has been successful. She’s booked on the first flight back to Australia. This of course increases my chance of winning Jerry back...But it has just dawned on me that I will now be seeing Janet on the daily...

We are long overdue for a good quality selfie. So I took some time this afternoon and hit the motherlode with this one. Absolute snoot perfection.

Spent much of my day hanging around these two stuffed giraffes at work. I think it’s because they remind me of Jer. A bit silly really...but then love does make you so crazy things. #monartostripe #miggybymargaret

Today is official ‘Take your dog to work day’, so I decided to bring Billy with me to the Miggy Factory. I allowed him to perform a small amount of supervised cutting, but I do pity the customer who ends up with this one. #miggybymargaret #theedinburgh

Cheeky little shot of me modelling my latest, ‘The Edinburgh’. It’s really something else...possibly my favourite creation yet. Available now to purchase on Etsy.

A lot of folks have been asking lately if I will post some video footage. I like to please, so here is a short clip of me enjoying my morning coffee. Enjoy.

Filling out Janet’s paperwork today. I’ve got to the section where I have to list all of her positive attributes that will be of benefit to society. For the life of me, I can’t think of a single one.

Just grabbing a quick coffee before work.

Introducing my new classic collared jumpsuit ‘The Burnside’. The design is streamlined, sleek, and effortlessly chic. Available now to purchase on my Etsy store. That’s right folks, despite recent traumatic events, I’ve still managed to find the time to design, create and model a new Miggy creation. It’s truly inspirational. #miggybymargaret

Well, we got there, but it turns out Billy can’t even read, let alone navigate. And then the boys at Immigration gave me all this paperwork to fill out. Such bureaucracy. Lucky Jerry is worth it. Ps to the lovely fan who sent me a DM yesterday - I accidentally deleted it. Please do resend. x

We’re off to the Customs and Immigration Office. I’m trying to secure some sort of sponsorship deal for Janet so she can return to Australia as a Miggy employee. Isn’t that a fabulous idea? It’s a long drive so Billy’s navigating.

So folks, it may surprise you to learn that I am not over Jerry. I believe my love for him is eternal. So...whilst reading the morning paper, I brainstormed ways to win him back. I think I may have the answer...

Every year, Jer and I dress up to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday holiday long weekend. It’s one of his favourite days. Doesn’t feel the same doing it on my own... #missingjerry

Even when I’m working at the shop I still find time to practise my poses. #miggybymargaret #multitasking

Was trying to do a quick photoshoot this afternoon, but I kept getting distracted by the growing crowd of admirers to my left. I guess it can only be expected when I’m wearing my Riverland Citrus jumpsuit...Available to purchase on my Etsy store. #miggybymargaret

According to my breakup schedule, I’m supposed to have moved into the acceptance phase. But I keep finding myself staring wistfully into the distance, lost in thought, remembering the good times Jerry and I shared...

Just posting off a Miggy order. It’s a challenge. I have to bring a ladder each time. Jelena from Canberra, your Barossa Red Jumpsuit is on its way.

It was my day to babysit. I’m still hungover and we had to play T-Rex vs Diplodocus for 2 hours. I couldn’t even pretend to look enthused.