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pasukan tereak2 di roller coaster dah ready tapi ujaannnnn😅 tetep sikaaatlaahhhh #japanday7

Choose your fighter: Mad Men edition. Can you believe the show premiered 12 years ago? (📷: AMC)

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Casa Morchiuso by Marco Castelletti Architects is a house in the hills of Erba, Italy overlooking Lake Como. The home has been updated with a rectilinear wood lattice facade among other improvements. Originally built in the 1970s, “the new structure has replaced the original pitched roof with a flat plane and the exterior is further streamlined by wrapping the perimeter with a wooden screen. On the upper level, a bath-style pool with full height enclosure on all sides offers privacy from neighbors. Link to project in bio. #arquitetura #italy #italian #design #instadesign #shadow

Interior Design & Styling @gilliansegaldesign Construction @eyco_building_group Photo @emaphotographi. Sofa @roveconcepts Cushions @provide_home Fireplace @urban_fireplaces

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Your truth-seeking journey might in itself be your truth.

Simplicity in the complexities. Same mountain, different moods. Can you spot the people setting the track in the second image?


Confession... it's my birthday today. Another confession: I really don't like when people celebrate my birthday, I think it's weird. So, please carry on as if nothing is happening! P.s. this was shot on an epic 8 hour "golden hour" in Norway with @jamespopsys and the #bvsmidnight squad. Video from this day coming up in a couple hours!

Clips from Malibu. I need a forest fire by @boniver and @jamesblake

I recently went on a short overnight solo backpacking trip and got some decent shooting conditions. I hiked up a grueling 5 miles in a cloud and after setting up camp continued to wait patiently to see if the clouds would clear. Sunset came and went without the slightest hint of color and I tucked myself in with hopes that sunrise would fare better. I also knew that the milky way would align pretty nicely with this peak and so I decided to set an alarm for midnight to see if the clouds had cleared. As my alarm buzzed I reluctantly pulled myself out into the cold night to see a sky full of twinkling stars. I bundled up and headed down to this spot noticing that the actual peak I had intended to shoot was still covered in a cloud. . . I decided to set up my gear anyways and enjoy watching the stars for a while. I set my shutter release timer to continuously take shots so I could find a comfortable rock away from my tripod. As I sat there, the fog surrounding the mountain gradually started to thin and eventually completely cleared. It was a pretty fun experience to watch under a hint of moonlight as a slight waxing crescent moon set off to the right of this scene. After the moon had fully set I pulled out the star tracker and went to work collecting some yummy star data. All in all it was a pretty nice night! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I offer group workshops and post processing education. Visit link in bio for more info ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shot Info: Nikon D610 w Nikon 16-35 f/4 Feisol Tournament CT-3442 Rapid Tripod Land: ISO2000, 18mm, f/4, 185s (stacked to reduce noise) Stars: ISO1000, 18mm, f/4, 182s (tracked)

Menswear Dog

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May Dog Blep You 🙏🏼


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Do you see the sunset?⁣ ⁣ Golden and colorful,⁣ Under the desert sky,⁣ ⁣ Brightening the empty landscape,⁣ Reflecting onto the surface,⁣ ⁣ That has become my happy place.⁣ ⁣⁣ #rajasthandiaries⁣⁣ #igersrajasthan⁣⁣ #lonelyplanetindia⁣⁣ #rangeelorajasthan⁣⁣ #yourshot_india⁣⁣ #wonderfuldestinations⁣⁣ #india_clicks⁣⁣ #india_undiscovered⁣⁣ #moodyfilm⁣⁣ #indiaview⁣⁣ #yesindia ⁣⁣ #mypixeldiary⁣⁣ #photographers_of_india⁣⁣ #_soi⁣⁣ #earthofficial⁣⁣ #indianphotography⁣⁣#sonyalpha⁣ #sonyalphain⁣⁣ #bealpha⁣ #indiantravelsquad⁣⁣ #indiapictures ⁣⁣ #ngtindia⁣⁣ #_visualsofindia⁣⁣ #passionpassport ⁣⁣ #storiesofindia ⁣⁣ #earth_shotz⁣⁣ #earth_focus⁣⁣ #_coi⁣⁣ @lonelyplanetindia ⁣⁣ @lonelyplanetmags ⁣⁣ @roamtheplanet ⁣⁣ @wanderers.of.india ⁣⁣ @stories.of.india ⁣⁣ @indian.hobbygraphy ⁣⁣ @rajasthan_tourism⁣

Jack Brauer

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Classic Colorado on display a few days ago along the Sneffels Range! . I didn't realize it until later that night that while I was hanging out here and shooting photos my legs got absolutely annihilated by gnats! Hundreds of bites, so itchy that I've literally had troubles sleeping for the last two nights. It's the dark side of paradise! . #gnatlife

Ryan Dyar

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Spring in Glacier National Park. Unfortunately the trail to this creek has been closed to the public. Hopefully I’ll be able to photograph it again with better conditions at some point in the future. . . You can learn how I edited this image, and all of my images, at the link in my bio. 👍🏼👍🏼

Have you ever seen a more stunning - romantic - unreal landscape than this for an elopement ? I felt my heart beating like a drum when Louise and James exchanging their vows when the sun rise over the valley with a hundreds of hot air balloons flying into the sky. You know it was 12 hours travel from Hongkong to Cappadocia for these two but it was totally worth it right ? . . Flowers by @atelier.aimer Mua @sashaergul_mua #cappadociaphotographers #cappadociaweddingphotographer #cappadociaelopement #istanbulweddingplanner #istanbulweddingphotographer #cappadociawedding

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You’ve often heard the best camera is the one you have with you. Thankfully I always carry my Galaxy S10+ with me and can capture moments like this at any time. With three lens focal lengths and RAW shooting capabilities you’ll finally be able to capture photos the way you’ve always wanted to. #withgalaxy @SamsungCanada #galaxys10plus #samsunginfluencer #ad

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite latina. I can’t imagine life without you.

I like visiting old abandoned places, especially at night. This is the remains of a building that hasn't been used in probably 70 years. About an hour east of San Diego. I actually came out here twice on back to back nights. The first night I was trying a different composition but couldn't get it to work -- I was inside the plant and trying for the MW through the opening in that you see on the far wall. Came out the next night to reshoot it. But a friend pointed out this window (and another one) which aligned with Milky Way core (that's why it's good to shoot with others!) so I switched up. This is a focus stacked blend. The foreground is 3 shots at ISO 100, 16mm, f/11, 6s taken after sunset but before it got super dark. The sky is 15 shots at ISO 3200, 16mm, f/4, 15s and then stacked in SLS to reduce noise. I used 7 dark frames. Tripod and camera left in place, the only change was focus and exposure settings. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #milkyway #milkywaychasers #nightscape #nightscaper #nightphotography #abandoned #abandoned_places #decay #urbex #abandoned_junkies #urbanexploration #sandiegocounty #abandonedbuilding

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