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Our boy @prideofgypsies shaved his beard today

lil sofrita @revolve

Namaste in @bermuda 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ . . Thank you for helping us get our morning started right @yogawithtali! @thelorenbermuda @bookingcom #gotobermuda #beabooker #bermudababymoon #llxgi


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Tbh i really like the whole song nd the video it’s really meaningful and we honestly should make a change in this world🙄


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Okc fans making sure they win at all costs 😂 (Via @TheBruhreport , h/t: Mitchbummy/Twitter)

Just Jax and Jacks back at it again💛 through thick and thin Jax and Zoey always stick together!😎💛👍🏼 Tune in this Saturday for an all new Ep!! . . . . . . #powerrangers #powerrangersbeastmorphers #beastmorphers #zoeyreeves #yellowranger #jaxandjacks #bestfriends #friendship #actress #jacquelinescislowski #rangernation #newepisode #casting #filming @hasbro @hasbropulse @nickelodeon @powerrangers #hasrbo #hasbroproduction #nickelodeon

نو كومنت.. رأيكم؟ طبعا بالآخر كل هذا مجرد نظرية مش بالضرورة حقيقة وممكن بعض الاجزاء من النظرية تكون مبالغ فيها او سوء فهم، بس بنفس الوقت مستحيل كل هالتلميحات والدلائل تطلع كلها مجرد صدفة، انا شخصياً مآمنة بهالنظرية لانه ممكن نتوقع اي شي من فنانتين بعبقرية وذكاء تيلور وسيلينا 🧐 اذا لاحظتوا تلميحات ثانية مش مذكورة بالبوست شاركوني بالتعليقات 👇 — #selenagomez | @selenagomez #taylorswift | @taylorswift [ theory by: @/selxvogue on twitter. ]

NBA History

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Only two players to record at least 30 PTS & 10 AST off the bench in the #nbaplayoffs: @louwillville (4/15/19) & @laclippers Assistant Coach Sam Cassell (5/30/95)! #nbavault


How many of you are noticed by @justinbieber ??✌🔥Comment below @justinbieber @haileybieber @justinbiebercrewbackup @outlyning @kidqrauhl #kidrauhl #bizzle #bieberfever #justinbiebervideos #justindrewbieber #justinbieber #justinbieberfan #justinbieberfanpage #purposetour2016 #purposetourmerch #purpose #purposetour


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甘甘给我拍的这张照片除了卧槽 想不出别的形容词了 woc 📷: @5cqg #blackpink


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Sen. Cory Booker launched his presidential bid on a message of love and unity, painting himself as an inspirational leader who would help a polarized America find common ground. Just 10 weeks later and with polls showing him in the single digits, Booker is discovering that so far love might not be enough. Recently, he has taken steps to invigorate a campaign that has underwhelmed some Democrats who are questioning whether his message is one that resonates in the Trump era. Booker has shifted his focus to economic policy and social justice messaging through his two-week “Justice for All” tour, rolling out a new income and tax credit in Iowa and vowing to make Election Day a national holiday in Georgia. Still, as he moves into the second quarter of the most crowded and diverse Democratic presidential primary in history, Booker is finding that the skills he’s long tapped as an orator with a mayor’s flair for finding human connection so far haven’t been enough to break through. Link in bio for more. 📸 AP Photo


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"Her talent is a song to be heard." - @shondarhimes on @iamsandraoh for #time100. link in bio for more. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📸: @paridukovic for @time

why he always looks so fine

James Corden

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I’m a Blink now. Deal with it. @blackpinkofficial 📸:@terencepatrick