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This shot was taken during a rare glimpse of sun we had a few weeks ago. This summer has been a weird one in Washington so far.. Renee and I have hiked in the mountains a few times a week for the last month and have hardly seen any sun. With that said, I’ll take this over another summer ruined by horrible wildfire smoke any day. How has summer been so far where you live? I’m interested to know if this is a PNW thing or you guys have been experiencing a similar summer elsewhere.

Summer has been good to us so far. Washington has been putting on a show, and it hasn’t been too hot which is a bonus. Unfortunately though, we are almost running out of time for our summer adventures here before we head off on new travels.. but I’m excited at the prospect of exploring a new continent later this month. Any guesses where? 😉 P.S. @reneeroaming and I were recently on a podcast with @thestokecast - We shared our experience and thoughts around freelancing and what we do for work. If that interests you, click the link in my bio to check it out 🤘🏻

We never thought that we would walk on land that looked like candy, but this planet sure has a way of surprising us sometimes. Death Valley is one of those places that I could go back to again and again.. can’t wait to get back down there once the summer heat dissipates. Fun fact: the world’s hottest temperature ever was recorded was in Death Valley. In 1913 temperatures of 134 Fahrenheit (56.7 Celsius) were recorded.

It only takes 16 hours to drive the whole ring road around Iceland, and around every corner is a view like this to keep your eyes entertained. With so many amazing sites to see right off the road, it’s no surprise that Iceland tourism has blown up over the past few years. I said to myself that with how busy it has gotten these days, I wasn’t really too interested in going back any time soon.. but that amazing landscape keeps pulling me back and I’m hoping to make another visit later this year, hopefully to some new locations. I’m going to put a poll in my stories asking how many of you guys have been to Iceland, I’m genuinely interested what percentage of my audience have been. Go check it out and let me know 🤙🏻

I think I found some kind of magical portal to tropical heaven 😍 Took this photo during a 3 day vacation in Samoa following up the insanely hectic National Parks road-trip in 2017. Funny story: we were actually meant to have an extra night at our hotel, but what we didn’t realize was that flying from American Samoa to the country of Samoa (a half hour flight) would send us 24 hours into the future according to time zones. Whoops 😅

Anyone who knows me will know that I enjoy a challenge, and when I was approached by @oneplus with the task of showing off their newest OnePlus 7 Pro I was both excited and nervous. Excited because because it gave me the excuse to practice with a small device that fits in my pocket, but nervous because in the past I have never been happy with images that I have captured on my phone. After spending a month with it on adventures here in Washington, I am pretty blown away with the quality of the images I was able to capture. Its three rear cameras really allowed for a huge variety of images from the one location, similar to if I was carrying a few large interchangeable lenses. Another huge feature for me was the ability to shoot in RAW. This really enabled me to edit the photos to fit with the aesthetic that I get with my regular camera. Head on over to my stories if you would like to see a bunch of images I was able to capture. GIVEAWAY - Pretty stoked to have the ability to give one of you guys the chance to win a new OnePlus 7 Pro phone as well as $3000 travel credit to spend on any adventure you like! To enter, follow @oneplus on Instagram, and click the link in my bio or stories. #onepluspartner - Giveaway Rules: No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner must live in the U.S.A. Giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.

Who knew that the US has an island fort with a moat around it? I sure didn’t before visiting Dry Tortugas National Park. To access this incredible place you will have to board a ferry from the end of the Florida Keyes.. this will have you here in a couple of hours. Alternatively, you could catch a sea plane... but we decided on the economic option 😜 This island and Fort Jefferson was originally built as a point of control between the US and the Gulf of Mexico, but later was used as a military prison until 1874. Interestingly it held a few prisoners who were accused with conspiracy in the murder of Abraham Lincoln. I’d definitely recommend visiting outside of summer due to heat, humidity and bugs. In fact, I’d say the same thing about the whole of Florida.. but I’m sure you Floridians probably just think I’m a wimp 😅

I’m not sure there are many better ways to start the day than a natural hot spring soak, next to a beautiful river, AND surrounded by foggy PNW forest. If there are, I’d love to hear them because I want in 🙋🏻‍♂️

Golden light, mountains and the open road.. not a bad way to end a day. I remember spending this evening driving up and down the Bow Valley Parkway hoping to spot some wildlife. Not because I was looking to take photos of them, but just because I was pretty worn out from lack of sleep and it seemed like a chill thing to do. I was getting sleepy and decided to head back to camp when I drove up on this beautiful scene. I jumped out, set up the tripod, got my intervalometer plugged in and used this photo opportunity to wake up a little. It worked.. for maybe 5 minutes, and then I began to fade again. Getting 2-5 hours of sleep for 2 weeks straight will do that to you. Pretty sure I feel like that after 1-2 days of that much sleep these days 😂 On a relevant side-note, I don’t even have to use an intervalometer for these kinds of shots anymore due to the new update to Sony’s firmware introducing in-camera timelapse. Definitely helps to cut down setup time and reduce the amount of gadgets I need to carry in my camera bag. If you have an A9, A7 III or A7R III, make sure you are up to date with your firmware to take advantage of this feature 👍 Photo taken on the @sonyalpha A7R II and 24-70 lens #alphacollective #bealpha

This was one of my favorite sunsets last year. We arrived to the top of this hike and were completely covered in clouds. Right before sunset, they all dissipated, revealing this epic view of Mount Rainier. She sure does look pretty from up close.. if only @reneeroaming wasn’t there blocking the view 🤷🏻‍♂️

Renee and I visited Yosemite on our first trip to the US back in 2012, and I credit this place with really building on my love for the outdoors and hiking. We walked from Taft Point to Sentinel Dome and our minds were blown the entire way. We hiked the Mist Trail loop and we had never seen waterfalls so huge. We hiked up in the Tuolumne Meadows area, and had never seen mosquitos so numerous.. 😅 We also stayed in a canvas tent and woke up in the middle of the night to something large sniffing and bumping into the tent. Staring in horror at the single flimsy wooden door waiting for a giant bear to come in and eat us, Renee decides to announce she needed to go to the bathroom 🙄 As Australians who were spending our first time in a tent in bear territory, I wasn’t too excited about having to go outside.. but we snuck out and managed to not get eaten in the process which was nice. Needless to say, we are not as worried about bears when camping these days.. but we still feel that same sense of wonder each time we enter the valley. Are any of you guys planning a trip to Yosemite this year? Let me know and I’ll see if I can help with some recommendations ✌🏻

I came across this photo yesterday while digging through the archives and it immediately caught my eye. The thing that sticks out to me the most is the moonlight hitting the island.. it was so vibrant on that evening that it almost looks like sunlight! All these years later, this nighttime canoe trip is still one of my favorite travel memories. Paddling up the lake, mountains illuminated by the full moon, wolves howling in the distance, the soft splash as the paddle broke through the glassy water.. I can still almost remember it like it was yesterday. I’d love to hear your favorite travel memories and why they were so special. Let me know! 👇🏻