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from the short film “Bao” 👀

Have you ever had a dream to meet someone so badly and somehow it comes true? You’re welcome, Paul.

Pick one 🖤

Sunday abiessss woohooo happy Sunday! ❤️ Just dropping by w a lil ab circuit, I love finishing my Sunday’s with a little HIIT circuit followed by an ab circuit atm. Ready for the week ✨ if you’re feeling worried for the Monday blues, you’ve got this girl!! Let’s make this week a goodun!!! I had a bit of an anxious and low week last week so I’m ready to make this one happier 🤗👏🏻 1️⃣ scissor legs into abduction 2️⃣ plate side touches 3️⃣ single arm slide outs into alternating push up plank 4️⃣ legs over plate into crunch I usually do 30 secs per exercise for my ab circuits and 3 rounds! Wearing @gymshark my fave gym shorts in the worldddddd 💕 #workoutvideo #motivation #abs


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My experience with 80% of reset attempts... ☹️ What’s your safest way to reset someone’s HP? Visit @sau_scene for more content! . . #r6memes #rainbowsixsiege #rainbow #fps #game #playstation4 #ps4 #art #ash #r6 #siege #graphicdesign #drawing #fanart #ubisoft #gaming #meme #gaminglife #gamer #funny #stream #twitch #film #movie #siegememes #artist #illustration #comic

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Carrie Underwood is completely aware life will be different with two kids! Get the full story from her new interview by swiping up in our Instagram Stories!

Chievo GK Stefano Sorrentino: "I received a message wishing me a speedy recovery from Cristiano Ronaldo. Thanks Legend!"

Kylie Jenner

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KING KYLIE since day 1👑❤ @kyliejenner

NEW! ✨ First ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ stills Oh I’m so excited 😻 • #elizabetholsen

The Holy Trinity in Burberry 😍

Me tasting nut for the first time


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Recognize anyone? @todayshow’s @savannahguthrie and @williegeist took a moment to tell us their priorities for this school year. Now, it’s your turn! Tag @parenttoolkit and let us know what you’re focused on heading black to school. Then, create, save + share your #backtoschoolkit so you can have all the research, advice and expert tips whenever you need it, wherever you need it:

See the goal is to pipe up with your day 1’s, support the ones that’s been holding you down from the beginning, and SHINE TOGETHER! Never turn into a opp. We living our dreams and fuckin up stages TOGETHER! This my heart, my soul, my rib, my toe, my knuckle, my eyeball. I love you unconditionally @cocavango ❤️🔥 7️⃣ 📸: @404culture

Flooded out my wrist a puddle drippin 42, I'm steady sippin Yeah, I'm on and I'm off that #1942 #endlesstour 🍾✨

Credits to my favorite paparazzi @diggzy, we need more positive paps♥️ @kyliejenner

this why he my favorite 😂😂😂 he’s great

💫 This cutie 💋 • #elizabetholsen

Kylie🧚🏼‍♀️ @kyliejenner

Steal my balls then run


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#saltbae don’t play around with his meats! 😳 @nusr_et #wshh

I thought her album was coming out tomorrow 💀 people are posting snippets 😭