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More moments from backpacking on the coast. It’s finally Spring!! 🤘🏻🌞

Powerful yet calm, some evening feels🌊

I’ve always loved tent conversations, especially with this guy. Sharing our ideas, perspectives, and thoughts...along with the occasional fart to explode in laughter💨 We set up camp by the waves, a perfect space to reflect and write what’s on our minds. I took a good break from IG before diving into a heavy travel season, I’m stoked to be back with a fresh perspective. I’ll be sharing more from this coastal adventure this week!

Waking up by the water for a morning paddle. Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your clean shave. I’ve partnered with @theartofshaving to highlight their travel kit by sharing the fresh, morning moments that are experienced while on the road. Their travel kit is now available at @target for your next adventure🤘🏻#availableattarget @targetstyle #sponsored

The Wonderland Trail. Full trip is now live on my website🏕💫 10 days backpacking through Mount Rainier was a life changing experience that I’m so grateful for, I’m even more thankful for the people that came along. That’s where I pointed my camera the most, at my wonderful friends in intimate moments. I hope you enjoy taking peak into this whole experience. Link in my bio! - You should definitely check it out on a laptop, the tiny screen doesn’t do these moments justice. I’d love to hear your feedback on these, cheers! :)

Watcha lookin at? Someone get me some coffee.

Everywhere Life Takes Me. I think we all value the people over the experiences; the in-between moments full of inside jokes and unplanned adventures. This winter, I had the pleasure to work with @blundstoneusa on capturing exactly what that looks like. These leather-made boots are full of character and life; worn over time, contains stories full of laughter, friends, and unique experiences. For me, grabbing some friends and spending a weekend in the Tetons was a perfect start to collecting these small memories. I hope you guys enjoy this recent project of mine, and remember to value the people around you more than the places you go. #blundstoneusa #ad

Hope your holidays were full of warm drinks, amazing people, and stuffing your face full of sweets...🍩🎊

Cherished moments of the holidays, plenty of hot cocoa and laughs to go around. It was a dream to run around this winter wonderland with @blundstoneusa !!⛄️The holiday season can being sooo busy, it’s sometimes a challenge to fully enjoy the memories you’re currently making! I encourage you to slow down a tad this year and be fully present with your friends and family, even take some photos of them! It’s such a joy to look back at these days, especially the simple moments like having a snowball fight or going into town. Wishing you all a merry Christmas! Keep those feet warm and cozy. #blundstoneusa #ad

Snowed in, watching the magic happen outside⛄️. This weekend getaway was soo memorable; board games, overdosing on coffee, a crackling fire heating up the whole cabin with coziness, and a group of friends encouraging each other. I’m so thankful we got to run around this winter wonderland for “work”. We got something special on the way! 📽❄️

Sunset cruisin’ or inhaling peanut butter? These are the care free decisions of summer.

Exhausted, legs worn, but fully satisfied while watching the sun disappear after one of our longest days on the trail. This was day 8. Our view from this bridge was spectacular, with a glacier right behind us. This was one of my favorite moments from the trip, being very bittersweet. We all had a cozy sleep outside full of snuggle attacks, the last of our food, and some melatonin😂 Ah what a blessing this trip was, with the coolest people. This photo means a lot to me, thanks for inviting me on this trip @masonstrehl !! Stoked for more backpacking trips in the future!