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Some fun projects coming up these next couple months. Excited to be pushing forward with personal & client work, I’ve felt a lot of growth these last 6 months but at the same time It’s made me overwhelmed with the amount there is to learn still. I’m always feeling like a rookie haha. - That’s why I love photography, especially as a career; every chapter is different and challenging and there’s no end to that. I’ve always had a curios attitude toward the future, I think this photo/media industry is the perfect place for me. Also: I’m more than down to meet random people for coffee and talk life or questions (I do try to be available as possible, make sure we are in the same area). If you have any cool ideas you want to partner on don’t hesitate to reach out! I’ve been doing a good amount of reaching out to new folks myself recently and I encourage you to do the same in your field! Idk what this post is about but thanks for reading. What are your guys thoughts on this industry (positive/negative)?

Last moments of sundown.

Summer has panned out to be a busy one, mainly with these people. We enjoy swimming everyday, eating ice cream, countless laugh attacks, and having deep conversations about goals and our future. I’m stoked to see where all of these friends go in the next months and years, thanks for spending your summer with me.🤷🏻‍♀️💫 - It’s been a blast learning alongside other creatives this whole summer and pushing to improve. I want to get better and better with knowing my camera, lighting, planning, directing, etc. There’s always so much to expand/improve on that you overlook, these finer details can make a huge difference though.

6am at the river. These smokey sunrises have been creating a cool glow lately🌞

Hawaiian memories.

A full day of hiking ended in the hot tub powered by a wood stove. France is super unique with all their chalets and architecture, something I really enjoyed over there. It was a pleasure staying at the @chaletfnet and experiencing that uniqueness first hand🇫🇷

Cafe with a view, top of the hill by @chaletfnet. We spent most of our afternoons exploring this beautiful zone on the quad. Such a good stay.

An unreal moment in the Alps.🇫🇷 Looking over the Mont Blanc massif. I wanted to thank @chaletfnet for bringing us out to France and their awesome Chalet for 9 days. Our goal was to explore the surrounding areas and capture the beauty all around their home. With the Chalet being located directly in the Alps, it made getting to views like this so much more practical. The Alps doesn’t compare to anything that I’ve seen before, the scale is just so huge and powerful. I’ll be sharing more from my trip this week, hope you enjoy!💫🏔

8 days in, @masonstrehl watching the sun go down after a very tiring day. This guy is something special, a great leader with a crazy generous heart. Such good hangs. This backpacking trip really made me appreciate home 1,000 times more. #rainier🏔

Summer at home has been a real treat, so stoked that I get to call these folks my friends. Washington is sick but I’m looking forward to a new atmosphere over in France, so stoked to document life over there. On my way to the French Alps🤘🏻🇫🇷

Sundown cruuuisin💫

Going through old memories