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Snowed in, watching the magic happen outside⛄️. This weekend getaway was soo memorable; board games, overdosing on coffee, a crackling fire heating up the whole cabin with coziness, and a group of friends encouraging each other. I’m so thankful we got to run around this winter wonderland for “work”. We got something special on the way! 📽❄️

Sunset cruisin’ or inhaling peanut butter? These are the care free decisions of summer.

Exhausted, legs worn, but fully satisfied while watching the sun disappear after one of our longest days on the trail. This was day 8. Our view from this bridge was spectacular, with a glacier right behind us. This was one of my favorite moments from the trip, being very bittersweet. We all had a cozy sleep outside full of snuggle attacks, the last of our food, and some melatonin😂 Ah what a blessing this trip was, with the coolest people. This photo means a lot to me, thanks for inviting me on this trip @masonstrehl !! Stoked for more backpacking trips in the future!

Constantly looking back to the time we spent 10 days backpacking around Mount Rainier. Before this, I’ve never backpacked before; it was quite the introduction. Too many things to put in words, but that’s the beauty of photographs! I have over a thousand flagged photos from this trip and I cannot wait to start sharing more, not too sure how or when I’ll do that though.😂 - For now, I’m prepping for a new project in the Grand Tetons this weekend that I’m really jazzed about! I’ll be sharing that work here in December. Yahoo! Anyways, thanks for all your support! I love sharing work on here but I don’t want to rush it out without intention, especially if I’m currently creating something. God’s given me a busier schedule this winter which is a huge praise (last winter was rough😂), can’t wait to share more of this with you all! Have an incredible Monday yo!

Blurry nostalgia ✨

Rippin’ through BC for a proper getaway. After some long hours In front of a computer, the most productive thing you can do is take a break and get some fresh air. Being a full-time freelancer gives you the freedom to work wherever and whenever, it’s a huge responsibility to make sure your getting your work done. However, creating for yourself and taking time off to grow is just as important as finishing that project or replying to those emails. How will you do an outstanding job for a client unless your fueled and amped on what your doing? Going on a solo hike or a solo rip through the mountains is a rejuvenating process that should be prioritized. Set some time off this week to reset and get out! The goal is to work with zeal and direction, do yourself that favor. - Thanks to @rjbruni for freezing his hands off for this video, it was a pleasure hanging with him up in BC and talking about video and the future. RJ was one of the first people to really inspire me before I took photography seriously. His video “Rowdy Bus Goes North” sparked so much excitement and passion in me to create, tell unique stories, and travel. I remember sitting in my bed watching that video and showing my mom “That’s what I want to do!”. Now we’re good friends and creating work together. Amazing how God brings you to the right people. Thanks for the the constant inspiration man, keep crushing it at life and inspiring others! Go check that video out on Youtube if you haven’t, along with all his other videos. Have a good Monday! 🙌🏻

Winter is on it’s way and I’m puuuuumped.

From morning to night, they are best friends.🐶😌A visual story of a girl and her pup. I’ve been really enjoying @finn & @alexstrohl ‘s storytelling workshop - Talking on the importance of detail and how every image should compliment one another, tying the story together better. It’s crazy how much thought goes into the arrangement of images to wrap a story together effectively! You can never stop growing and expanding in your craft, which I think is super exciting; I’m aiming to become a better storyteller with photo sets, not just a single image. Stoked to keep learning! #finnxstrohl

Playful one😌Cherishing every moment together. Full set from this camping trip going up tomorrow🍂

October swims followed by a scorching Sauna. This is how I want to spend every evening, @gosaunaco was a rejuvenating experience to say the least. Can’t wait to see where this new idea goes! 💫

Not a worry in the world😌

Pure stoke. Some of my favorites from our overnight with @livesalted 💫 Still so thankful for this opportunity and these people.