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Coming together for something greater than ourselves, it was a pleasure to capture this incredible adventure and share the joy in these girls’ lives. I’m always so inspired by folks following their dreams, especially when they are rooted in Christ. @kristahengesh has been spending her years using her gifts and talents to encourage and build up women around the world by pointing them to Jesus. I had the pleasure to “work” (mainly just goofed) alongside her and @livesalted this weekend and hopefully help them in a way! The night was full of stars, singing, encouragement, and dank food. We spent the morning waking up for sunrise, drinking some coffee, and reading the Bible together; It’s incredible how much God will work if you just let him.

Cruisin’ through Fall.🍂It’s getting chillier in the mountains, we were lucky enough to enjoy this crispy, sunny morning with so much beauty. Thanks @ellestorset for letting me test out some new gear. Vlog coming tomorrow from this day👌🏻 Song: “Slacks” by Valley💫

Finding freedom in the storm

The mountains are where we draw our inspiration from. Spent the weekend extra caffeinated with some rad individuals; @masonstrehl roasts his own coffee and @withwildhearts_co paints with coffee. I thought I’d be a fun idea to get both of them together and create something.☕️🍂 - This is filmed on a Sony which I’m very new to. I have a lot to learn about color and settings and all that jazz but the best way to learn is to just start creating and making mistakes. Excited to get to know this setup a little more! For those of you asking I’m not using the sony for pictures, but just testin it out for video! Also, the VLOG from this trip is going up tomorrow! Keep an eye out👀

Crisp fall morning full of inspiration.🍂☕️Video coming soon, also a Vlog. Happy Sunday everyone!

New portfolio linked in my bio✨☕️New work on the way, but for now I am enjoying looking back at what these last few years have brought. Let me know your feedback on these new edits and images! Thanks yall✌🏻


Husky friend leading the way through a winter wonderland.

Some of the prettiest water I’ve come across, we couldn’t resist jumping in. This was definitely the coldest water I’ve ever swam in though, an instant breathe taker. September has been surprisingly sunny while it’s getting colder, I’m a big fan of this time of year. Been loving these backpacking trips lately, getting the last bit of the season in up in the good ol’ Alpine Lakes✌🏻

Colorado Summer.

In the midst (or mist). Really though, this was half way through our 10 day loop around Mount Rainier. After having sunny weather the whole trip it was a pleasant surprise to enter a forest full of fog and rain. We instantly dropped our bags and just laid there, staring up at the magic going on up in the trees...I’m still so thankful for that experience and the people I got to go with. I’m currently driving back from another stay at Rainier and this September weather is poppin. It’s finally getting colder and the rain is starting to come, stoked for this mystical weather to be the norm. #fallishere 🍂

Movie night in the middle of the Cascades⛰; one of many perks to living out of your vehicle...This guy has been a huge inspiration to me, especially during this summer. He’s recently been on the road roasting coffee, writing field journals, and sharing valuable blog posts with the world. Make sure to go check that blog out on his page, he’s been sharing some of our adventures this summer and a lot of his travel wisdom. Cheers to @masonstrehl 💫