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Young JL #fbf


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. . Dear. January 2019 be awesome! 이거입공 데이트갈때 딱이겠찡💋 . . #그레이스케이웨어 @gracek_choice


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Shira McDermott

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🌿🌿🌿 Cook beans, roast veggies, add olives. Drizzle with your favourite vinaigrette and add generous amounts of fresh herbs 🙌🏻✨. Not rocket science; just simple preparation, good for the planet, great for your pocketbook, and nourishing for your body, mind and spirit ♥️. Featuring @eatgrain organic Pinto Beans grown using regenerative farming methods in Saskatchewan. These are soooooo much better than any mystery beans you’ll find in grocery stores ~ the difference will literally blow your mind 🤗. #eatplants #plantbased

핑쿠핑쿠 #발리비키


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Here are some of the best moments of my character April Lewis from this season of @berlin_station. Catch up now and watch new episodes on Sundays at 9/8c only on @epix. #berlinstation

I'm working on some new concepts for an experimental film idea and created this clip from the Quadrantids Meteor Shower Thursday night.

Ivan Bravo

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El Monte

Cold brew or ice tea?

High Shoals Falls in the South Mountains State Park

Every year, the international interiors show #immcologne presents a different, very personal vision of contemporary living, created by hot young designers and design teams from around the world. For the 2019 edition, @studiotrulytruly has turned “Das Haus” into an experiment of living itself. #archiproducts #dashaus #immcologne2019 #cologne #imm #koelnmesse #fair

Josh Steele

2 Days 22 Hours Ago

Sometimes things go exactly as you plan and other times they don't. It's our choice on how we react to this. I was asked by @happygaze the other day which personal attribute I am most thankful for, and I would have to say it's my ability to roll with whatever is thrown at me while still keeping a smile on my face. How do you react to your plans not going quiet the way you wanted? . . 📸 Sony A7riii and samyang 14mm f11, Iso 1600, 1/30 sec Edited in @lightroom . . . . . . #bpmag #trailchat #optoutside #sonyalpha #welivetoexplore #trekkingtoes #ourwild #adventurepic #peoplewhoadventure #merknmountains #wildernesstones #liveyouradventure #amongthewild #roam #mountainstories #lifeofadventure #outside_project #mthrworld #mountainorama #teamvane #mountainplanet #bealpine #ebenicecaves #icecaves #beyondthelands #puremichigan #michiganders #michigansun #michiganawesome #naturalmichigan

Andre Dal Corso

2018-12-12 11:39:39

With a #samsungs9 you dont even need a DSLR to get amazing images. Taking high quality photos has never been easier for me, thanks to Metro by T-Mobile. #madewithmetro

Johan Lolos

2018-10-03 11:34:43

It’s incredible how photogenic natural contrasts can be to the human eye.

🚧 Construction update – 🏗 Dight Street Apartments for @milieuproperty 12 apartments continue to take shape! Here are some close ups of the brass cladding and textured concrete rough cast render. Wander past to brighten up any day. ✨ . Images from our team on site Visualisations: @gabriel_saunders

Happy Holidays! 🎄 I’m still editing photos from the ladies retreat sponsored by @bhphoto. I spent 5 days shooting and exploring with women who inspire me with their creativity, skill, and thirst for adventure. @tracyleephotos @missjessbess @dreamingandwandering @themandagies @charlottelittlewolf @kelly_mena @brook_asaurus I can’t wait to get out shooting with you all again! ♥️ We stayed at the iconic @emeraldlakelodge in Yoho National Park, and explored the surrounding areas. I have one spot left on my January 16th - 21st Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop - Alpha Female Retreat. See the link in my bio for more info. ☺️ 📸 I shot this timelapse on my Sony A7RIII (see my stories for the full crop!) with the Zeiss 21 mm Loxia. The moon was so bright that I was able to shoot at f/16, 10 second exposures, ISO 3200. I edited it in Adobe Camera Raw, then processed the timelapse in @adobe after effects. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season spent with your loved ones. 🎄🎁 #alphacollective #bealpha #slikusa #shootslik @sonyalpha @bhphoto @slikusa


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moody silence ..

Matt Scutt

2018-12-08 03:04:04

Looking straight up inside the Pantheon, Rome.