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Get ready for an epic Saturday Night! #nbaonabc Saturday Primetime action tips off TOMORROW at 3:30pm/et! ... (🎵: @panicatthedisco)

Dingo Tatialone. @roguemagazine Photographer: @jonnymarlow Groomer: @sonialeeartisty Styling: @gorgevillalpando

Keith won !!

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“The Son of Web” by @fra_vullo. Video by @dachi_cornflakes @miro.tiff @victorofsound

MOAR @elliotjameskennedy + @clashmagazine ❤️

‘i think ur swell’ release party went off


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Me diving into bed tonight and staying there all weekend. 📸 @antsoulo

Painting By @roi.pajursky - #myartisreal

Frank Clark absolutely BULLIED linemen this year 😳 @therealfrankc55 (h/t PFF_AustinGayle/TW)

what do u want from me


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Ben Simmons hit his first 3 of the season 👀😂 [via @nba, h/t reddit u/z1etq]

these men are the faces behind most of the songs that have shaped n molded ur whole life and they came to our party but nbd (oh and savan wore glitter for me so) 🖤 #mxm (wait i have more to say. i’m so thankful for everything you’ve taught me and to be able to work with you. ily. this meant the world to me. thanks for coming and celebrating..... i’m so happy.)

Times Square on the Hudson 😔 Should this be illegal?


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Netflix US

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Me, receiving a notification that KJ Apa has shared a new photo


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The Ansonia on Broadway and 73rd, circa 1905 The Ansonia was the largest residential hotel when it was built and the first air-conditioned hotel in New York. The building was developed by William Stokes, who occupied the penthouse when it was completed in 1904. Next to his apartment Stokes built a farm on the roof, one of NYC’s earliest examples of urban forestry. His wife described the roof farm, which included “about 500 chickens, many ducks, about six goats and a small bear." Every day, a bellhop delivered free fresh eggs to all the Ansonia’s tenants, and any surplus was sold cheaply to the public in the basement arcade. The building originally had copper cornices, which were removed during World War II and melted down for the war effort. Tap the image to purchase a fine art print of the Ansonia.

Yener Torun

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[Symbiotes: Corner Piece] 2018 was kinda wild with its ups and downs (mostly ups, thankfully) I was busy with many things outside of Instagram, therefore I was absent for the most of the time, especially in the second half of the year. I would like to promise that I’ll be more present and active here in 2019 but, honestly, I’m not really good at keeping that kind of promises 🙃I’ll try my best, nonetheless.😊This photo has become the most popular piece from my Symbiotes series in 2018, that’s why I kept it for today. I’m truly grateful to to Maria-Teresa from Arte Globale (@arteglobale) for showcasing my work in multiple art shows around the world. With her (and her team’s) effort I felt like I was getting much closer to some of my dreams (dreams that I would consider unrealistic a few years ago). Well, maybe Gaye Su Akyol (a Turkish singer/songwriter) is right when she says “Consistent fantasy is reality” who knows? Also, yesterday I was informed that my colorful Istanbul photo-series was made to Lonely Planet Travel News’ best of 2018 list (huge thanks to @jamesgabrielmartin). See my Instagram story to jump to that list. Anyway, aside from all these braggings, I also want to thank you guys for still being here (even after my long breaks from Instagram). This support has been my fuel for over four years. As a new year gift, please allow me to shove my musical taste down your throat, a little bit. I made a very short playlist for you (link in the bio). There are only 12 tracks from 10 musicians/bands. I didn’t want to make a too long list, just not to bore you 😊. All of these songs were released in 2018 (including a Turkish song, which is a cover by the way and it’s executed a lot better than the original version, in my opinion). These are probably my favorite songs of the year and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. If you give them a listen, let me know what you think. And, that’s all for now. Happy new year my friends. I hope 2019 rocks for all of us. Peace!

Naked Planet

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End of the rainbow 🌈 Photo by @moonmountainman