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#repost @critter__crew (@get_repost) ・・・ That beautiful smile. I look at her smile and I can’t help but be inspired. Macie has been dealt some rough cards the last few years but she met every obstacle head on and brimming with positivity. This picture is at her last vet appointment where we learned she has to undergo another surgery to remove a mass on her back leg that the vet had taken a sample from and confirmed it was not just a fatty tumor. The good news is that her blood work came back great and she is healthy (which for those of you who remember, is a welcome relief after her being misdiagnosed with a brain lesion or canine dementia). The bad news beyond the obvious of her having to undergo surgery is the cost, the vet put the estimate in the $500-$600 range and that is her doing it with sedation and a local pain block instead of the riskier and more expensive anesthesia. She is scheduled to go for surgery this Friday. So we could really use some help, we are still paying off the tremendous amount of vet debt from the past two years, our expensive monthly upkeep on their current meds, prescription diets, and a new unplanned rescue added to the family. Please if you could find it in your heart to help out our family we will be eternally grateful. We have fundraising info on our webpage dedicated entirely to our crew www.mycrittercrew.com (link in bio). Get your very own Macie shirt (like you see in the pic) available on our fundly Fundraiser #betheirvoice #kindness #fundly 🐾💜🐾 If you can’t donate but still want to help please like and share our story. Thanks everyone for all your support for our furry family ☺️♥️🐾