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Please help pray and donate to help fix the devastating results from this weeks cyclone bomb which has wiped out more than half of Nebraska leaving it mostly submerged underwater. There will be a link in my bio to take you to a Facebook donation site to help the Nebraskans get rescued and rebuild their homes/farmland/roads/bridges and everything else that got destroyed. #prayfornebraska #nebraskastrong

Towns and communities are still being evacuated as the water now heads east. They are saying the worst flooding in the east to southeast will still be this weekend yet. A few more dikes and dams are compromised while levees are either overflowing or falling. Omaha roads are now being flooded. New towns are now being flooded as water from Colorado and the Dakotas pour in. There has been one death reported and many more at risk. Please send your prayers and help to Nebraska in their hard time. #prayfornebraska #nebraskastrong

Not a lot of people realize just how bad it currently is in Nebraska right now. Whole towns are under water, weather reporters said evacuations have been ordered for 21 towns and communities or more than 60,000 people. Most of which also got hit by the blizzard and have nowhere else to go. These people had to leave behind or couldn’t get to their pets and livestock, which herds of cattle have been seen running on highways to survive their fields flooding. Not to mention it’s calving season and calves will be the first to drown as water levels rise or freeze to death. People are either trapped in their houses or can’t access them since 3 days ago. This will be billions of dollars in damages and huge losses across the Midwest. Please pray for those suffering and struggling during this devastating disaster. #prayfornebraska #nebraskastrong