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True story. Had to Google courgette to find out that is what zucchini is called in the UK (and apparently France).

A view of "modern" London. This whole city is amazeballs, although I'm not sure there are enough pounds in all of England to get me to drive in this city. That shit is bonkers.

View from the #londoneye . Perfect weather in the UK. Why does France have to be hot AF? SEND ICE AND HELP. (I'll be in #france tomorrow and I'm terrified of the forecast- in the 100s.)

About to get on this bitch.

Aw shit, Big Ben. Your ass needed some serious overhaul. 😭😭

View from #london hotel. Not bad. In 4 days off to Paris and then Ireland. Everytime I come to Europe I feel like I'm home. I don't wanna leave and I just got here yesterday!!!!

FUUUUUUUUUCK. You guys. This is the one "style" from 1988-1991 that should have died, set on fire and never have seen the light of day. WHYYYYY?????? #fashionfail #jeans #rolledjeans #stopthemadness #the1980scalledandtheywanttheircuffsback

I'm absolutely the one in red.

Is there any lesbian that DOESN'T want to bang Rapinoe? The answer is no. #womensworldcup #fifawomensworldcup #lesbians

I wanted to get in on the IG outage fun...

πŸ”ŠπŸ”ŠπŸ”Š OMG, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I feel that I need to raise this child as my own. I know her soul. 🀣🀣

Get your shit together Alabama #alabama #yankeespayforyourshit


My #spiritanimal 😍😍😍🀣🀣🀣

She has been my first choice since before she announced her candidacy. She proved last night that she is BADASS. She is clearly the best choice. #kamalaharris #kamalaharris2020

This chick rt here be like "We blazin on the way home, gurl! Spark yo blunt!!!!" #congratsillinois #marijuana #legalizeit