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Churro Cream from @slimeobsidian . . Color of your top + last thing you ate = your next best selling slime name Neon pink smoothie✨ . Such a thick and stretchy slimeee it actually smells like churros. I love churros it’s everything I wanted whenever I went to a theme/amusement park😍 . #thickslime #slime #slimeobsidianproof

When life hands you lemons..... cut them up, and squirt them all over your crabby attitude!.... (@karlyk5 )


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wow @allanface coming in strong with the video edits of our press lewk 😂✨


[#제인] 앙뇽✨ 오늘 1일 미라클>_<💕 내 칭구 멋찌다 귀욥다😖😍 메리들이 우리 응원해주듯이 저두 친구 응원해주고 왔어욤🥰 울 메리들이 더더더 보고싶었던 하루🥺 ⠀⠀⠀ #모모랜드 #momoland #jane

Dinner with a view. 💫


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4/17/2019 log_2 Day 21 for Chopin Ballade No.1 G-minor Op.23 (2nd post from yesterday’s practice) . . I think I’m in the stage of ‘practice more, making mess more’ and I know it’s to become much better once I conquer this stage, as it’s just same as the other pieces I have done in the past. But it’s always mentally tough. . . . . . . . . . . #chopin #chopinetude #ballade #chopinballadeno1 #piano #pianogram #pianopractice #pianoplayer #pianoforte #keyboards #chopinballade #pianowoman #ショパン #バラード1番 #yuzuruhanyu #ピアノ #ピアノ練習 #弾いてみた #ピアノ演奏 #pianoplaying #pianocover #pianogirl #instapianist #pianosolo #ピアノ再開 #instapiano #pianostudent #大人のピアノ #beethoven #mozart

¡Rosalía ha anunciado que la nueva colección de #pullandbearbyrosalia estará disponible muy pronto! 🔥 #rosalia @Rosalia.vt

the last digit of the amount of views on this video multiplied by 4 is how many peeps you’ll eat! comment yours! - DIY peep! 🐣💛 omg this slime is amazing! this is a DIY slime kit/set. it comes with a yellow slay slime and a clay peep that you can mix in yourself! after mixing, the texture is a soft slay/clay slime! so cute! i love this slime so much! this slime will be available in my restock TODAY! at 12 pm PST! - restock is in less than 2 hours! fc:16,024 (thank you so much for 16K!) 💓💓💓

Hola chicos, hoy les traigo la nueva colección de mi armario, ya que nadie quiere hacer una colaboración conmigo, pero yo soy feliz igual, se llama black again porque soy daltónico, coméntame cual es tu foto favorita y si me debo hacer un 21 buttons para compartir con ustedes mis outfits, feliz viernes santo. 💋


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‘Someone Great’ proving why we need the Sorting Hat.

♃ 𝐉𝐮𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫’𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐝𝐨𝐭🌕 i can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this slime is. it’s like raspberry pink with millions of shifts. n idk it’s beautiful — RESTOCK IN 20 MINUTES [3pm ET]🌫⚡️who’s ready??

Air Max 1/97 x @sean_wotherspoon 🌈 🌈 🌈 #peigworldwide #peigkicks 📸: @thomasbsonne _______________________________________ Follow @peigworldwide _______________________________________

Bruch Scottish Fantasy, mvmt 4 Not sure how, but it’s been 100 days since I last posted a vid of this passage, and it’s sounding worse now than it did before. I hope I’m practicing correctly... Amount Practiced Today: 6 hours Scales: 60 minutes Etudes: 90 minutes Scottish Fantasy: 90 minutes PREP: 75 minutes Sibelius: 45 minutes Total: 795.5/10,000 Day: 231 #100daysofpractice #365daysofpractice #10000hourchallenge #10000hoursofpractice #violinist


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셔츠 이쁜거 입었다😊 . . . . . #parkseojun #voguetaiwan #보그4월호 #박서준 #朴敘俊

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ICONS ONLY 🤩 Oh Hey @ciara ❤️