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Jake Guzman

4 Days 14 Hours Ago

Yosemite > Disneyland

Laguna Beach Bliss ~——————————————————————————— #longexpolite #marlonholdenfineart #wilderness_culture #lagunabeach #landscapephotographer #fineartphotography ——————————————————————————— Camera Settings: f2.8 | ISO: 2500 | Shutter: 30 seconds ———————————————————————————

Museo Memoria de Andalucía, Alberto Campo Baeza

Tracy Lee

13 Days 4 Hours Ago

Hanging out at the @SonyAlpha party this evening @CES... they loaned me a #a7riii and an 85 1.4 to shoot around the booth for the event; first time really really using a Sony... it was so fun hanging out with bubba trying to #bokeh the heck out of this shot! —- #sonyalpha #bealpha #ces2019 #tracyleephotos #tracylee #a7r3 #chinesecrested #chinesecresteddog

Kellen Mohr

7 Days 17 Hours Ago

head in the clouds

serjios ♦️

7 Days 2 Hours Ago

Mornings like that

Kopuk LOVES cuddles in the sunshine 😍

Photo flight above the Werder Islands in the Baltic Sea, Germany. The islands owe their circular form to the circulatory currents, which dump vast quantities of sand around them. The Kleiner Werder Isles are located in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park and are not inhabited, but are used as pastures for sheep and cattle. #aerialphotography #aerialphoto #aerialview #balticsea #ostsee #zingst #bodden #meckpomm #geologie #geological #geologist #geomorphology #earthscience #patterns #circles #colorpalette #patterninspiration #designinspiration #naturedesign #naturalpatterns #abstractnature #artinnature #artofnature #hasselbladmasters #earthcapture #artcollectors #corporateart #mediumformatphotography

Andrew Knapp

1 Day 15 Hours Ago

This life, this series of moments we refer to as our life. These moments that pop and fuse like fireworks and we can only ever see one at a time or jump between a few. Each explosion lights the smoke from a previous incarnation.⁣ ⁣ You’re engaged in them. You’re interacting with them, it’s our connection to the world, the people, around us. They start, they are, and they end. Every one of them. We anticipate them, we miss them, we try to avoid them, we yearn for them, we dread them. These events, these moments, these songs. And they’ll end. And we’ll either never want to hear that one again, or play it on repeat until we’re sick of it. ⁣ ⁣ So long as we’re alive, the songs will play. We can mostly choose the song, but not always, and it’s unjust that this isn’t everyone’s truth. But it’s often best to just listen, let it play, and find the part that resonates with your deepest self. Be patient with a moment, just as you would with a song, because it will end. And eventually, a new one will erupt, one we haven’t seen yet.

Callum Snape

4 Days 6 Hours Ago

It’s so good to be back snowboarding at my old stomping grounds, places like this call me back time and time again. I had an incredible day up at Sunshine Village with @skibig3 today! Come by the top of Grizzly Gondola at Lake Louise tomorrow at 1:30pm for a few fun chair laps! #instameetskibig3


29 Days 15 Hours Ago

i was lost..

Stefan Hefele

1 Day 18 Hours Ago

„Worlds End“ - Tasmania Far away from home there are mountains that could arise out of my wacky imagination. Here on Tasmania it is reality and what might tops the mountains is the unique vegetation and wildlife found here. A severe hike lead me to this place. On my way back in dark twilight a Tasmanian Devil crossed my way - Reality? Fairytale. Paradise! I´m sure I witnessed it. #australia #tasmania #paradise #mountains #stefanhefele #loveexploring #lovenature

Alex Bozikovic

3 Days 7 Hours Ago

A novel view of Ron Thom’s amazing Massey College. #architecturephotography #architecture #toronto #torontoarch #torontoarchitecture #mcm #ronthom

Tracy Lee

6 Days 9 Hours Ago

What are your thoughts on Internet Bullies? How do you react to them? —- I’ve been overwhelmed the last few days between being sick (I’m still on the tail end), to working on all my client work, to running the Milky Way Chasers Night Sky Awards, working CES and getting a video edited from that for my client, to throwing a HUGE influencer event next week for Shot Show. Add to that personal issues here at home, and then the last couple days of being bullied and harassed. I’m not sure how I found time to edit this actually lol! — I want to thank everyone who has reached out for the amazing support.. it’s definitely been a helping hand through this.. I’ve learned a lot the last few days and the biggest one is that no matter how hard you try, no matter how good your intentions are, there’s always going to be someone not happy. I have to learn to accept that and move on. —- This was from a trip in October with my girl @missjessbess.. I had seen pictures of this area for a couple years and was determined to find it. I knew generally where it was and had explored looking for it the previous summer with @smpetersonphotography & @ezumphoto but hadn’t found it... With a call to @cecphotos to verify we were in the right direction, turns out I was only off the 1st time by less than a 1/4 mile! —- Jess and I hiked out here late afternoon and stayed for hours shooting sunset (which I have amazing photos from and I’ll edit them some day!) and then into the night hoping that the clouds would clear. They never did fully but I still got a great photo of this alien landscape. This is a cropped pano I did 2 horizontal sets of images, cropped to a vertical 4:5. I also used content aware scale to get it to fit into 4:5 for Instagram. —- Foreground- 14 images stacked ISO 100 F11 - F4 (changed as the blue hour did) 30 seconds —- Sky 20 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - @tokinausa 16-28 @ 28 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS —- . . . . . #tracylee #tracyleephotos #mstracylee #artofvisuals #agameoftones #illgrammers #travelphoto #naturephoto #naturephotography #ig_clouds #canonusa #milkyway #awesome_earthpix #teamcanon #slikusa #tokinausa

D. I. M. A.

1 Day 15 Hours Ago

In the morning after the„Joc” (a joc is a celebration that includes dances, as well as the part of a village where the dancing takes place,usually it takes place after the Old Christmas from the caroling funds) Straseni County, Moldova. (c) BACU / cca2019 @_ba_cu

Mauricio Tufiño

25 Days 17 Hours Ago

Castellana 81 por Sáenz de Oiza / #madrid

🕊NYC 🚧

3 Days 18 Hours Ago

Misanthropic Alchemy CDN 80 #ontheroofs #citykillerz

#piÑonviaplana per David Bestué Avui dijous 13 a les 20h es presenta el llibre 'Viaplana y Piñon o la imposibilidad de una arquitectura' de @david_bestue editat per @puente_editores i pertanyent a la col·lecció Pasarela. A part del seu autor, hi seran els editors @moisespuente i @miquelmarine, que acompanyaran la conversa amb l'arquitecte @torresnadal. Tot això al @ex_designer_bar al carrer Entença. No us ho perdeu! #viaplana #piñon #architecture

I can’t feel my face when I’m with you - an ode to outside today