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Pet Project Rescue (PPR) provides spay/neuter services for dogs/cats #spaytheway & hospice foster care. @ppr_mpls #pprsuccess (adopters) #mntomexico

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#pprsuccess We love to hear from our PPR alums! Thank you, Jeri, for adopting Mocha and sending us an update! "This is my beautiful tortie Mocha (fka Diana). I adopted her July 15,2013. She was rescued with her Mom and siblings. She leads a wonderfully pampered life and I couldn’t love her more." -Jeri E Send your #ppralum updates to

Happy sunny 🕶️ Sunday!

When you're out and about enjoying this amazing weekend weather make sure to swing by @urbantailspetsupply to get your paws on our locally made, eco-friendly apparel! Every shirt spays 1 animal in need and prevents hundreds of puppies and kittens from being born into homelessness on the streets. Shop to save a life at Urban Tails Pet Supply this weekend!

4 more community cats rescued from Minneapolis Animal Control yesterday! All 4, 2 females and 2 males, are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and in a loving outdoor home where they will thrive! PLEASE do not bring community cats to a shelter unless you believe they are injured (if you can't bring them to a vet, which is the best option). Community cats are unsocialized to humans and being in a shelter is extremely stressful for them. In addition, community cats have a 90%+ rate of euthanasia in shelters, and at MACC it is 100% if we are not able to rescue them (due to space, finances, or per MACC's rules on which cats can be released to us) These cats can live perfectly happy and healthy lives as community cats as long as they are spayed/neutered. So instead of bringing Minneapolis community kitties to our local shelter, you can contact us about getting involved in our TNR program!! Email for more info! *These cats are feral, but heavily sedated post-surgery in these pictures. These cats would be stressed and unhappy as indoor cats, but for their health, and to prevent overpopulation and suffering, they are sterilized before being released. #tnrsaveslives

Last week we were able to spay and neuter 21 cats and dogs at our Inn-House, Playa del Carmen, Mexico clinic! That's nearly $500 in vet costs in just 1 day, at $22 a surgery. Each month we offer 40 free spay/neuter surgeries to low-income families in Playa del Carmen, who would otherwise never be able to afford these vet services. We greatly need the support of our community to keep these free clinics going. Could you donate just $22 to sponsor and be a hero for 1 animal in need, like this sweet scruffy pup named, Chico.*link to give in profile* Your support means we can continue to help those most in need and prevent hundreds of kittens and puppies from being born into poverty and ending up on the streets! #spaytheway #22dollarssavesalife

The relaxed faced of a happy customer. 😹😹 But really, this kitty will make everyone happy because he won't fight or roam, and will be healthier thanks to our free spay/neuter clinic. AND he won't ever contribute to any street kittens! It's a Win-Win! Last week we were able to spay and neuter 21 cats and dogs at our Inn-House, Playa del Carmen, Mexico clinic! #spaytheway

Emergency funds needed for 7 community cats rescued from Minneapolis Animal Control! We need to raise $450 this week to fully vet these cats! Donate via the link in profile🐱 All 7 cats would have been euthanized had we not stepped up to take them - we couldn't possibly say no and let 7 healthy cats die simply because they are not social with humans! We had next to no time to wait, so we had to say yes to taking them before we had the funds, but we're hoping that all our wonderful community cat supporters will help by making a donation of any size:) All 7 cats will go to their loving outdoor home after being spay/neutered and vaccinated this week. *They are street cats and feral, so they would not want to/do well in an indoor home. Unexpectedly rescuing 7 community cats comes with a big price tag, especially considering we have already provided well over 100 free spay/neuter surgeries this year, but it has to be done because healthy cats should not be put down in our local shelters simple due to cost! If you can give just $5 or $10 it helps, or you can share this post if giving isn't an option. Every little bit truly helps, and will save lives in this desperate situation! #tnrsaveslives

We've got the ultimate bag for you - great design, utility and price! Plus each bag provides much needed vet care for animals from MN to Mexico! Our utility bags are locally made of recycled material - pick yours up on our site or locally @urbantailspetsupply or at our pop-up @theherbivorousb on April 23rd! **Available in both green and black** . #shopsustainable #shoplocal #spaytheway

Did you know you can do your regular shopping on @amazonsmile and give to Pet Project Rescue! It's free for you, and helps us provide vet care for animals most in need!🙌🏼 . To date PPR has spayed/neutered 90 dogs and cats with the funds raised through Amazon Smile!🐶🐱🐶🐱 . Go to and choose Pet Project Rescue as your Amazon charity of choice and help us #spaytheway to end animal homelessness and suffering!!

Remembering Cecil and working to end animal trophy hunting through the CECIL law -- swipe ➡️to learn more and how to help! #ripcecilthelion

Celebrating 61 spay/neuter surgeries in March for both community cats and pets who's owners can't afford the cost of surgery. Each of these animals will be healthier and happier, and we've prevented hundreds of puppies and kittens from being born on the streets or ending up in shelters. You can help us end animal homelessness and suffering by sponsoring just 1 of our spay/neuter surgeries. Give today and become a hero for an animal in need for just $22! Link to give in profile!

It's National Pet Day and here's our crazy crew! 1 Mexican street dog, one former street cat, and one puppy mill doggo with major special needs -- they're a pretty well rounded group of rescues critters, and through the good and bad they'll always be ours to love, care for and protect! #rescued #nationalloveyourpetday

Sweet Thalia was rescued by @rivierarescue in Mexico and after a long journey made her way to @dibsrescue in Toronto, Canada - and now she needs to find her forever home! She's a sweet gal that's been through a lot, but has so much love to give!♥️ . Check out Thalia a 5 year old, medium size pupper! Thalia excels at everything! Having only three legs never stops her from having fun running around and hiking with other dogs or her very active foster mom. There is a family dog in her foster home, as well as other occasional fosters, and they always get along well. Thalia is housebroken, non-destructive and a joy to live with, to love, and to be loved back by. Thalia has had a difficult past and she needs to have the opportunity to put it all behind her forever. She loves deeply and cherishes her humans, so it would be great to have someone at home with her most of the day. Thalia came to Canada a year ago and is still with her amazing foster family, simply because most people can’t see past her physical disability. It’s such a shame, because she is one very intelligent, beautiful sweetheart! A quiet, adult-only, cat-free home with a great yard for running and sunbathing in would be her dream. A confident dog sibling is optional. If you’d like to offer Thalia the opportunity to have a loving forever home, please apply at For more information about Thalia and her background, please visit ‎

Happy #nationalsiblingday & always having a footrest on your sister's head🙈

7 more kitties were spayed/neutered thanks to the hard work of our TNR team! In the last 2 weeks we've fixed 19 Minneapolis community cats, preventing dozens of kittens from being born to the streets and keeping many more cats out of our local shelters! Do you have community cats in your Minneapolis neighborhood? We can help cover the cost of surgery - check out our site for more info. Thank you to Debbra, Susan, Kristina, Christine and Maia for all your TNR work this past weekend!! #tnrsaveslives

Mark those calendars for our @theherbivorousb Pop-Up on April 23rd from 4:30-6:30! . . Each shirt spays an animal in need and prevents dozens of litters of puppies and kittens from being born to the streets! . . Our shirts are made locally in Minneapolis of organic cotton and recycled acrylic - assuring our apparel is environmentally friendly from start to finish! . . Photo by @sarahbethphotography

Found this sweet 12 year old girl while out walking my dog today, and happy to say she's safely back home thanks to her pet license tag!! She didn't have a ID tag with a phone number/name, but she had a 2014 pet license and I was able to call 311 and get her owner's info and get her home within 10 minutes of finding her! Another great reason to license your pets - just call the city you live in for more info or 311 and they can walk you through the easy process! Also, pet ID tags are super helpful with a phone number included too😉 #backhome

#pprsuccess story! How cute is "Creeempuff" aka Kermit in his little sweater! Thank you to Venke for adopting and loving Kermit, and for this super adorable update picture!! We love updates! Email us your #ppralum stories and pics at