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They say I’m crazy, but I’m only having a good time. 😜 - Top: @fashionnova

Bang Bang Tattoo

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@kyliejenner now it all makes sense. Don’t worry I made the tattoo so it’s all Love ❤️

Chania Ray

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been putting in overtime 💪🏽


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Which one is your favourite 😍 Via - QB.comic

Easter Parade!!

Chania Ray

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Which one you like the most 😍

Mary Oliver has passed away at the age of 83. From her poem "When Death Comes": “When it’s over, I don't want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened, or full of argument. I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.” #rip #maryoliver #lesbianpoet


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C ya

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Chania Ray

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These SauceRagz are so cute😍 I want them all😭 it only takes 3days to come🤗 free shipping if you use my promo code (sauceychania) Link in bio ! 😍😍

Nick Witherow

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happy 97th birthday to my eternal queen, betty marion white 🥂 you have created so much joy in my life and i have turned to your humor in my darkest hours, my foul mouthed elegant power gal LIVE FOREVER


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Teaser out 😍😍

#throwbackthursday today is dedicated to @sormusical which rocks it’s final performance on Broadway this Sunday. 😔 It was a joyous journey originating Ms Mullins with the incredibly talented actors and young actors I got to work with! And of course getting to watch the star turn of @abrightmonster !!! #stickittotheman (also fun fact! Anna Louizos was our set designer for School of Rock and is our set designer for Ever After!!)


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So grateful to be part of this amazing opportunity. • Even though I have a small part I love anything that brings health awareness to others. Not going to lie guys taking these pics I felt like I was on grey’s anatomy. 😬 which is my favorite show of all time. Stay tuned... #dopemedicineshow Scrubs @cherokeeuniforms

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Ted Gore

2017-12-02 05:55:37

A setting sun casts long shadows from dry brush along a steep side of a sand dune. The sun is an amazing artist. I have space in my Eastern Sierra workshop this coming February, where we spend plenty of time exploring the amazing sand dunes of Death Valley. Get in touch if you are interested!


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HOUSE IN SOTO DEL REAL 📐 Alberich-Rodríguez Arquitectos / @alberichrodriguez_arquitectos 📷 Angel Alvarez . . . #archello #instaarchitecture #archilovers #architecturalphography #architecturedetails #architectureprojects #architecturedesign#architecturlife #architectura#archi_feuters#architecture_view #archi_unlimited #design

Apus Kankay by © @aguilopedraza_arquitectos Lago Rupanco, Chile 2016 - aguilo + pedraza arquitectos - Photo by © Marcos Zegers - @marcoszegers ——————————————————— Create and manage your portfolio online at or tag your post with #chilearq #architecture #chile #arquitectura #photography #architecturephoto #architecturepicture #architecturalphotography #landscape #building


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2018 taught me a lesson on so many levels. I've grown to understand the dynamics of life cause life changes all the time and people come and go. Most importantly my father passed away which was by far the most intense experience for me this past decade. But as painful as it was- it inspired personal growth. Acceptance is key. I accept I won't always find answers to questions and life doesn't always provide perfect endings. Regardless of that I'm finally at peace with unresolved issues in my life as I created my very own happy ending and even more so, a fresh new start. 2019 is going to be bright and filled with exciting new adventures! It will be a year of practicing self-love and disrupting old patterns; things I already started working on in 2018. Because good intentions may be a great start, I do believe well done is better than well said. And so I am moving forward as a changed person. Guarding my inner peace and using my energy wisely but open to new inspiring experiences. One decision leads to another so as much as I enjoy Instagram (especially the people!) -I'll be spending a little less time here as there is more to life. If you've read this far, thanks for that! What is your goal this year? . . #minimal_lookup #lookingup_architecture #arkiromantix #arquitecturamx #arkiminimal #sky_high_architecture #architecture_view #skyscraping_architecture #architectanddesign #designboom #artofvisuals #weekly_feature #tv_pointofview #visualambassadors #moodygrams #myfeatureshoot #fatalframes #dreamermagazine #depthobsessed #visitdenmark #ig_color #agameoftones #illgrammers #thecreatorclass #whpinspiredby .

Tina Albrecht

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Stepping out on a snow covered Lake Louise. ❄️