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Just passing by.. To wish u all love & happiness 💜🙆🏻‍♀️



KId Milli

1969-12-31 16:00:00

Edificio I - Universidad Panamericana⠀ Zapopan, Jalisco - 2017⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀ ➖ Proyecto: 3 Arquitectura⠀ ➖ @3arquitectura⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀ ➖ Foto: Lorena Darquea ©⠀ ➖ @loredarquea⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀ #gdl_arq #proyectosemanalgdlarq⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀ #architecture #arquitectura #mexicoabstracto #architectureporn #architecturalphotography #architecture_hunter #archilovers #arquitecturamx #guadalajaramx #guadajalarafotos #architectonics_world #archi_features #buildingporn #minimal_lookup #arkiromantix #architecture_greatshots #archi_features #architecturelovers #minimalism #minimalmood #architecture_view #minimal_lookup #skyscraper #lookingup_architecture

Cold clear nights trap mini icebergs in a sheet of skim ice while the dawn sets fire to the ethereal vapor rising from the lake’s relatively warm surface.

Emilio Marin

24 Days 15 Hours Ago


Chiara Zonca

6 Days 15 Hours Ago

Textures of Bolivia

Studio North

5 Days 9 Hours Ago

The dormers in the loft of our Hillhurst Laneway home. These dormers allowed for a play space for the grandchildren, as well as a doorway to the rooftop patio. Otherwise the roof maintains its modest hip on gable form, making the home look and feel like a single storey bungalow from street level. . . #studionorth #dormer #dormers #yyc #yycliving #calgary #yycdesign #home #house #designbuild #newbuild #loft #compactliving #smallspaces

Casa en el Pedregal de San Luis Potosí, en proceso de obra, proyecto en colaboración con Manuel Cervantes Cespedes / CC arquitectos.


2018-08-11 05:09:02

Life is art . live mine in color🌈 .

Cara ☠ Llewellyn

2018-10-08 09:18:16

The last gasp of summer - do we really have to wait until next year for more lake swimming?!! (And how great is this high-waisted @thiefandbandit suit? It’s covered in hand-printed 🐍!) 📷 by @low_key_loki

Carmody Groarke

10 Days 18 Hours Ago

Artist studio, Hoxton for a refurbishment and extension to Julian Opie's studio The existing site is composed of industrial buildings which have been constructed on an ad hoc basis in a number of different periods since its original use as a furniture workshop in the mid-nineteenth century. The project extended the existing workshop building with a series of new aluminium-clad boxes which bring daylight deep into the plan of the studios through roof lights. #artiststudio #carmodygroarke #londonarchitecture


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. طراحی سونای grotto با ارائه فرم های جسورانه در در یک جزیره خصوصی در شمال شهر تورونتو کانادا (این طرح توسط استودیوهای محلی partisans طراحی شده است، این پروژه ادراکی نتیجه تحقیق جامع توسط تصوری از فضا به عنوان غار ساخته شده است و حجم غار مانند اغلب در نزدیکی آب یافت می شود.) . The blue waters of Lake Huron—located north of Toronto— complement its majestic surroundings and offer a dream-like location for a retreat. A sensual environment, its serene landscape reminds the temporary dwellers of the harmony that exist beyond human possibilities. When PARTISANS team met on site, with a new client for designing and constructing a potential Sauna, they knew that their most prominent challenge was to make a free-standing structure that not only respected, but also matured from the context. 💠 @Architectural_Design #architecture #architect #archilovers #architecturelovers #architecturephotography __________ 💠 @Architectural_Design #عمومی #منظر #منظر_شهری #شهر #طراحی_شهری #نما #طراحی_شهری #سونا #طراحی_سونا #تورنتو #کانادا __________ #oorchin

Oliver Vegas

8 Days 17 Hours Ago

Flying over, I close my eyes and I feel like a leaf in the wind that does not know in which direction it will be blown away. #mynextdestination


1 Day 17 Hours Ago

Oh, Hamburg! ♥️ Have been living in my favorite town for almost 6 years now. Have you been there yet? My second favorite city in Germany is Leipzig, where I spent 3 years. ♥️

Oliver Vegas

15 Days 17 Hours Ago

For a while, I did not have time to publish and follow each of the stories you tell, at least daily. My 2018 was intense, full of new projects, to make my mind aware of how hard this 2019 would be ... But here I am, again to tell all those stories that I left pending last year and that I want to share with you. Thank you once again, for every day we share. #planetearth

Patric Phillips

3 Days 16 Hours Ago

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