Rocket the Munchkin Cat

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Hello, my name is Rocket. I'm about 8 months old, 4.8 pounds, and 5 inches tall. When I was about 7 weeks old I was found and brought to the vet. I had a severe upper respiratory infection, an infection in both my eyes, and was very hungry. I couldn't see, or eat by myself. I went home with a nurse and after syringe feedings, antibiotics, warm compresses, and eye ointment, my eyes slowly started to get better! I started opening my eyes more and more everyday, and I started eating all by myself! By 2 weeks, I was as good as new, and the nurse that took care of me became my new mom! Other than my watery eyes I am a happy healthy boy! I hope you enjoy my Instagram! #cats #catsofinstagram #kittens #munchkincat #munchkin #pets #petsofinstagram #cutestpets #tabbycat