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Victoria Wright

2019-06-10 14:14:19

teleport me, pls ✨


6 Days 14 Hours Ago

A lost child hears her name

World Architecture Festival shortlisted two EFFEKT projects for the 2019 WAF Awards. Both Camp Adventure Forest Tower and GAME Streetmekka Viborg are in the running for this year's award. Fingers crossed! @worldarchfest @campadventuredk @weloveasphalt ph: Rasmus Hjortshøj - @coast_studio

Once every month you have an opportunity to photograph the full moon as it sets at sunrise. With a little good planning and a little luck you can put something beautiful under the moon as it settles toward the Earth. But since the moon rarely sets in the same spot twice and cloudy weather can hide the moon entirely it's always a fun problem-solving challenge to pick a subject, find the exact spot to stand as the moon slides toward the ground, and get clear enough skies to see the alignment. I love the game. In this case I used the beautiful Mendenhall Couloir on Laurel Mountain near my home of Mammoth Lakes. The reward for me of all the painstaking effort and early mornings is when you get to experience moments like this. Single exposure, shot with a Nikon Z7 and Nikkor 200-500 mm lens about 10 minutes before sunrise. Minor edits in LR. ISO64, f/8, 1/8 sec, 440 mm. Check out my story today for the BTS. #nikonnofilter #photopills

Mount Robson and Berg Lake were rocking the moody skies during most of our trip last week. I saved my Berg stories onto my profile page so you can check them out if you missed them. I’ll be posting more stories from yesterday’s scramble up to Wilcox Peak - a true scramble on the high route and SO much fun! Enjoy!

Jack Lowe

2 Days 6 Hours Ago

13th June 2019: It’s rare that I introduce new work from a station with the boathouse view — it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate their full glory on a smartphone screen (you need to see the original plate or a print for that). But this one is so blissfully minimal that I think it can be appreciated at any size. This is also a photograph that starkly reminds us that the job is the same whatever the station. No matter what the type of lifeboat, the launching mechanism or the nature of the coastline, a band of dedicated volunteers will drop everything at a moment’s notice to launch their lifeboat and help somebody in difficulty at sea. Ladies and gentlemen, je vous présente the view from @rnli_kinghorn on a dreich Thursday morning, a handmade photograph on 12x10 inch glass. #lifeboatstationproject #lsp18 #rnli #rnliheritage #sar #lifeboat #wetplate #ambrotype #maritime #nautical #heritage #scotland #kinghorn


5 Days 20 Hours Ago

Hapjeongdong / South Korea 🇰🇷 ——— #travel #asia #korea #southkorea #travelphotography #museum #traditional #outfit #museum #ginsengmuseum


2019-06-11 10:53:20

Nav last week in Minneapolis🌠 honestly was skeptical going to the show but Nav is a pretty decent performer and can pump up a crowd 🗣

Capture the essence • Photo: © @justinwongjw • • Location: 📍Singapore Selected By: @_hype72_ • Showcasing spectacular images of Architecture shot by world renowned photographers • In Order To Be Featured Please Tag & Follow • ◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ #sky_high_architecture ◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ • #sky_high_architecture #architecture_hunter #archi #archidaily #architecturelovers #archilovers #modernarchitecture #architects #visualambassadors #archdaily #architecturedesign #buildings #architecturephotography #superarchitects #architecturephoto #next_top_architects #citygrammers #iarchitectures #realestate #cityunit #architecturestudent #architectureschool #architektura #skyscrapers #designboom #architettura #arch #milliondollarvisuals #architecture #architizer


2019-04-22 23:22:23

I stay in time and watch you pass by. I draw this line. And hope you'll take my side 🎶 - Alexisonfire

"Pizza Slice" I wanted to post something a little different today. I figured I'd turn the volume down and post something on a smaller scale. This small scene is one that most of us would just walk past. This small section of unique mud cracks was sitting in the shade with the days last light, just asking to be photographed. The unique patterns looked amazing under the soft light. I couldn't help but see that one section of this scene that looked like a slice of pizza 🍕 . It's funny how our eyes and mind interpret/process what we are seeing. For images and info, please visit my website at: #mudcracks #cracks #fracture #natureshot #naturesbeauty #unique #uniquelandscape #naturesbest #igworld_nature #abstractart #abstract_art #deathvalley #deathvalleynationalpark #deserts #nikontop #nikon #nikonusa #nikonofficial #d800e #nikond800e #pizzaslice


6 Days 18 Hours Ago

Workshop Nanokawa is a minimalist space located in Fukuoka, Japan, designed by @koichi_futatsumata⁣ ⁣ Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki⁣ ⁣ #minimalistinterior #jewelryworkshop #plywood #leibal

Keith Ladzinski

3 Days 19 Hours Ago

Some days just finish stronger than others, this was one of them. From roughly 28,000ft, this aerial view is a panoramic view of #mteverest, stitched from 16 photos during an unforgettable sunset over the #himalaya. Watching the fading pink light illuminate the worlds tallest peak is truly an unforgettable experience and one I’m deeply grateful to have had. I share the credit of this picture with my good friend @coryRichards, who navigated me over to this beautiful location as I piloted from advance base camp with painfully frozen fingers, maxing the battery limits of the drone to sketchy heights and distances to achieve this stunningly unique perspective. As we scanned the surreal scene through the lens, Cory passionately regaled me with the names of distant peaks, hidden valleys, the history of routes up Everest and the bad asses that climbed them. It was an evening to remember and this photo brings me back to that moment as the two of us shivered it out peering into the screen of the remote control in awe. @roam just launched episode 6 of the Line, a project I’m grateful to have contributed to, check it out to see more! @estebantopomena @erichroepke

The Circle Bridge by @studioolafureliasson captured from above. Thanks to @framefunk for sharing this cool #dacapture, that truly shows the bridge's beautiful shapes ❤️⁠ ⁠ The bridge's circles are alternatives to the normally direct bridges across water. It encourages both pedestrians and cyclists to reduce their speed, while providing vantage points where people can take a break and enjoy the views of the harbor 🔎⛵️⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #danskarkitekturcenter #danisharchitecturecenter #explorethearchitecture #daccommunity #danisharchitecture #danishdesign #sharingcph #architecturephotography #copenhagenlife #denmark #interior #archilovers #architecturelovers #building #mitkbh #ibyen #copenhagen #olafureliasson

Erdem Summak

15 Days 22 Hours Ago

Be the candle itself or the mirror that reflects it. .. #herosdem#earth #voyaged#travel #welivetoexplore . . . . . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #enter_imagination#shotzdelight#awesome_photographers#naturephotography#createandcapture#folksouls #yourshotphotographer #roamtheplanet #ourplanetdaily #folklife#earthoutdoors#moodygrams #wildernessculture#visualsoflife#visualscollective#folkmagazine #wildernessculture#agameoftones#livefolk #exklusive_shot #liveauthentic #canon_photos #mountainstones #thegreatoutdoors #ourmoodydays @moodygrams @theimaged @visualambassadors @campeveryday @agameoftones @artofvisuals @folkindonesia @enter.imagination @ourmoodydays @fatal.frames

#barcelona From Above 🖤 | 📸Photographed by @henry_do | Tag your friends ... _ •Tag @architects__visions to be featured _____________________________________________ ▪️For More Follow : @architects__visions . ▪️Turn On Post Notifications To See More . ________________________________________

North coast blues. #porto (swipe).⁣ “I became aware of the fact that it was not the landscape I wanted to know, but the people.” Tomorrow I will be traveling to southern latitudes.

Mt. Adams and a few thin clouds amidst a beautiful lupine filled meadow catching the last light of the day. It's near impossible to see but if you zoom in very close to the bottom of the tree line you’ll see a few specs that are actually a small group of elk that were frolicking through the meadow. Although they were much closer than this photo makes them seem, it took me a while to realize they were there. Fiddling with my camera settings and fighting off the constant barrage of mosquitoes, I finally looked up and noticed one who had stopped, looking straight at me wondering if I was threat no doubt as the rest of the herd kept on. It was quite incredible. ----------------------------------------------- Shot Info: - Canon 5DIV, Canon 16-35mm 2.8L III, @indurotripods Stealth CLT404 - ISO100, 35mm (but then cropped as well), F8, 1/20s x3 exposures focus stacked and then one more with a faster shutter speed / higher ISO to blend in the ants (I mean elk). - Shot in RAW, processed with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop