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Love this beautiful world... A fallen leaf or a magnificent castle, It’s all the same for me. Discovering world. Twitter - @akhtarsadique

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Kitzbühel is a small Alpine town east of Innsbruck, in the western Austrian province of Tyrol. It's a fashionable winter resort, known for the annual Hahnenkamm downhill race. Upscale shops and cafes line the streets of its medieval center. Museum Kitzbühel chronicles the history of the town and the area’s winter sports, with paintings by local artist Alfons Walde. Its rooftop terrace has sweeping town views.... Austria 🇦🇹

Twilight Photography....

The cherry blossom (sakura), the national flower of Japan, symbolizes clouds in Japanese culture due to the way they bloom all at once. That makes for an incredibly beautiful and sadly short flowering season; all the more reason to go see it while it’s happening. The concept of “Hanami” means to enjoy the ephemeral nature of flowers, usually by sitting underneath the trees and/or having a picnic. Cherry blossoms have flourished in the Northern hemisphere and we’re lucky that we have quite a few spots to view these gorgeous blooms.... The little mermaid park, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

I do not have a telephoto lens or the super zoom lenses. The full moon was spectacular, the other day.

The colors of spring in HDR.... Location Rosenborg Park, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

Spring 2019. 😊😊😊

The barren garden and a wedding photo shoot.

The colors of a danish sunset 😊😊😊😊

Nyhavn (Danish pronunciation: [ˈnyhɑwˀn]; New Harbour) is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Stretching from Kongens Nytorv to the harbour front just south of the Royal Playhouse, it is lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants. The canal harbours many historical wooden ships...... Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

The clouds and the setting sun always produces the finest colors

The lovely spring comes every year with its color.

St. Alban's Church, locally often referred to simply as the English Church, is an Anglican church in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was built from 1885 to 1887 for the growing English congregation in the city...... Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰.

DescriptionThe Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region encompassing northwest Scotland. Loch Ness is at the centre, overlooked by the ruins of medieval Urquhart Castle and known for mythical monster “Nessie”. Northeast, near the city of Inverness, dolphins swim in the Moray Firth. Southwest, in the Western Highlands, trails wind up Ben Nevis, the U.K.’s highest peak, and red deer roam Glencoe valley with its waterfalls...... Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿.

The colors and the creation of the Almighty.....

The hot air ballon

Murano is a series of islands linked by bridges in the Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy. It lies about 1.5 kilometres (0.9 miles) north of Venice and measures about 1.5 km (0.9 mi) across with a population of just over 5,000, Italy 🇮🇹.

Obsessed with Sunsets..... More to come.

Somewhere in the Austrian Alps....