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Ahoy, Salty Sea Cat here, Im a Turkish Van cat living aboard my yacht with my first mate Pippa. ?⚓?.

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.•*Enjoying some Down Time.•*• . . Happy Whiskers Wednesday 🐾 . . . @meowsandwoofs @kttens_of_world @club_of_cats @cat_gag @discover.cats @catsofweek @cats_of_instagram @cat_features @catsofinstagram @9gagcute @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday @discover.cats @catsofweek

.•*•if a jobs worth doing~it’s worth doing well*•.•💕. . Happy Tongue Out Tuesday.

.•*Mr Blue Sky has returned today.•*•. . . Happy Sunday Funday. . @scotlandisnow @this_is_scotland @sailscotland @adventurecatsorg

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.•*•Purrmaid.•*•🧜🏼‍♂️ . . Happy Throwback Thursday to the day I dreamt I was one 😂. . . . . . @bestcats_oftheworld @cat_isfaction @bestmeow @cats_of_instagram @catloversclub @krazymeows @pleasantcats @cats_of_day @cutecatskittens @catstocker @cute_cat_online @catslovings @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday

.•* When you just cant resist 😼~.•*• . . . . Happy #wicked wednesday guys . . . . . @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @cats_today

..•*Thank you for being a friend.•*✨ . . 🎶I'm not ashamed to say I hope it always will stay this way My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow.🎵 . . Thank you so much for following our antics and helping us reach 50 thousand friends. Stay tuned as my Crew are organising a little giveaway to say thank you. . Lyrics by Andrew Gold . @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday

✨.•*•What time do you call this 🐕.•*• . . Have you guys met First Mate Pips~returning from a trip ashore..🚤. . . . . . . . @meowsandwoofs @kttens_of_world @club_of_cats @cat_gag @discover.cats @catsofweek @cats_of_instagram @cat_features @catsofinstagram @9gagcute @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday @discover.cats @catsofweek

..•🦀.•*Is my dinner ready yet 🐠.•*•🐟 . . Happy Sunday all~who loves Sunday dinner best of all the days of the week too . . . . @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday

.•*relaxing on the MainSail.•* . . What do you think of my new spot~it’s not called a LazyJack system for nothing⛵️. . . @bestcats_oftheworld @cat_isfaction @bestmeow @cats_of_instagram @catloversclub @krazymeows @pleasantcats @cats_of_day @cutecatskittens @catstocker @cute_cat_online @catslovings @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday

.•*when you can’t wait to get home.•*• . Yay~ its the weekend😂 . . Happy Friday guys. . @bestcats_oftheworld @cat_isfaction @bestmeow @cats_of_instagram @catloversclub @krazymeows @pleasantcats @cats_of_day @cutecatskittens @catstocker @cute_cat_online @catslovings @catpixcat @Worldsofcat @cat_features @ig_animalsnaps @club_of_cats @cat_gag @cat_lover_clubs @catsnet @catstoday