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Be ambitious. Get shit done. Keep your priorities straight, your mind right, and head up. 😎 What do you think I was focused on? 🤪 . . . Loving my @lupinepet collars. I cannot say this enough, they are such a high quality. 🙌 Because it’s Spring now, I am wearing the cottage garden collar, trying to add more colour to my wardrobe! 😉 . . Use code PUPFLUENCE for 20% off your order. #lupinepet #pupfluence #ad

Imagination is a necessary ingredient in living. And at this moment I am imagining how I would look in a cape... 🧐 . . Check out my lovely bow tie from @versuspetproducts 😎 Use code ASLAN15 for 15% off your purchase!!

Seek what sets your soul on fire. 🔥💗

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved 🌹 I love you 🥰

Just received my @lupinepet collar and I love it. It’s very well made with a big collar bell which I need because I’m one sneaky cat. 😎 😜 You can use the code PUPFLUENCE for 20% off. A great thing about their collar is that if it gets damaged, they will replace it. How cool is that!?! 🤗 #ad #lupinepet #pupfluence

Explore, experiment and evolve! ♥️ I am always ready for an adventure. 🙌

My super fashionable sister! 🥰🤩 . @supermodeldoodle

Sheer perfection! 🤩 - Six pack ✔️ - Style ✔️ - Oscar glow ✔️ ————————————————————— Went for a walk before hitting the red carpet #sixpack 😎 #oscars

Thank you @stellaandchewys for my Valentine’s Day card! ❤️ 😉 Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!! 😘

I love cupcakes 🥰🥳🤪 What are you doing for Valentine’s? **disclaimer: this cupcake is for pets (dogs & cats)

Happy Valentine’s Day!! ♥️♥️ 🎶 I only came for the cake or in this case, 🧁 🎶

Sweeter than honey 🍯😘

This is me at 4 months old, chilling after eating some popcorn! 🍿 I do love popcorn 😉

My face when my brother is barking at a squirrel 🐿 outside!! 🙄 I am thinking about how to handle this situation. 🤨

Cats never strike a pose that isn't photogenic 😉 #alwaysonpoint 😎

Brrr it’s cold outside, can’t people today so here I’m lounging in one of my lofts ❄️♥️ Stay warm people!

Out of all the cat trees, sofas and carpets in the house, I decide to get cozy in the boot tray. 😴 Why?#becauseicanthatswhy 🤪

Oh wait who’s that!?! 🧐The eyes look familiar! Is that me? I can’t believe I was that little... look at me now, I am a big boy!! I am like wine, I only get better with age 😏