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Out of all the cat trees, sofas and carpets in the house, I decide to get cozy in the boot tray. 😴 Why?#becauseicanthatswhy 🤪

Oh wait who’s that!?! 🧐The eyes look familiar! Is that me? I can’t believe I was that little... look at me now, I am a big boy!! I am like wine, I only get better with age 😏

Windows down, music up. 🎶 This is how I roll!! 😏 You up for an adventure? 🚗

As you can see, I am not a big fan of manicures/pedicures but now the ladies know my weakness. They have to play my jam every time I have my spa appointment!! 🎶 • • #wakandaforever @blackpanther @theweeknd @kendricklamar @chadwickboseman 🎶😎 • Thank you @kendricklamar @theweeknd @chadwickboseman for making this. I always relax and start grooming myself when I hear this song!! 🥰😺

Nope I am not hungover, just partied hard! 🤪 My New Year’s resolution is to explore new opportunities, steal more hearts and look good while doing it!! 😉 Happy New Year Commoners!! 👑

Love my new treat ball from @catitdesignproducts Santa gave me! 🥰 It’s got my favourite treats @heartyheritage 😜

🎅 He's making a list and checking it twice He's gonna find out who's naughty and nice Santa Claus is comin' to town 🎶

Do you like my new loft? 😉 Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. 🤪

All ready to go out! 😎 Adventure is calling me!

Loving this Santa hat! So ready for Santa to come so I can sit and eat some cookies with him!! 🥰🎄♥️

I did not want to get out of the bed this morning! No interest at all! 😴

My sister is on Instagram 🥳 @supermodeldoodle Welcome to #instagram ♥️

My definition of perfect. 🙌🥰 #lifeisgood

The face I make when my human takes too long to get my treat out of the bag 🤨 Yes human I am judging you right now! 🧐

Don’t you just hate it when someone takes a picture of you when you’re doing your own thing!?! #needprivacy 😡😒

☀️Dear summer, please come back. Missing the warmer days! 😘

It doesn’t matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you. ♥️ Love my brother (if you tell him that, I’ll deny it) 😴 . Good night! 💗

Tree ain’t the only thing getting lit this Christmas. My new bed is 🔥🔥 Guess Santa forgot his hat at my place while picking up my letter 😉 now he’ll have to come to my house with 🎁 All ready for you Santa!! ♥️