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Wow, gotta love the new Aston Miatain DBS Superleggera Volante! The distinct Aston Martin grille on the front tells you that this is a 100% real British grand tourer, and the whole car was designed by Bertone Pininfarina to be as beautiful as humanly possible. Aston Martin has introduced a brand new technology never seen before in the car industry called 'pop-up headlights', which are kinda like normal headlights, but they close at high speeds to reduce air resistance. The headlights also close in the dark or at night time so that the light can be redirected into the engine, enabling it to travel at lightspeed. Since it is a grand tourer, the DBS Superleggera can be optioned with a full 3rd row of seats plus a pickup truck bed and an Aston Martin carbon fiber caravan for ultimate road trip practicality without hindering performance in any way. 0-60 is done in 5 crumpets per Buckingham palace, and top speed is limited to 700 teabags per James Bond. What do you think of the Aston Miatain DBS? Tag a friend, comment down below, and follow me for daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Congrats to @yungfatnut for taking delivery of this brand new Ferrari 488 Pista Spider. This one is specced in gorgeous Rosso Resale Value, with the lightweight carbon spray painted rims! The Pista is the replacement convertible version of the fast version of the facelift of the convertible fast version 458 Italia. The base price of one of these is about $90000000000, but you are required to have bought the 488 GTB, the Portofino, an SP1 Monza, a Fiat 500 with a fake Ferrari badge, 2 houses in the suburbs, an FXXK, a Kia Picanto and a 488 Pista Spider before you are even allowed to buy a 488 Pista Spider. Do you like the Pista Spider? Tag a friend and comment down below, and follow me for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

There's been a lot of hype around the new 2020 Toyota Supra, but nobody seems to be talking about the BMW Z4! I personally think the Z4 is a much better looking car, although both the Z4 and the Supra do look very similar. They both have the same 6.0l inline 3 cylinder and they both have the exact same chassis underneath. This specific Z4 comes with Recaro bucket seats made from 100% real buckets, and the front grille is the same grille from the BMW 7 Series but cut in half for weight savings. My 20k giveaway is officially on! 10 prizes, 10 winners! πŸ”₯ See my last post for rules on how to enter! Do you prefer the Supra or the Z4? Tag a friend and comment down below what you think, and smash that follow button for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

20K Giveaway Competition! πŸ”₯ Thank you all so much for helping our community reach 20000 followers! We've grown by more than 10000 people since February this year, and it's all thanks to you guys commenting, tagging friends and submitting funny cars in my DMs. To celebrate this huge milestone, I'm doing a bigger and better giveaway than ever before! 10 prizes, 10 winners! πŸ‘ How to Enter πŸ‘Œ: β€’ Follow @supercarspotter69 β€’ Comment which prize you'd prefer and tag as many friends as you can (1 Friend Tagged = 1 Entry, no duplicate tags allowed) β€’ Share this post on your story for 5 extra entries (optional) β€’ Check my story and like my comment on that competition post for 10 extra entries (optional) The Prizes πŸ†: β€’ 2 x Mini Carbon Spoilers β€’ 2 x Fake Quad Exhaust Pipes β€’ 2 x Carbon Fiber Canards β€’ 2 x NOS Tank Plushies β€’ 2 x V6 Badges β€’ Bonus: I will follow the account whose comment gets the most likes. The Fine Print πŸ‘“: β€’ All 10 Prizes will go to 10 different people (ie. 1 prize per person) β€’ The competition closes on 12 July 2019, winners will be announced on my story. β€’ Allow 1-2 months after closing date for prizes to be shipped to your nearest post office. Thank you all once again for making us the funniest car community on Instagram. Here's to many more years of laughter and ricey cars to come! 😎

Wow! I can't believe that @cattanis_lifestyle managed to spot the brand new 2020 Bentley Continental Flying Spur out on public roads already! Contrary to its name, the Flying Spur can't actually fly, but rather it drives on roads using this new technology developed by Bentley called 'wheels'. They took the Porsche Panamera chassis, added some Bentley badges and ran it through the 'Chrominator', a device developed by Dr Doofenshmirtz to permanently bind chrome to plastic. This unique spec is painted in two-tone gold and ivory paint, where both paint colours are made from 100% pure paint. The Flying Spur comes standard with a 7 year / 500 000km depreciation guarantee, and it accelerates from 0-100 in the same time it takes to accelerate from 0-200. What features of the new Flying Spur did I miss out? Tag a friend in the comments down below and follow me for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Ferrari has just released this unique new one-off project called the Ferrari SP-Aghetti for a collector in Bremen, Germany. After nearly 5 years of design and building, the SP-Aghetti is the Italian brand's first ever front-engined compact crossover, and it uses the same engine block as the 812 Superfast. The only difference is that the engine is detuned from the 6.5l NA V12 to a 1.2l 4-cylinder turbodiesel, the body was co-designed by the same guy who made the Suzuki Ignis, and power is down from 812hp to a mindboggling 81.2hp. The owner @bremensupercars requested some unique MSO options such as hand-painted Scuderia shields, the entire body in painted cardboard fiber, and a specialized alcohol delivery system for the driver to drink while racing on the track. Remember kids, drinking and driving on public roads is illegal, but nobody ever said anything about drinking and racing. What do you think about the new SP-Aghetti? Leave a comment down below, tag a friend, and make sure to follow me for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

With all the hype around the Lamborghini Urus and the Bentley Bentayga, we often forget about the underrated Maserati Levante. This midsize SUV is the perfect mix of Italian supercar and soccermom minivan. This one has the entire body wrapped in real exposed carbon fiber vinyl, an option that costs nearly €10 per square meter. For those Americans out there, that's about 69 bald eagles per square cheeseburger. The Levante has an impressive Nurburgring lap time of just 3.5 seconds and 8 minutes, but this can be reduced to a sub-6-minute lap time if you buy the Track Package, which comes with Dr Strange's time stone that slows down time itself in order to make the car look like it's going faster. Thanks to @bremensupercars for the spot! What do you think of the Levante? Tag a friend and comment down below, and make sure to follow for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Thanks to @art_rioger for spotting this stunning Ferrari Testarossa parked up amongst other great 80s supercars! The Testarossa was a true icon, starring in legendary crime shows like Miami Vice, CSI Miami, Spy Kids 3D, Shrek 2 and Titanic. The Testarossa introduced some groundbreaking technology, such as multi-pop-up headlights (you can keep popping up more pairs of headlights until you achieve your desired level of headlight brightness), a removable engine (for weight savings), left-wheel drive (for doing donuts), and an amazing factory 5-year/10km warranty (whichever comes first). 😎 What do you think of the Testarossa? Tag a friend down below, leave a comment and follow for more daily funny cars!

The EVO X was the pinnacle of Mitsubishi sports cars! Released way back in the 2 Fast 2 Furious era, this was a favourite for modifiers and tuners looking to get supercar level performance from a reliable cheap sedan. Whether you liked it with a big wang like in the top right and bottom left, lowered and clean like the bottom right, or simply stock like the top left, the Lancer EVO X was for everyone and anyone! It's such a pity that Mitsubishi now only makes crossovers. The EVO Skyline WRX AMG Supra Edition was probably my favourite version of the Lancer. Which one of these 4 would you choose? Tag a friend and comment down below 😎

Wow, the new Honda Civic Type R looks amazing! The Type R is the second fastest front wheel drive lawnmower to ever lap the Nurburgring, and it accelerates from 0 to 100 in a mindboggling time of just 6.3 seconds! That's almost -4 seconds faster than a Bugatti Chiron! πŸ”₯ Painted in traditional Rosso Honda with gold rims and a lawn mower blade that rotates up to 10000rpm, this beast can mow the grass portion of the entire Nordschleife in a time of only 7 minutes and 120 seconds. Unlike most Civics, the Type R only has 1 seat for weight savings, although it can be ordered with a 3rd row for a total of 8 seats if necessary. It's just missing a big carbon fiber WANG. What do you think of the new Civic? Tag a friend, comment down below, and let's hit 20k followers by the end of the week! 😎

Psychiatrist: "370Z-Type doesn't exist, it can't hurt you." 370Z-Type: Thanks to @gabrielp_8 for spotting this ultra rare 1992019 Jaguar-Nissan 370Z-Type! Just like how Singer & Porsche collaborated to bring the vintage 911 back as a modern sportscar, Jaguar-Nissan is listening to what car enthusiasts really want. They took an orginal Jaguar E-Type and turned it into a limited edition classically styled V12 JDM ultra expensive modern British gated-manual budget V6 sportscar for the masses. Some may love the design, some may hate it, but at the end of the day, everyone hates it. What do you think of the 370Z-Type? Comment down below, tag a friend, and make sure to follow for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Wow, the 2019 Polaris Slingshot is such a good looking car! This futuristic, 13-wheeled, open top single-seater is a new niche in the sportscar market. This car has 2 wheels in the front for steering, 1 wheel in the back to put its 9000bhp down, 2 spare wheels under the hood in case the police lays down a spike strip, 1 additional wheel mounted on the dash for steering, 1 more wheel to flex on Mercedes 6x6 owners, 2 extra wheels joined to the front 2 wheels for grip and for a widebody effect, 3 wheels in the garage at home just in case, and lastly 1 more wheel mounted inside the seat to massage the driver as it rotates. The paint colour was sampled from 10 of the ripest bananas harvested at the Polaris factory in Uganda, and the front end was designed by Gordon Murray (who also designed the fastest hypercar of the 1990s, the Hyundai Tiburon). Thanks to @fuckyourbikesucks for the spot. What do you think of the Slingshot? Tag a friend, comment down below, and make sure to follow for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Can you name this car? πŸ˜‚ Looks like the 2019 Camaro to me, but I'm not sure. Thanks to @tylerhowe777 for sending this through. Make sure to tag a friend down below, we're almost at 20k followers! Huge giveaway and announcement coming soon. 😎

Wow, such an awesome spec on this Ferrari GTC3 Brutto. This 4-door sedan is Ferrari's entrant into the compact car market, and it definitely has a lot to offer. Based on the Mercedes CLA Class, the GTC3 adds some Ferrari badges, a stripe and a hefty price tag for the true Ferrari experience. Under the hood is the same 1.4l 4-cylinder diesel from the Portofino, but you can still expect this Italian supersedan to lap the Nurburgring parking lot in only 18.9 seconds! Orders can be made now in 2019 for 2029 delivery, but potential customers need to have owned a California T, an Enzo, a 488 Pista, a Monza SP3 and a whole elephant in order to qualify to buy this car. Thanks to @giannigoossens4 for the submission! What do you think of the design of the GTC3? Tag a friend and comment down below, and follow me for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Thanks to @yearly_toyota_rav4 for spotting this brand new BMW M318i! The 3 series has always been my favourite 3 series, ever since the first E36 M3 came out in 1977. This new 2021 model takes the design to the next level. Now with a coupe-like roofline, a single exhaust and a Cayman badge, this 3 series is distinctly BMW. Under the hood is the same 1.8l naturally flatulent 6-cylinder V8 pushing out almost 900bhp thanks to an additional 4 electric motors per wheel. What do you think of the design of the new 3 series? Tag a friend and comment down below, and make sure to follow for more daily funny cars! πŸ˜‚

Wow, unbelievable that @grimegamer360 managed to spot a rare Koënig Special Ferrari Testarossa! This was a ultra limited kit built by hand for the Testarossa in the 80s, and it still looks modern today! It is rumored that Enzo von Koënig built this kit by himself while tripping on magic mushrooms in Argentina, and only made -3 of them. Additions include a unique bamboo-fiber rear wing, taillights made from lightweight diamond composite, and side strakes on the car designed after a cheese grater. Even though this car is 12 hours slower from 0-60 compared to a factory Testarossa, it still manages to lap the Nurburgring faster than it, in a time of only 3 minutes and 4 minutes. What do you think of the Koënig Special Testarossa? Tag a friend and comment down below 😎

Check out this documentary about the Bugatti CEO Stephan "Rishi" Winkelmann! I love the background story behind how the first Bugatti Veyron was created, it's crazy how only $390 went into the development of this hypercar. Rishi is trying to sell this original 1/1 Bugatti Veyron but nobody has offered to buy it yet since it's so expensive. Although this version only has 60hp, it only weighs 60kg, so it's a perfect 1:1 power-to-weight ratio for ultimate track performance. What do you think of the world's first Bugatti Veyron? Tag a friend and comment down below, and make sure to follow for more daily funny cars! 😎 Creds to @unilad and @tyronmcdonald for the video. Let me know if you want to see more videos on my page.

Ever since Ford came out with the F150 Raptor, it seemed like Chevrolet lost the battle of the high performance pickup truck. Until now. Here is the all new 2012 Corvette Samantha pickup, and it looks awesome! It shares every body panel with the current C7 Corvette, but mounted in the pickup bed is an all new 999hp LS9 motor with a 9 stage turbocharger that runs on hamburgers as fuel. The Corvette Samantha is therefore classified as an electric vehicle since it doesn't use any fossil fuels, and as a result it has just smashed the fastest ever Nurburgring laptime for an electric vehicle, in a time of just 2 seconds and 6 minutes. Thanks to @lalmoralesss for the spot. What do you think of the Corvette Samantha? Tag a friend down below, comment what you think, and follow me for more daily funny cars 😎