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Spoiled indoor tabby cat living in MN! ?Snapchat: KatnissTPaw ? Tuxedo brother @OsvaldTheNorse ? KatnissThunderPaw@gmail.com ?

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Ozzy cleaned up his paws just for you! #osvaldthedapper

Submissive instigation is Ding-A-Ling’s specialty! #jerk #osvaldtheinstigator

Throwing it back to when I may or may not have thrown Ding-Dong’s favorite toy down the toilet. #tbt #osvaldthefisherman

Chin scritches are his favorite. #osvaldtheblissful

What’s up???

Ozvadork is curling up for a late afternoon nap on the bridge because comfort is secondary only to keeping one eye open to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. #osvaldthesleepy

Ding-A-Ling was a bit miffed that I celebrated his birthday by napping all day. Happy 3rd birthday to you anyway Ozzball! #osvaldthe3yearold

Ozzy has discovered yet another access panel and he’s determined to start the pilot light on the fireplace. #osvaldthearsonist

Some of you may remember that our bathtub panels had to be taped shut since the Velcro on them didn’t even come close to keeping us out! Mom recently removed and replaced the tape (apparently Ozzy was paying attention for once) and set up the camera to make sure it was working. Well imagine her surprise when she went backwards through the videos and saw the second half of this video first! It’s a good thing she didn’t see the first half as it was happening!! #osvaldtheplumber

When you need a little help climbing up on the bed (be it old age or in our case being supremely lazy) @arfpets makes a great set of stairs! I can even hide from Ozzball inside them!

Ding Dong wanted to be an Avenger so I told him he could be Iron Man if he got all the wrinkles out of the sheets. #osvaldthegullible