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Spoiled indoor tabby cat living in MN! ?Snapchat: KatnissTPaw ? Tuxedo brother @OsvaldTheNorse ? KatnissThunderPaw@gmail.com ?

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He’s always cleaning himself. #osvaldthedirty

Is this considered cuddling? #cuddlepuddle #sortof

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!! ☘️ #osvaldtheirish

But what if I’m not Irish? ☘️ #petmeimirish

Boop it! 👆🏼 #boopmynose

Meet Smudge!! She’s our cousin in Virginia!!! #family #springbreak

☘️ He’s not Irish. #dontpethim #osvaldtheliar

When little Ding-A-Ling first started yoga! #nomodesty #osvaldthekitten

We were just sent this awesome new carrier from @kitty.obsession and it’s amazing!! It’s got pockets and dishes for food and water and even a compartment for the litter box!! It’s perfect for traveling and even though I prefer to travel alone both Ozzy and I fit inside it!

I’m on troll watch!

Ozzy is hoping to do some toll collecting tonight. #osvaldthetroll