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They color, Mama knits. 😍🥰#artsandcrafts #momlife

The little Atwaters have some big goals for 2019. 🙌

Tiger and Bear, oh my. #naptime #brothers #love

Princess Kate, practicing power poses in her sleep.

May you be blessed enough to have someone love you as much as Bear Bear loves this pillow. 💙🧡😆

When you are so secure in your masculinity that you don’t mind sucking your fingers and twirling your hair in public. #treysonscott #toughguy #mamaslove #lastchristmas

Tiger can’t adult today. (To be fair, he’s a 5 month old kitten so the pressures of his life are not so great as the drama of his poses suggest.😆)

Even while traveling, you can still get your workout in. 🤣 #bleacherworkout #bodybytoddlers #mombod

“Tigers are in the cat family. Tigers are known for their reddish-orange coats that have dark, rich brown to black stripes. Tigers are also known for their beautiful amber-gold colored eyes... Tigers sleep a very long time, typically about 18 to 20 hours a day. Tigers sleep on rocks, in grass in their wild habitat, next to their prey or wherever they feel the need to rest... Once a tiger eats all the prey, the tiger rests and sleeps. When he awakens, the tiger begins his search again for more food.” - sciencing.com Yep. #soundsaboutright #tigerandbearohmy

Morning dance parties are a MUST in the Atwater home. This is from about a year ago when we were down in Gruene, TX enjoying the river and the deer. Their dance moves are still this impressive; they get their fancy feet from their Mama. Haha! I love you @forevershepherd 😆

When your Daddy is the biggest, strongest, handsomest, nicest, best Daddy of all time. 💜

My baby boy stealing antler sheds from Daddy. 🧔💜🐯

This is the inspo piece for my and @forevershepherd’s next project. They made this by inlaying cut pieces of wood into these gorgeous patterns, but our take on it will be refinishing wood and staining on the design. What do y’all think? Anyone else really into these designs? • • • (📷: @robertson_cheney, a favorite Etsy shop of mine from the UK!)

Treyson: "Put your money where your mouth is, Katie." Katie: "BUBBY!! THATS CRAZY. YOU DONT PUT MONEY IN YOUR MOUTH!!" Treyson: "No silly, not put your money in your mouth. Just where your mouth is. Hold it by your lips maybe." And I am dying laughing in the corner. 🤣🤣🤣#toddlerlogic

That one time @forevershepherd was trapped in a princess castle after Christmas. 😁 I love my husband for being the world’s most serious man who also has the best {secret} sense of humor. 💜💜💜

A year ago. 💔 I think it’s time to have another baby Bear, @forevershepherd!

dis·ci·pline /ˈdisəplən/Submit noun 1. the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. "a lack of proper parental and school discipline" synonyms: control, training, teaching, instruction, regulation, direction, order, authority, rule, strictness, a firm hand; More 2. a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education. "sociology is a fairly new discipline" synonyms: field (of study), branch of knowledge, subject, area; specialty "sociology is a fairly new discipline" (google dictionary) #thankyoujesus

This is from a trip we took to visit our family in Oklahoma. Treyson and Kate are the FIFTH generation to spend time on this ranch, which now belongs to my great aunt and uncle, their Great-great Aunt Vicki & G-G Uncle Luther. Its a place I just dearly love to be whenever I have the chance, and where some of my most precious memories live. It feels like such a gift to still be able to take my kids there. It’s an amazing and beautiful spot right outside of Tishomingo, OK and you can go visit and rent their cabins and wake up to the sounds of the nearby river and watch their cattle roam. Also, my Aunt Vicki is about the best cook around and she will feed you while you’re there and you will literally never want to leave her cinnamon rolls or fried catfish dinners. Just go to @cedarandstonebb for more info if that interests you! #notanad 🤣