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The little walk up to the top of this waterfall was possibly one of my favourite things to do in Iceland. There was a uphill scramble near the top (had to use my hands!) and we had amazing views from the top. . Guess what? I *think* I'm actually nearly done with editing my Iceland video. All content is in there, I just need to cut out about 5 mins (🙄😏) tidy it up and add an ending. I'm actually surprisingly chuffed about how it's gone considering I've NEVER used video editing software before. My biggest problem with videoing is that all of my SD cards are full and my hard drive is full 😑. Guess I need to start using 'the cloud'. . 🦊 btw the bag is from @yoshibags ❤️ . #bjarnarfoss #iceland

This morning I woke up and felt compelled by adventure. . By 8am I'd been on the #directferries website and booked a really cheap ferry from Dover to Calais for a month's time. Just for the weekend. I added the dog too. I have a dog and a husband. Now.... Where to? Originally my thinking was Bruges, but we have already been here so my compass is wandering... France? Netherlands? Elsewhere in Belgium? I don't have long to plan a weekend of adventure so I guess I should decide on the destination ASAP. . Help a girl out. Where would you go? . #whereto #adventureawaits

What's the best thing about travel? Going to another place and doing things you'd never consider doing back home. Like getting into a bikini when it's less than 5°C out ❄️ . What's the worst thing about travel? Getting ill 😑. It took me three days after the first sign of sore throat, runny nose, painful sinuses, before it became a full blown cold to realise, but on our flight back from Keflavik, I was sat next to a girl who wouldn't stop sniffling and had a severe case of drippy nose (at one point when I went to the toilet I was going to bring her back some tissue but then I worried she may take offense to it -- British people problems). I didn't realise I was quite *that* susceptible but I clearly caught this thing off her and now hate her so much even though it's not her fault whatsoever 🙄😩😂. . #bluelagoon #mytinyatlas

Here's a horrible story to show that travel isn't always sunsets and gelato: we stopped off at the side of the road, somewhere in west Iceland. This group of ponies caught my eye and I was thrilled when they seemed quite interested in coming over to say hi. One was especially interested in my camera. . After about 10 minutes, I felt something on my neck, and nonchalantly brushed it away only to look down and crawling along the zip of my jacket was quite a big spider. I absolutely freaked out, yelled out, started patting down my jacket making sure it got off me. I look up to realise I've frightened the horses and they've all run away. I felt like a villain for the rest of the day. Horses are quite skittish animals anyway and here I've managed to freak out a whole bunch. I'm a bad person 😭😭 . Have you got any bad stories from travels that you're ashamed about? . #icelandicponies #horselife

£35. That's all my flight to Iceland cost me. For a 3 hour flight there and back. I was so chuffed with my find and rushed to grab my bank card to book deez flights. . The excitement of my find wore off quickly; car rental was £400+. Whilst accommodation was cheaper out of season, food and drink still was *not* and on hindsight booking an AirBnB with a kitchen would've made more sense than a cheap motel room with not even a fridge so we couldn't store food if we'd wanted to. Fuel literally cost us hundreds (we'd decided to head to the north of Iceland). All in all, it turned into one of the most expensive trips we've EVER had and whilst we had the most amazing time, I don't think we can do anything like this for a while. Iceland is definitely a VERY hard place to do on a budget. . Anyone got any tips for keeping your bank balance in check whilst travelling to this luxurious country? . (btw yes that is a giraffe 🦒 on my shoulder... Story for another time.) . #icelandtrip #bluelagoon

This happened as I started down the steep hill; before I knew it my legs were going under me like Road Runners' and I had to force my thighs to run to keep up with my feet 😂 . We didn't *intend* on walking up to the top of the waterfall, actually I was quite content to stand and look at it from below. But when I saw someone else working their way up the steep grassy hill I got major FOMO and had to follow. . #snaefellsnes #westiceland

A barren landscape and one of Iceland's most historically important waterfalls; welcome to an alien landscape. . Our second Icelandic adventure began three days ago and, for once, I've actually taken very few photos. Perhaps about a quarter of what I'd normally take. Instead, I've been trying to film our travels here. . It's already proved to be way less stressful than photography because I just press record and don't really even bother looking at my screen or the viewfinder, whereas when I'm taking photos I'm constantly messing with ISO and shutter speed. The hard bit will come later when I sit in front of my computer monitor, MP4 files downloaded, and realise I have NO CLUE how to even begin editing video (and probably also realise I should've been checking that viewfinder to make sure my intended subject was in the frame...) 😂😂😬. So you may not hear from these videos for 5 years but, trust me, the intention was there. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. . #goðafoss #waterfalls

A moody Glencoe surrounded by beauty. . Have you been? If you ever get a chance to go to the Highlands, don't take a tour bus. Hire a car and see it for yourself, every nook and cranny. . #glencoe #scotland

It was love at first sight 😍 . I mean this bag of course. Sooo guess who I spoke to today? @YoshiBags. Guess what they've done for me? Set me up with a discount code so I can share it with you guys 😍😍 . They have a wonderful range of great quality bags and their new travel collection is just maah fav ever. Code to use is YELLOW15 (yellow geddit?), and link is in bio ❤️ . #yoshibags_partner #ad

True story: I stood on the side of the road, well away from the pen, camera poised, slight zoom, to capture one of these beautiful beasts from across the field. I watched through the viewfinder as she moved closer toward me, munching, and suddenly she looked up, right at me. She moved closer, whether out of curiosity or annoyance I have no idea, but idly walked my way. . It was only as she filled my frame that I realised just the position I was in, mere feet from her, and I ducked my head just in time as she flipped her head around as another human approached, whipping her horns which missed me by inches. Now that would've hurt. I was just totally lost in that viewfinder, watching her fluffball fringe and her gentle sweetness. . #highlandcow #hairycoo

Corr blimey look at the beauty that is the Isle of Skye. With such low hanging cloud, the place is positively mystical. . I'm tryin to get all my ducks in a row right now. Really, I should've packed all my bags tonight for Iceland 🇮🇸 because I have work tomorrow.... Has it happened? Err....nah not really. I put together some things and that's as far as I got. Camera batteries need charging. I need to find my passport. I could not be less ready and yet tomorrow night straight after work I leave for the airport. Is anyone else this unorganised?! . #isleofskye #doyoutravel

Here's a bit of Fairy Pool action for you 🧚‍♂️. Whilst the waters looks inviting, they tend to only come in three temperatures: cold, b*llocks cold and freezing. And yet still everyone swims here just to say they've done it ⛰ . Scotland is full of mythical stories and legend, and yet I couldn't find ANYTHING written about this place. So I had a stab at a theory, my own Fairy Pool legend: . Long, long ago faeries danced around the Black Cuillin mountains, keeping a careful eye on roaming sheep, pruning the green landscape and foraging berries. Unexpectedly a brutal storm hit the mountains, causing a big crack across the horizon. The big mountains began to split in two and, upon settling, a valley was formed. . The faeries sat atop the summits, looking down into the gaping hole in the landscape and began shedding tears for the animals that got caught in the storm, for the fruits they lost. As their weeps crept down the valley, pools of faerie tears formed at the bottom that were a deep, dark green. Several weeks on, when the storm passed and the sun began to shine, the pools gleamed turquoise and sparkled, reflecting the beautiful mountain backdrop. The valley, which they called Glen Brittle, slowly came back to life as the faeries built up their livelihood once more, and they now had beautiful pools to bathe in that brought visitors from far and wide. . What do you think? 🧚‍♂️ . #isleofskye #fairypools

She wandered amongst the purple landscape wondering if the drive over had transported them to another country, or another planet. The terrain brisked with wildlife; bees buzzed amongst yellow flowers, butterflies swept through the breeze and tiny lizards meandered to safety across the dusty path. It was an unpredicted paradise. . Needless to say, I friggin LOVED Dunwich Heath. I can't believe I've never visited before, it's absolutely stunning. I even videoed some of it thinking I could start learning how to edit. I can't wait to share that video but I fear it'll be 3 months before I actually figure out even the basics 😂😂 anyone got any suggestions for video editing software for dummies that won't break the bank? I digress: Dunwich beach and heath is stunning and I think you should get there immediately ❤️👌 . Travel tote bag is @yoshibags. Clumsy stance is 28 years of introverted awkwardness. #ad . #dunwichheath #dunwich

Waking up to fields of heather in fresh sea air, with cows grazing in luscious green meadows and loch views over sunrise, the little white farm house sighed contentedly as moody skies rolled across the landscape. A glimpse of adventure was on the horizon and the little house couldn't wait for the rain to cease. . If I was to write a book about that little white house, I think that'd be its beginning. . ⛰ . #isleofskye #doyoutravel

Jumping south from all the Scotland posts, just how wonderful are the decorations around Covent Garden in summertime? Despite the rain.... . I think that needs to be a British caveat for 99% of the time: "despite the rain..." . #coventgarden #thatsdarling

Just how stunning is Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park? (I never said it weren't a mouthful to say 😂) . This was, yet again, one of these places that, despite the fact I'd only pulled only two minutes prior to look at the scenery, I just couldn't help myself pulling over again to photograph this view. Dreamy 💫 . #scotland #thetrossachs

Lovely views from the top of Edinburgh, ironically through a cannon embrasure. I feel sad to think of the sad scenes people have seen through these openings. . #edinburghlife #edinburghcastle

This cow was *NOT* a fan of people. . When I pulled over to the side of the road to take a few photos of this Hairy Coo from afar, within minutes a bunch of other cars had stopped too and those people were desperately trying to call the cow over, trying to reach over the fence to pet it, making clucking noises, offering biscuits and I just was like EURGH. This poor cow, in a small field just off of Fort William, must get this kind of harassment all day long. Poor thing. I'd hate people too if they did that to me. . #hairycoo #highlandcow