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Did you know the official name of this type of roof is "crow-stepped gable"? . . This style of architecture originates in Ghent, but can be found all over the Flanders area of Belgium -- and the style spreads into Germany, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and even Scotland. . . This rust red building was just steps from our @AirBnB and looked completely vacant. I spent a while imagining what I'd do with it. Coffee shop? Art gallery? Retro jazz club? Rustic boho chic B&B? Have you ever thought about opening up your own high street business? What would you do? 🌭🍹🎷 . . #bruges #gables

Little boo telling me he's totes ready for his walkies, like, right now. . We had an awesome stay at the @doghousebruges, definitely the most doggo-friendly place we've ever stayed. And Bruges is such a dog friendly city too, we had great fun exploring restaurants and cafés that all loved having him. . . Have you ever taken your pets on holiday? . . #belgium🇧🇪 #dogfriendly

One of those scenarios where something funny happened at the time but I have absolutely no idea what it was. Quite possibly the dog tried to reach for my hotdog and almost succeeded? 🌭😂 . . . Don't worry, this doggo is not spoiled. Usually when we have food he's nowhere nearby because I cannot STAND when undisciplined doggos are allowed to get in everyone's faces trying to get food 🍲 😣. We're lucky that Toby was well trained when we homed him, testified by the amount of times I've accidentally left plates of food lying around and he hasn't so much as looked that way. He's such a good boy (and ofc when he's good and minding his own business he gets given yummy treats. He knows what he gets praises for 😉) 👌 . . We recently took him to Belgium with us and had the best time. He's so adaptable. Mountain dog and city dog in one. Where shall we take him next? . #labrador_lovers #labradorretriever

Remember, remember the fifth of November,  Gunpowder treason and plot.  We see no reason  Why gunpowder treason  Should ever be forgot. . Happy fireworks night 🌟 otherwise known as Bonfire Night. Guy Fawkes Night. Drink obnoxious amounts of hot chocolate and stuff faces with candy floss night. Whatever you'd like to call it! It's an official day in the UK. To what it celebrates depends on whom you're asking! In 1605 Guy Fawkes was discovered as the bloke behind a gunpowder plot to blow up parliament and kill the King. The fact his plan was foiled and he failed was to be celebrated, and people began burning bonfires on this day to celebrate the king's survival. However in modern day times people actually see Guy Fawkes as a bit of a hero 😂 . . This day is special because it's mine and my husband's wedding anniversary. Going to see fireworks displays is pretty special for us (check my stories for the antics!) and I'll be gutted next year to be in America and not have a bonfire night to go to! We'll have to start a new tradition... Any ideas? . #bonfirenight #guyfawkes

There are some cities full of feelgood vibes that you could repeat visit again and again and again and the atmosphere never gets old ⌚ . . Hi, Belgium. Thanks for welcoming me back. Even though I can never remember what language you speak in which part of the country and that the constant tour groups drive me nuts. Regardless, it is a place that is dear in my heart, and not just because we've now spent two anniversaries here (well, almost -- it's tomorrow). This time we came to you with the whole family (avec chien 🐕) and it was magic ♥️ . . #bruges #mypassport

The Isle of Skye, circa two months before I learned how to do long exposures of water to get that smooth, rippleless shot. . . Do you ever wish you could just transport yourself back to a location just for a photography do-over? For instance, 8-10 years ago I visited Budapest, Prague, Cyprus and a couple of other places. I cannot remember any of these trips. I also do not have any photographic evidence because I just wasn't really into travel photography back then (back then, I was a band photographer!). . . How I wish I had some photos to help me remember these trips I went on. Even if the photos sucked. It would be great to be able to jog my memory, because I doubt I'll return to these places, at least not all of them. And it scares me that in another 8 years I won't remember ANY of my recent trips. But at least I now have photos, saved to the Cloud 🌥, that I can look back on and remember ♥️. . #isleofskye #mytinyatlas

We FINALLY carved our pumpkins tonight 🎃! They've been sat on the kitchen floor in a cute trio for a week and a half. It was time to take action since Halloween 🦇 is almost over! . . . Did you pumpkin carve? Did you do a traditional face? Mine was buck-toothed with cheeky mischievous eyes 👀 (go check my story for my failure to pull that off 😂😂😂). I think everyone should go post pumpkin pictures right now! . . #pumpkinpatch #halloween

Whilst I am loving these brisk autumnal days we're having, I do miss the sunshine. Send me some please ☀ . . . #youaremysunshine #ootd

Oh boy am I happy to be home from work, I am freakin' exhausted! 🎃 . . How's everyone's weekend going? Friday night we drove to Scaresville, a local live-action, real-time Halloween scare experience 🎃🦇. You walk through rooms and mazes and forests and encounter all kinds of scenarios designed to scare you, but tbh I find it absolutely hilarious. The scarers are so good and did a particularly good job this year. . . Last night we had a Halloween party 👻 to go to (and prior to that spent most of the day rushing around trying to get our costume together 😂). And today I was working! I hauled my ass into the gym after work, did a trifling leg session and now I'm slobbed on the sofa whilst the husband is making stew for dinner. Alllll about the balance. Here's to next weekend! 🎃👻🦇 . . BTW the lush bag is @yoshibags here ❤️ . #burystedmunds #yoshibags_partner

You guys, I lost my virginity. . Well actually TWO VIRGINITIES. This is the first EVER slow shutter photo I have ever taken and it's of the beautiful Goðafoss in Iceland. My second virginity busted is that I've just uploaded my very first ever video to YouTube. . . It has taken me a super long time to get this edited (mainly because I have NO IDEA what I'm doing). If you'd like to go cast your (hopefully very non-judgemental) eye upon it, the link is in my bio. Please be kind, it's totally 100% amateur ✌️😜. . #godafoss #iceland

Pic for attention. . . Okay so here's the thing. My first ever YouTube video is FINALLY finished. It's actually uploaded and everything and covers head to toe our recent trip to Iceland but OHMIGOD I'm now really scared to share it 😱😭😂. . It's one thing to share a photo on Instagram that I didn't spend very long taking/editing that gets muddled into all of my other photos, but this video has taken me legit 2 months to edit (I've never used video editing software in my life!) and it is shaky and I haven't applied any funky filters or even tried to edit anything (dude that's a step too far) and the video actually has my face in it too which I'm super nervous about. I'm now just trying to muster the courage to put the link in my bio and actually share it to the world 🙄😂😂 . #instapassport #thecreative

Oh hi, Akureyri 👋 . . As Iceland's second largest city, I was expecting it to be pretty big. Surprisingly, it was tiny! However it does have some awesome buildings incl. this church on top of the hill. Apparently these steps are a popular place for a good workout, and people frequently run up and down over and over again. Makes me tired just thinking about it! . What city has surprised you by its size? . #akureyri #iceland

What is autumn? Jumper dresses. Long scarves. Rhubarb and ginger G&Ts. Yes that'll do nicely. . . #ginandtonic #pubcrawl

I am just loving this beautiful autumn day; it was cool enough for tights, warm enough to leave the house without a jacket AND I got three pumpkins 🎃. What did you do today? . . #pumpkinpatch #pumpkinlife

Pinch me, I'm dreaming. . . My fav view when on holiday has got to be the top-down view at the top most point of a hike. The second best view? After you get back from the hike and look back up to where you just were. . #iceland #landoficeandfire

Où est le musée? Le voilà! . . I haven't studied French since GCSE year 11. My accent is bad and my listening skills are terrible. France is a country that does *not* like to talk English and I think I encountered maybe one person who spoke English in the whole time we spent in the south of France? I somehow managed to get by and I was proud of myself for remembering A LOT more than I realised. I now want to study French. . How many languages do you know? . #aups #livedepartures

Oh what a glorious coastline . . "Va te jeter aux Goudes" (throw yourself to Goudes) is a saying amongst locals -- they think Les Goudes is the end of the world and therefore you're taking yourself very far away to go there. . Apart from a few French holiday makers, we had this place almost to ourselves. Bliss . #franceroadtrip #southoffrance

I'm back home and I'm so lacking creativity right now. . . I feel like there's a million projects I should be working on (incl the most important: my PT case study since I'm actually *paying* for that project) but just cannot get motivated and feel like I have hit a brick wall every time I turn my hand to something creative! What do you do when you need a boost? To get that brain in gear? 👀 . . Also how cute is this travellers @yoshibags - a perfect case for my camera 😍 #gifted . #burystedmunds #yoshibags_partner