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I was named after the Finnish god of thunder. Seems fitting. I live with my humans and Onerva (??) and sometimes with my stepbrother Nero (?) too.

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Phew! Now that Easter Holidays are over, I better get some rest. I'm pooped after all the treats and festivities!

Nero just missed the Easter Bunny yesterday (he was asleep inside the bed). He's a bit dissapointed, but Ma promised he'd still get some Easter treats!

Happy Easter everypawty! Easter Bunny was really busy this year, so I agreed to take care of the chocolate egg duties in our home 🐰πŸ₯š

Greeting Ma when she returned from #caturday shopping. πŸ”Š for my loud yawn 😼

Welcome to my Easter nest! I think I'm gonna have Ma deliver my next dinner here.

Ma just told me she'll be on holiday the next four days. That means more play time and treats! Happy Easter everybody πŸ‡πŸ£

Happy #whiskerswednesday ! I'm sitting here, mirin' Dad (he's holding my dinner).

Hey there human! Pull me up, wontcha?

The humans are watching a show where everyone's always telling people to bend the knee. I am a modern man, I only expect my subjects to kiss my paw!

#sundayfunday with my rainbow, my mat and my Sunday shows 😻

If you're not up for reading about a Finnish cat food brand, just close your eyes and put on the sounds and enjoy this video of me enjoying my meal and eating very loudly. I hear ASMR is very in right now! ▫️ We were contacted by @primacatofficial cause they renewed their brand and wanted to send us some free food to test out. Free is the best kind of food, so we said sure! Turns out, #primacat is a pretty neat company. They want to offer higher quality food at supermarkets, so everyone can feed their their cats more suitable food (they even have a hashtag #artoffeedingacat ). They also donate to animal welfare and have helped find homes for rescues. The food is produced in Europe, which is more environmentally than our current favorite (produced in Thailand). The wetfood I'm eating here could have a higher percentage of meat in it, but since it's complete feed, we can forgive that. We eat raw food 2/3 times Ma gives us food, so it's a good option for us to supplement with (gotta make sure we get enough fibers and vitamins!)

Ukko 🚹

10 Days 24 Hours Ago

People sometimes ask Ma how she manages to take pictures of me wearing a hat. Here's her recipe for success: 1) One appropiately sized hat 2) One lazy cat who can't be arsed about anything unless it prevents eating or sleeping 3) A toy that makes noise so the cat doesn't fall asleep in the middle of the photoshoot.

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11 Days 21 Hours Ago

Today is my birthday! I am now 6 years old. My party will include instructed napping, and everyone is invited!

Happy #whiskerswednesday with some extra cheek πŸ’•

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13 Days 23 Hours Ago

What? Stuck? Who? Not me!

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14 Days 23 Hours Ago

What I do during the days when the humans are at work.

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15 Days 21 Hours Ago

Watching my shows on this new mat Ma got me. I think it's it enchanted. I found a bunch of freeze dried tuna between the hairs last night!

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16 Days 23 Hours Ago

No hats today! Just some quality time on the balcony with some... thing... in the corner πŸ‘€