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Main keya hellu ji🙋🏻‍♀️ . Amazing 👜 : @thepantars 📸 : @shutter_reality

Being touristy in my own city 🌵💕⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Wearing @shoptobi romper link in bio!! Get 50% off using “NICOLE50” ☀️⁣ ⁣ #shoptobi #tobiambassador


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“Either love me, or leave me alone.” Zion quoting Hov. 🙌 (via @thegirlfritz)

Style On Cue

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Happy blazer Friday ✨ @oliviafaeh

Aila! School days ke bacche ab office jaane lag gaye! 🥴 #actorslife


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중요한 미팅에 딱! 엘보른 스러운 룩으로🥰


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Made from the finest of Fozzie Bears. #wakkawakkamothafokka #nodisrespecttofozziebear Sweater: @uniqlousa (just sold out) Tie: @alexanderolch (link in profile)

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Happy happy birthday @deborahsymondoneil the @aerin refresh station was genius

In all my years living in the D.C. Area, I've actually never seen much of the important and touristy places, like the monument, and recently, this mirror which is now a staple for fashionistas visiting d.c. Isn't that how it goes most of the time, how we seem to be telescopic with our passions and dreams, extending beyond what is already laid out beautifully in front of us? How tourists flood in to our cities yet so many of us have yet to explore the grandiose offerings right near us?

Sandra Rossi

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Timbo the King

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Thomas’ Crown Affair ‼️


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A final farewell. It’s time in my personal and professional life to take a bit of a breather, focus on myself and take some time to work out creatively what’s next for me. Find out why I’ve decided to discontinue my namesake brand. Link in bio. With love, Kacey x

Na Nin Vintage

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Incredible vintage paper bag trousers online now along with the new Na Nin Raw Silk Stella Crop pictured ❤️

Annemiek Kessels

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Black, white and brown⏳

😫😭😭😭THE. BEST. PEOPLE. ON. EARTH!!! The Down Syndrome genocide going on is especially close to my own heart because I have a younger sister with Down Syndrome. Yes, she was extra work sometimes as a kid. Yes, she was extra stubborn. Yes, she wasn't able to learn things like reading and writing as well or quickly as people like I or most of you could. But I'll tell you what... she's the GREATEST Human I know in the world! The BEST! And basically every other person I know with a Down Syndrome family member says the same about their loved one! I don't know what sort or person I'd be without her in my life. 100% I'm certain I'd have a much darker heart and be a much colder person. I doubt I'd be on here for years like an addict consuming and posting health stuff to try and Evolve and benefit others. I'd probably have just been all about a big career from the start and making as much money as I could as my most important goals. I'd probably place compassion and empathy as way less important. It's hard to quantify the positive effect and change that my sister with Downs has had on me. But it's massive. I've learned so much from her and continue to. She is blessed to live in an amazing community and is quite independent, with awesome loving people around her, many others with Downs too, has a full time job, and has been in a steady relationship for years. He even proposed recently but she said she wasn't ready yet😂😫😇😇 The best most amazing human in the world to me. A proof of God, a testament and manifestation of pure Love, all who go before her path are touched by Grace and all who treat her well are loved by The Creator. 💎💎💎 LONG LIVE DOWN SYNDROME! THE DIVINE NECESSARY HEART SUPERIOR GENETICS HUMANS! 💎💎💎 STOP THE DOWN SYNDROME GENOCIDE! #worlddownsyndromeday #downsyndromeday #downsyndrome

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Italian architect and sculptor Vincenzo de Cotiis’s raw textured 18th-century apartment in Milan. Photo @kasiagatkowskaphotography courtesy @vogueliving #interiordesign #interiors #design #decor #architecture #decorating #decoration #furniture #homedesign #homedecor #homestyling #hometour #decorating #decoration #furniture #light #organic #rustic #raw #texture #architect #sculptor #milan #patina #warrenplatner

HAPPY FRIDAY! 🌊☀️ Currently working on Tulum travel guide (it’s a long one) but wanted to share this gorgeous coverup $24 from Amazon, the most flattering two-piece high waisted bikini (wearing a large, for reference I’m usually a medium in clothes), tanner, and beach accessories! Also #swipeleft for my most recent #amazonfashion Swim finds! Download the app to shop these via screenshot! #tulum #ltkswim #gypsytantravels

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Love traveling but hate packing? Me too🙋🏼‍♀️ I used to spend hours the day before a trip stressing over what to bring + how I was going to fit it all in my luggage😬 The good news is there are lotsa tools you can use to save space & make packing a breeze 🙏🏻 Sharing 5 of my favorites avail from @qvc on today— link in bio or swipe up! #liketkit #loveqvc #ad #ltkunder100 #ltkunder50 #ltkstyletip


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It might nearly be the end for us, but #kdgirls will live on forever. Share in #kaceydevlin with us and tag your pics with #kdgirls.


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@nicolewarne always leaves us speechless 🙊 Spotted here wearing her @commonprojects Original Achilles Sneakers - back in stock now! #tuchuzystore #commonprojects